Erroll Garner - Diskografi

Diskografien er ikke komlet, men indeholder dog de vigtigste produktioner. LP og CD udgivelser er angivet i skøn forvirring, bl.a. fordi mange af EG's produktioner er udgivet på både CD og LP.


Album Titel - Indspilningsår / Udgivelsesår (LP/CD)
The Elf - 1945-49
Solo Time - 1954 / 1992 (CD) (soloklaver) Steinway piano
Contrasts - 1954 (Wyat "Bull" Ruther bass, Eugene "Fats" Heard drums)
Solitaire - 1955 (soloklaver) Steinway piano
Concert by the Sea - 1955, sept. 19, (Eddie Calhoun bass, Denzil Best drums)
Dreamstreet - 1959 / 1995 (CD) (Eddie Calhoun bass, Kelly Martin drums) Baldwin Piano
Closeup in Swing - 1961 (Eddie Calhoun bass, Kelly Martin drums) Baldwin Piano
A new kind of love - 1963 Filmmusik (Keith "Red" Mitchell bass)
One World Concert - 1963 / 1995 (CD) (Eddie Calhoun bass, Kelly Martin drums) Baldwin Piano
In Performance - 1964 / 2003 (DVD) (Eddie Calhoun bass, Kelly Martin drums) Bechstein piano
Campus Concert - 1964 (Eddie Calhoun bass, Kelly Martin drums)
A night at the movies - 1964 (Ike Isaacs bass, Jimmie Smith drums) Baldwin Piano
That's my Kick - 1967 (misc. musicians)
Up in Erroll's Room - 1968 (Ike Isaacs bass, Jimmie Smith drums)
Feeling is Believing - 1970 (misc. musicians) Baldwin Piano
Gemini - 1972 (Ernest McCarty bass) Baldwin Piano
Magician - 1974 (Bob Cranshaw bass)
Gershwin and Kern - 1976 (Eddie Calhoun bass, Kelly Martin drums) Baldwin Piano

CD - Body and Soul, SONY, 1990
CD - Body and Soul, COLUMBIA CK47035, reissued material, 1991
01. The Way You Look Tonight
02. Body And Soul
03. Indiana
04. Honeysuckle Rose
05. I'm In The Mood For Love
06. I Can't Get Started
07. Play, Piano, Play
08. Undecided
09. You're Blase
10. Sophisticated Lady
11. Ain't She Sweet?
12. I Didn't Know
13. Fine and Dandy
14. Robbins' Nest
15. Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone
16. It's The Talk Of The Town
17. You're Driving Me Crazy
18. Ja-da
19. Summertime
20. I Never Knew

Two original albums on one CD
Campus Concert, TELARC (1998)
Recorded live at Purdue University
01. Indiana 2:58
02. Star Dust 4:52
03. Mambo Erroll 2:20
04. Lulu's Back In Town 4:29
05. Almost Like Being In Love 4:11
06. My Funny Valentine 5:25
07. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) 5:26
08. In The Still Of The Night 3:34

Erroll Garner - piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums

From CAMPUS CONCERT come eight tunes recorded live at Purdue University. The special brand of rapport between performer and spectator that Garner brought to ail his performances is evident throughout. In the spring of 1964, Garner mesmerized 6,000 students packed into Purdue's Music Hall for this concert. It was typical of the scores of college and other concerts Garner presented throughout his career.

Erroll Garner fit in harmoniously with the new student attitude.There was his evergreen style, his daring improvisations and rhythms, timeless freedom, and irreverent humor that made students feel as much at ease with him as with each other. It was a two-day love affair, for Garner had a special affection for the Campus concert in return. He played to standing ovations at dozens of schools, and invariably was asked to return. When asked how old he was, he jested: "About 27".
Perhaps it was no jest, for that is about how old he felt, although he had been performing since his boyhood in the 1930's.

Whenever Garner had a campus date, he liked, if possible, to show up a day early. Nothing gave him a greater sense of ease than to roam the secluded greens and stately buildings that form the campus. Nothing gave him greater impetus than to talk with students. Thus, he became a familiar figure at the Big 10 and "the little 20," having played at Yale and Chapel Hill, in Ann Arbor, and at Ohio State, Loyola University, and Podunk College.
- Stacey Williams
From the original notes, 1966

CD - Feeling is Believing
LP - Feeling is Believing, COLUMBIA CL1014, 1970
09. For Once In My Life 3:22
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Charles Persip - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

10. Yesterday 3:05
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Charles Persip - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

11. Strangers In The Night 3:44
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Joe Cocuzzo - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

12. Feeling Is Believing 2:39
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Joe Cocuzzo - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

13. Paisley Eyes 2:58
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Charles Persip - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

