Sixdays are back in London after 35 years!

Last 6-Day winners in London 1980:
Danny Clark & Don Allan

Happy news in the world of 6-Days:

From 18th to 23rd of October, 2015, 6-Day racing has returned to the British capital after a break of 35 years!

The last edition in 1980 was won by Australians Danny Clark & Don Allan, one of the strongest 6-Days teams of that time.

History-books tells us, that the first 6-Days bike race was run in Birmingham in 1875, but very soon the idea was exported to the United States, where it became really great during the next decades - but that's quite another story...

- We warmly welcome the revival of the 6-Days in London, the president of the UIV, Peter Rengel, declared. We need new events on the European tracks very much.

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