14. Spinning Wheel 3:27
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Charles Persip - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

15. The Loving Touch 5:38
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Joe Cocuzzo - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

16. The Look Of Love 2:40
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Charles Persip - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

17. You Turn Me Around 5:48
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- Gerald Jemmott - bass
---- Jimmie Smith - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

18. Mood Island 4:35
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Joe Cocuzzo - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

Producer - Martha Glaser
Recording Engineer - John Cue
Mixing Engineer - George Engfer
Mastering - George Marino

"Feeling is Believing" was Erroll Garner's first album release of the '70s. Garner's performances were totally improvised and always expressed the inner man, fully, naturally, and without inhibitions. His usual directive to his accompanists, who had to be attuned to him and his ranging improvisations by sound, sight, mood, instinct, and perhaps even ESP, was "play whatever you feel".
- Martha Glaser


Two original albums on one CD
CD - ERROL GARNER - "Closeup in Swing" & "A new kind of love", TELARC, 1997

Closeup in Swing
01. You do something to me (3:14) (Cole Porter)
02. My silent love (4:05) (Dana Suesse, Edward Heyman)
03. All of me (2:20) (Seymour Simons, Gerald Marks)
04. No more shadows (4:07) (Erroll Garner, Edward Heyman)
05. St. Louis Blues (6:27) (W.C. Handy)
06. Some of these days (3:12) (Shelton Brooks)
07. I'm in the mood for love (4:25) (Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields)
08. El Papa Grande (4:09) (Erroll Garner)
09. The best things in life are free (3:28)(B.G. DeSylvia, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson)
10. Back in your own back yard (3:48) (Billy Rose, Al Jolson, Dave Dreyer)

Erroll Garner - piano (Baldwin Piano)
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums
Produced by Martha Glaser
Recorded in New York City, July-August 1961

A new kind of love (music from the motion picture)
11. You brought a new kind of love to me (3:28) (Fain, Kahal, Connor)
12. Louise (3:17) (Richard Whiting, Leo Robin)
13. Fashion Interlude (4:08) (Erroll Garner)
14. Steve's Song (3:54) (Erroll Garner)
15. Paris Mist (Bossa Nova) (3:54) (Erroll Garner)
16. Mimi (3:34) (Richard Rogers, Lorenz Hart)
17. Theme from "A New Kind of Love" (3:12) (Erroll Garner)
18. In the park in Paree (3:11) (Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin)
19. Paris Mist (Waltz-Swing) (4:20) (Erroll Garner)
20. The Tease (3:35) (Erroll Garner)

Carroll "Cappy" Lewis - trumpet
Dick Nash - trombone
Dick Noel - trombone
George Roberts - trombone
Bob Enevoldes - trombone
Ted Hash - woodwinds
Gene Cipriano - woodwinds
Harry Klee - woodwinds
Ronnie Lang - woodwinds
Charles Gentry - woodwinds
William "Buddy" Collette - woodwinds
Barney Kessel - guitar
Keith "Red" Mitchell - bass
Larry Bunker - drums & percussion
Irving Cottler - drums & percussion
Alvin Stoller - drums & percussion
Leith Stevens - conductor of orchestra
Recorded in Los Angeles, California, February 1963


Compact Jazz
01. Misty
02. Russian Lullaby
03. A Cottage For Sale
04. Oh, Lady Be Good
05. All My Loves Are You
06. That Old Black Magic
07. There's A Small Hotel
08. Sleep
09. Rosalie
10. It's The Talk Of The Town
11. Exactly Like You
12. I'll Never Smile Again
13. Begin The Beguine
14. You Are My Sunshine

Complete SAVOY Master Takes
SAVOY Jazz (1998)
All selections, except last four on Disc Two, recorded by Erroll Garner Trio
(Garner piano, with bass and drums as listed)

Disc 1:
1. Laura (2:44)
2. Stardust (2:44)
3. Somebody Loves Me (2:43)
4. (Back Home Again In) Indiana (2:33)
     # 1-4:
      - Erroll Garner, piano
      - John Levey, bass
      - George de Hart, drums
     New York City, 1945, Septemer 25

5. I Surrender, Dear (3:01)
6. I Only Have Eyes for You (2:58)
7. Stompin' at the Savoy (3:07)
     # 5-7:
      - Erroll Garner, piano
      - John Simmons, bass
      - Alvin Stoller, drums
     Los Angeles, 1949, February 2

8. I Cover the Waterfront (3:01)
9. It's Easy to Remember (2:41)
10. Penthouse Serenade (When we're alone) (2:58)
11. Love Walked In (2:57)
12. September Song 3:02
13. Body and Soul (2:57)
14. All the Things You Are (2:56)
15. (I Don't Stand) A Ghost of a Chance (With You) (2:39)
16. Yesterdays (3:03)
17. Goodbye (2:55)
18. I'm in the Mood for Love (2:53)
19. I Can't Believe That You're in Love With Me (2:33)
20. More Than You Know (2:44)
     # 8-20:
      - Erroll Garner, piano
      - John Simmons, bass
      - Alvin Stoller, drums
      - (stoller probably replaced, on last several selections, by Jesse Price)
     Los Angeles, 1949, March 29
     (and probably also March 30 and 31)

Disc 2:
1. Undecided (2:41)
2. Red Sails in the Sunset (2:42)
3. All of Me (2:48)
4. Over the Rainbow (3:02)
5. Cottage for Sale (2:57)
     # 1-5:
      - Erroll Garner, piano
      - John Simmons, bass
      - Alvin Stoller, drums
      - (stoller probably replaced, on last several selections, by Jesse Price)
     Los Angeles, 1949, March 29
     (and probably also March 30 and 31)

6. This Can't Be Love (2:18)
7. Man I Love (2:36)
8. Moonglow (2:35)
9. I Want a Little Girl (2:45)
10. She's Funny That Way (2:29)
11. Until the Real Thing Comes Along (2:49)
12. (I'm) Confessin' (That I Love You) (2:58)
13. Stormy Weather (3:07)
     # 6-13:
      - Erroll Garner, piano
      - John Simmons, bass
      - Alvin Stoller, drums
     Los Angeles, 1949, June 20

14. On the Sunny Side of the Street - Erroll Garner
15. Rosalie - Erroll Garner
16. Everything Happens to Me - Erroll Garner
17. Stairway to the Stars - Erroll Garner
     # 14-17:
      - Erroll Garner, piano
      - probably John Simmons, bass
      - Edvin Stoller, drums
     Los Angeles, 1949, Summer

18. Play, Fiddle, Play (2:46)
19. Dark Eyes (2:57)
20. Laff, Slam, Laff (Slam Stewart) (2:57)
21. Jumpin' at the Deuces (Erroll Garner) (2:53)
     # 18-21:       - Slam Stewart Quartet:
      - Erroll Garner, piano
      - Mike Bryan, guitar
      - Slam Stewart, bass
      - Harold "Doc" West, drums
     indspillet i New York City, 1945, January 30

I noterne til SAVOY pladen fremgår det tydeligt, at ingen indspilninger som Garner ikke har godkendt, vil blive udgivet efter hans død. Det viser dels en flot respekt for manden, men også en respekt for lytterne som rettelig forventer en vis musikalsk standard omkring Garner's udgivelser.

Editorial Reviews
Erroll Garner was only 23 when the earliest tracks on this two-CD collection were cut. Yet the pianist never exhibits tentativeness, regardless of the tune, the tempo, or the troupe he's working with. Dating from the winter of 1945 to the summer of 1949, these selections mark some of Garner's earliest professional efforts. You wouldn't know it by listening to his playing, however. With the exception of four tunes recorded while he was still a member of the Slam Stewart Quartet, Garner works in a trio setting here, essaying a selection of standards with a freshness that is utterly invigorating. Capable of being alternately playful or reflective (while resisting the temptation to be either coy or self-absorbed), the Pennsylvania-born virtuoso displays the breadth of his talents and tastes on back-to-back exhibitions such as the pensive yet crisp "A Cottage for Sale," followed by the jaunty, utterly delightful "This Can't Be Love." Given that the 41 tracks included here represent Garner's full Savoy output (alternate takes excepted), this collection is essential for fans of jazz piano.
--Steven Stolder

Superb performance from young Erroll Garner!
March 21, 2000
This Savoy Master Takes collection (1945-1949) represents one of the best periods in Garner's career. His "signature" was already in place at that time (you cannot say that of many jazz pianist, since it takes a lot of years when their music is clearly identified).
Most songs at that time were limited to three minutes maximum (due to the 78 RPM recordings). Erroll demonstrated-under this time restriction- to provide outstanding improvisation ("The Man I Love") as well as swing ("Indiana", "Undecided", "Stompin' at the Savoy", just to name a few examples).
It seems to this writer that Erroll was "carrying" those melodies so smoothly that it was very delighted to listen to them-over and over.
In general, it's worth adding this Savoy set (Two discs) to your collection, regardless of the the out of tune piano used in a few of the songs.

--Amado Ponce
Granada Hills


The Erroll Garner Collection, vol. 1
CD - ERROLL GARNER - Easy to love - Polygram/Verve (1990)
01. Somebody stole my Gal
02. September Song
03. My blue heaven
04. For all we know
05. Easy to love
06. Somebody loves me
07. I hadn't anyone 'till you
08. Lover come back to me
09. As time goes by
10. Out of nowhere
11. Taking a chance on love

Erroll Garner - Baldwin Piano
Eddie Calhoun - Bass
Kelly Martin - Drums

Notes on this production:
This album marks the first world-wide release in over a decade of some of Erroll Garner's hitherto unissued recordings.
Making choices from the trove of great recordings and compositions Garner left in the proverbial trunk was a labor of joy and some perplexity.

Pianist/arranger Sy Johnson and I spent days of intensive listening to tapes, emerging with enough material for several albums. Johnson, who was Garner's personal choice to annotate and arrange his compositions for the Erroll Garner Songbook, termed Garner's work... "a celebration of the human spirit; a life force."

The material in this album derives from four different sessions, circa '61, '64, '65. Accompanists on all of them are bassist Eddie Calhoun and drummer Kelly Martin, both of whom worked with Garner in the '50's and '60's. As always with Garner performances, the recordings were improvised and many of them are one takes. No attempt was made to "homogenize" the mixes or tape transfers; rather, we strove to preserve the original sound and balance.

Much honored in his lifetime, Garner's posthumous tributes and awards have continued since his untimely death in 1977. Concerts, festivals, ballets, poems, lyrics and film showings have all celebrated Garner and his works. For the past five years, Misty has won awards from ASCAP as "one of the most performed standards of the past decade." A scholarship fund has been established in Garner's name, and an oral history project is ongoing for the Garner Archives.

We are most fortunate to have Dudley Moore, a long-time Garner devotee, write the notes for this album. Renowned as an actor in film, theater, and television, Moore is also an accomplished musician and composer, at home in both the classical and jazz genres. London-born, Moore began his piano studies at the age of six, and went on to advanced classical studies on piano, organ and violin, and composition and arranging, at Oxford's Magdalen College, where he earned degrees in 1957 and 1958. He later performed with Johnny Dankworth's orchestra, and with his own trio. In recent years, he has been appearing as guest soloist with major symphony orchestra, during breaks in his film schedule.

We are privileged to present this first work in the new Erroll Garner Collection, and are most pleased to have Dudley Moore as our tour guide.

-- Martha Glaser


The Erroll Garner Collection, vol. 2
CD - ERROLL GARNER - Dancing on the Ceiling - EmArcy 834 935-2 ////// Polygram/Verve (1990)
01. It had to be you 3:29 (recorded 1961, June 1, NY City)
02. Crazy Rhythm 5:18 (recorded 1961, July 14, NY City)
03. Our love is here to stay 4:35 (recorded 1961, July 14, NY City)
04. Don't blame me 4:04 (recorded 1961, August 3, NY City)
05. Dancing on the Ceiling 3:37 (recorded 1961, July 14, NY City)
06. Whispering 2:12 (recorded 1965, August 19, NY City)
07. After you've gone 2:45 (recorded 1961, June 1, NY City)
08. There will never be another you 5:21 (recorded 1961, July 14, NY City)
09. Like Home 6:34 (recorded 1961, July 14, NY City)
10. What is this thing called Love 4:08 (recorded 1961, June 1, NY City)
11. Ain't misbehavin' 4:23 (additional track on CD only) (recorded 1964, June 24, NY City)

Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
Eddie Calhoun - Bass
Kelly Martin - Drums

Notes on this Production
This album, the second in the series of previously unissued recordings by Erroll Garner, covers a span of output from 1961-65. The rhythm section of Kelly Martin, on drums, and bassist Eddie Calhoun, appears on all of the tracks.
As with Easy To Love, the first album in this collection, the dilemma was one of making choices from the abundant and extraordinary Garner recordings in the vaults, still awaiting their first public exposure.

Following the release of Easy To Love, critic Gary Giddins asked me why the recordings weren't issued in the 60's when they were recorded, since they are of such prime quality. A good question. Quite simply, Garner recorded so prolifically that in a standard three hour session, he would play, improvising non-stop (usually one-takes), enough material for several outstanding albums. Sometimes, as Erroll said "the piano got so good" to him that he wouldn't let go, or stop. (I still have vivid memories of the engineers frantically trying to change reels as Erroll rolled on, without pause.) Thus, the recordings stockpiled, and there is much glorious material yet to come.

Easy To Love has won accolades and exciting reactions: "These are prime cuts... irrepressible, ever-surprising, ever-delighting ... deep… some of the greatest things Erroll Garner ever did." - Boston Globe. "... the tracks on Easy To Love are superior reflections of the Garner genius… a sparkling heirloom." - Sacramento Bee. "... lavish, surprising, thrilling clear music - incendiary, multi-rhythmed… conveging titanic joy, epic tenderness... Garner embraced life in every note he played." - People Magazine.
Dancing On The Ceiling continues to tap this mother lode of Garner's work, and again, marks his unique, and ongoing impact in the music firmament.

-- Martha Glaser


The Erroll Garner Collection, vol. 3
Too Marvelous for Words, POLYGRAM (1990)
01. Cecilia
02. Idaho
03. Margie
04. Stars Fell On Alabama
05. Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
06. Louise
07. Peg O' My Heart
08. Kitten On The Keys
09. Ramona
10. My Gal Sal
11. I've Got The World On A String
12. Dinah
13. Too Marvelous For Words
14. California, Here I Come

Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
Eddie Calhoun - Bass
Kelly Martin - Drums

Notes on this Production:
Third in a series of albums of previously unreleased material.


2CD - ERROLL GARNER - Solo Time - EmArcy 314 - 511821 - 2
The Erroll Garner Collection, volumes 4 & 5
Year of release: 1992
Disc One:
01. Liza 4:02
02. It might as well be spring 8:32
03. If I could be with you 3:55
04. Flamingo 5:09
05. In A little Spanish Town 3:41
06. I'll never smile again 4:23
07. That old black magic 3:44
08. Slow boat to China 3:47
09. Indian summer 4:03
10. These foolish things 3:36
11. The man I love 4:34

Disc Two:
01. Old man river 6:51
02. I'll get by 4:22
03. Medley: 5:04
---- April in Paris
---- The last time I saw Paris
04. Sleepy lagoon 5:07
05. Cottage for sale 3:48
06. Coquette 4:20
07. I only have eyes for you 4:59
08. I want to be loved 4:15
09. Medley: 7:36
---- The world is waiting for the sunrise
---- Our waltz
---- I can't escape from you
10. Thanks for the memory 4:05

Producer Martha Glaser

Numrene er indspillet 7. juli 1954 i Detroit (Michigan) hos Radio Station WWJ.
CD'en udkom i 1992, femten år efter Garner's død, ingen af numrene har tidligere været udsendt. På alle indspilningerne er Garner alene, en mand og et klaver, desuden er han på billederne fra studiet iført hverdagstøj, hvilket er første gang man ser ham sådan på en plade. Normalt er han altid iført smoking eller lignende.

Alle optagelser er monofoniske og rent indspilleteknisk udmærkede efter den tids standard.
Hørt med nutidige ører lyder klaveret noget fjernt, på mange måder ligner det trio-indspilningerne rent indspilleteknisk.
Et 6-tal ud af 10 mulige.
Musikalsk er det et mesterværk!
Der er så mange numre, hvor Garner viser hvilken mester han var, at jeg ikke vil fremhæve nogle frem for andre.
De er hver for sig små mesterværker.

CD'en har været yderst svær at få fat på. Jeg tror slet ikke den har været udsendt herhjemme, og i USA er den forlængst udgået af kataloget, da den i sin tid (1992) kun blev udsendt i et begrænset oplag.
Via (som stærkt kan anbefales) fik jeg CD'en tilsendt fra en forhandler langt ude på landet (i USA). Det kostede en del besvær med de danske toldmyndigheder og postvæsen, men trods alt var det besværet værd.
Jeg plejer at fremhæve "Concert by the sea" som Garner's ypperste værk, men med modtagelsen af disse indspilninger er jeg kommet meget i tvivl - indtil videre deler de førstepladsen!

Garner er på CD'en citeret for følgende udtalelse:
I like to play certain tunes because of their melody. Why should I disguise that melody?
Musicians today, lots of them, just aren't getting along with the people. They're confused.
They forget they are people themselves. They can't just be hermits.
I know you can't be confused today. No matter who the artist is, he can't work for himself.
Someday, somewhere, he'll want somebody else to see, hear, or read his work - to share it.
I'm sharing mine.


Concert by the Sea
LP - Concert by the Sea - COLUMBIA CL535, 1956
Side 1
I'll remember April
Teach Me Tonight
Mambo Carmel
Autumn Leaves
It's all right with me

Side 2
Red Top
April in Paris
They can't take that away from me
How could you do such a thing like that to me
Where or when
Erroll's Theme

Recording Engineer: Larry Keyes

CD - ERROL GARNER - Concert by the Sea, COLUMBIA, COL 451042 2
Digitally remastered directly from original analog tapes.
Recorded in actual performance at Carmel, California
01. I'll remember April (D. Raye / De Paul / P. Johnson) 4:19
02. Teach Me Tonight (Cahn / De Paul) 3:44
03. Mambo carmel (Garner) 3:48
04. Autumns leaves (Mercer / Kosma) 6:34
05. It's all right with me (C. Porter) 3:29
06. Red Top (Hampton / Kynard) 3:21
07. April in Paris (Harburg / V. Duke) 4:56
08. They can't take that away from me (I. Gershwin / G. Gershwin) 4:16
09. How could you a thing like that to me (T. Glenn) 4:09
10. Where or when (Hart / Rodgers) 3:16
11. Erroll's theme (Garner) 1:48

Erroll Garner - piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Denzil Best - drums

Procuced by Martha Glaser
September 19, 1955, live in Carmel, California
Digital master prepared by Michael Brooks

CD Producer's Note:
As Stanley Dance states in his notes, the original tape of this concert was recorded under less than ideal conditions and 30 years of wear and saltwater erosion have only added to the sound problems. However, we felt that the quality of the music and its historical importance more than compensates for any minor deficiencies in the audio quality.

After the sign-off theme, m.c. Jimmy Lyons comments on the fact that the audience had not heard Garner say one word all night. Although the "humming" with which he accompanied his keyboard magic is heard from time to time, this was true enough. The pianist felt that his music spoke for him, but here in a rare aside we hear him describe his voice as "worse than Louis Armstrong's!"

- Stanley Dance


LP - Contrasts, EMARCY, VERVE 558077-2
CD - Contrasts, POLYGRAM, 1998
CD - ERROL GARNER - "Contrasts" EMARCY, MG 36001
01. You are my sunshine (Jimmie Davis - Charles Mitchell) 3:26
02. I've got the world on a string 3:58
03. 7-11 jump (Garner) 7:16
04. Part time blues (Garner) 4:31
05. Rosalie (Porter) 2:35
06. In a mellow tone (Kennedy - Ellington) 4:17
07. Don't worry 'bout me (Rube Bloom - Ted Koehler) 5:01
08. (All of a sudden) my heart sings (Henri Herpin) 3:19
09. There's a small hotel (Rodgers - Hart) 3:08
10. Misty (Garner) 2:45
11. I've got to be a rugcutter (Ellington) 2:19
12. Sweet and lovely (with Candido Camero on conga) (Arnheim - Lemare - Tobias) 3:53
13. Exactly like you (Jimmy McHugh - Dorothy Fields) 3:10

Erroll Garner - piano
Wyatt Ruther - bass
Eugene "Fats" Heard - drums
Original recordings produced by Martha Glaser
Recorded July 1954 at Universal Recording Studios, Chicago

This Chicago session was recorded during a one week's engagement at the Blue Note.
The date was a watershed for for the tightly knit trio, as it was their Mercury debut, following their recordings for Columbia - to which Garner was contracted for much of the Fifties.

- Mark Gardner, Januar 1998

"Misty" blev udgivet som singleplade i 1954 med "Exactly like you" som B-side og blev et stort hit for Garner. Sangeren Dakota Staton havde tilsvarende et hit med sangen i 1957, hvor Johnny Burke i mellemtiden havde skrevet teksten. Sidst i 1950'erne nåede Sarah Vaughan og Johnny Mathis næsten samtidig hitlisten med hver sin udgave af sangen.

Ideen til navnet (og melodien) har Erroll Garner mange år senere forklaret til trommeslageren Art Taylor som en inspiration han fik ved, at se en regnbue gennem vinduet under flyveturen fra San Francisco til Chicago, hvor Blue Note optagelsen skulle laves:
At that time they didn't have jets, and we had to stop off in Denver. When we were coming down, there was a beautiful rainbow. This rainbow was fascinating, because it wasn't long but very wide and in every color you can imagine. With the dewdrops and the windows being that misty, that fine rain, that's how I named it "Misty".

Garner husker at han "spillede på sine knæ" (playing on my knees) indtil han havde melodien fuldstændig klar:
By the time I got off the plane, I had it. We were going to make a record date, so I put it right on that date.

Bassist Wyatt Ruther havde ikke hørt melodien før:
Erroll never called a tune, even when we were recording. He would just start playing, and Fats Heard and I would follow him. At this session for Mercury, we had played most of the other tunes on the job before; there were no new numbers except "Misty" and "Part-time Blues".
When we finished it, I looked at Erroll and said, "Where did that come from?"
He just smiled and said it was something he had in mind.
I thought it was a beautiful little ballad and loved it right away, but I don't think any of us imagined that it would be so big later on - and now it's a classic standard.


CD - ERROLL GARNER - "Dreamstreet & One World Concert"
Dreamstreet (tracks 1-9):
01. Just one of those things (3:30)
02. I'm gettin' sentimental over you (5:26)
03. Blue Lou (5:00)
04. Come rain or come shine (4:35)
05. The lady is a tramp (3:37)
06. Sweet Lorraine (3:26)
07. Dreamstreet (3:19)
08. Mambo Gotham (3:30)
09. Oklahoma Medley (8:51)
---- (Oh what a beautiful morning)
---- (People will say we're in love)

Erroll Garner - piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums

Producer - Martha Glaser
Recorded in New York, 1959
Copyrigt 1961 OCTAVE Records

In "Dreamstreet" Garner had unprecedented freedom in recording these works, a circumstance for which he, as a prolific improviser, had long striven. Time was no factor: there was room to experiment, stretch out, and just "blow" - with complete surety that no material would be released without his personal approval. Garner reveled in this atmosphere, as is evidenced by the material herein.
- Donald Elfman

One World Concert (tracks 10-17):
10. The Way You Look Tonight (4:02)
11. Happiness is a thing called Joe (5:10)
12. Sweet and lovely (5:35)
13. Mack the knife (4:26)
14. Lover come back (4:07)
15. Misty (4:56)
16. Dancing Tambourine (1:30)
17. Thanks for the memory (1:13)

Erroll Garner - piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums

Producer - Martha Glaser
Recorded in the Seattle World's Fair, August 20-25, 1963
Copyright 1963 OCTAVE Records

"One World Concert" was recorded in performance at the Seattle World's Fair in 1963. Garner had made his concert debut in 1950, and so the Seattle listeners saw a consummate artist who could play to and for an audience without ever losing himself. His expemporizations left audiences of all tastes, ages, backgrounds, and listening experience cheering for more.The selections seem to bound fresh from his imagination and dazzle everyone.
From the first notes of "The way you look tonight" to the exquisite and heartfelt finale of "Thanks for the memory", Garner is in command though he never lords it over his audiences. He takes these standards on trips from which they emerge somehow brand new and completely unchanged.

- Donald Elfman


Erroll Garner - Billy Taylor SAVOY Jazz (1994)
1. Cottage For Sale
2. Rosalie
3. Everything Happens To Me
4. Stairway To The Stars
5. September Song
6. All The Things You Are
7. Mad Monk
8. Solace
9. Night & Day
10. Alexander's Ragtime Band
11. Misty Morning Blues
12. The Bug


Erroll Garner Box Set TELARC (1999)
This box set contains twelve complete Garner albums (circa 1959-1973) on six CDs.
Each title is from Garner's own Octave Records catalog, previously out of print for more than two decades.
Campus Concert / Feeling is Believing
Close-Up in Swing / A New Kind of Love
Dreamstreet / One World Concert
Magician / Gershwin and Kern
Now Playing: A Night at the Movies / Up in Erroll's Room
That's My Kick / Gemini

Jazz 'round Midnight, POLYGRAM (1991)
1. I've Got You Under My Skin
2. Don't Blame Me
3. I Can't Get Started
4. No Moon (Young Love)
5. I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
6. Again
7. Memories Of You
8. The Jetterbug Waltz
9. Misty
10. I've Got The World On A String
11. Exactly Like You
12. All My Loves Are You
13. Don't Worry Bout Me
14. Part-Time Blues
15. There's A Small Hotel
16. Over The Rainbow

Long Ago and Far Away, SONY (1990) (oprindelig indspillet og udsendt på plade i 1951)
1. When Johnny Comes Marching Home
2. It Could Happen To You
3. I Don't Know Why
4. My Blue Heaven
5. When You're Smiling
6. Long Ago And Far Away
7. Poor Butterfly
8. Spring Is Here
9. The Petite Waltz
10. The Petite Waltz Bounce
11. Lover
12. How High The Moon
13. People Will Say We're In Love
14. Laura
15. I Cover The Waterfront
16. Penthouse Serenade


LP - Magician, LONDON Records APS640, 1974
Two original albums on one CD
CD - Magician & Gershwin and Kern, TELARC CD-83337, 1995
Indspilninger publiceret 1974 og 1976
1. (They long to be) close to you 4:32
2. It gets better every time 4:22
3. Someone to watch over me 4:13
4. Nightwind 5:36
5. One Good Turn 3:13
6. Watch what happens 3:00
7. Yesterdays 3:52
8. I only have eyes for you 5:04
9. Mucho gusto 3:35

Erroll Garner - piano
Bob Cranshaw - Fender and acoustic bass
Grady Tate - percussion
Jose Mangual - conga drummer

Norman Gold - organ
Jackie Williams - tambourine

10. Strike up the band 2:38
11. Love walked in 4:20
12. I got rhythm 4:00
13. Someone to watch over me 2:34
14. A foggy day 3:29
15. Nice work if you can get it 1:05
16. Lovely to look at 2:32
17. Can't help loving dat man 3:59
18. Only make believe 2:15
19. Old man river 3:13
20. Dearly beloved 2:58
21. Why do I love you 2:47
22. A fine romance 2:30

Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums

Charles "Ike" Isaacs - bass (track 12)
Jimmy Smith - drums (track 12)
Jose Mangual - conga drummer (track 12)

ERROLL GARNER (1923-1977)
Erroll Garner's untimely death at the age of fifty-three, on January 2, 1977, was a catalysmic blow to his many friends and listeners, and to the world of music. But his work continues to live - in his recordings and compositions. Posthumous honors and memorials continue, worldwide, and retrospectives of his work have been presented in concert. As Erroll himself said, only a few hours before his sudden death, "Only the tip of the iceberg is showing; I have a head full of music. Wait till you hear it." We are fortunate to have this collection.

This package of two albums is the second in a series of Garner's recordings circa 1950-1973 to be issued by Telarc. Recorded originally in stereo on Garner's own Octave Records label, this is the first time this compiling is available on one digital disc. The extra audio dimension which this digital version brings forth is very exciting, giving Garner's full dynamic range an impact which was not totally realized in the earlier LP recordings.
In all, these long-awaited and much requested albums by Garnerites will be a rare collection, both for them and for new listeners.

- Martha Glaser
October 1994


LP - Mambo Moves Garner, MERCURY MG20055, 1954
CD - Mambo Moves Garner, POLYGRAM, 1991
1. Mambo Garner
2. Night & Day
3. Mambo Blues
4. Old Black Magic
5. Cherokee
6. Sweet & Lovely
7. Russian Lullaby
8. Begin The Beguine
9. Mambo Nights
10. Sweet Sue
11. Imagination

Single plade:
A-side - Misty
B-side - Exactly like you
MERCURY 60662, 1954


CD - Now Playing: A Night at the Movies & Up in Erroll's Room, TELARC CD-83378, 1996
Two original albums in one CD

Now Playing: A Night at the Movies
Songs from the motion pictures that Erroll grew up watching.
1. You made me love you 2:24
2. As time goes by 2:47
3. Sonny boy 1:59
4. Charmaine 3:39
5. I found a million dollar baby 2:39
6. I'll get by 2:45
7. Three O'Clock In The Morning 2:58
8. Stella by starlight 2:58
9. Jeannine I dream of lilac time 2:00
10. Schoner gigolo (Just a gigolo) 2:13
11. How deep is the ocean 3.13
12. It's only a paper moon 2:32

Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
Ike Isaacs - bass
Jimmie Smith - drums
José Mangual - percussion

Indspillet i New York City, 25. juli 1964


Up in Erroll's Room
A suble and beautiful display of the way Garner spins gold out of the elements of a popular song.
13. Newsreel tag : Paramount on parade 4:09
14. Watermelon man 4:14
15. It's the talk of the town 4:48
16. Groovin' high 3.52
17. The girl from Ipanema 4:30
18. The coffee song 4:01
19. Cheek to cheek 4:27
20. Up in Erroll's room 5:23
21. Lot of living to do 3:41
22. I got rhythm 4:01

Erroll Garner - piano
Ike Isaacs - bass
Jimmie Smith - drums
José Mangual - percussion

The Brass Bed:
Bernie Glow - trumpet
Pepper Adams - baritone sax
Marvin Stamm - trumpet, flugelhorn
Don Butterfield - tuba
Wayne J. Andre - trombone
James Cleveland - trombone
Jerome Richardson - tenor sax, flute, piccolo

Orchestration - Don Sebesky
Conductor - Richard O. Spencer
Produced by Martha Glaser
Indspillet i New York City, marts 1968


Paris Impressions, COLUMBIA #1216, double album, 1958


CD - Penthouse Serenade, SAVOY Jazz, 1994
1. I Cover The Waterfront
2. Love Walked In
3. I Don't Stand A Ghost Of A Chance
4. Indiana
5. Somebody Loves Me
6. Body And Soul
7. Penthouse Serenade
8. Undecided
9. Red Sails In The Sunset
10. I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
11. Stompin' At The Savoy
12. Star Dust
13. More Than You Know
14. Over The Rainbow
(Disse numre findes også på THE ELF sammen med ca. halvdelen af numrene fra SERENADE TO LAURA)


Serenade to Laura, SAVOY Jazz (1994)
1. Laura
2. This Can't Be Love
3. The Man I Love
4. Moonglow
5. I Want A Little Girl
6. It's Easy To Remember
7. Goodbye
8. She's Funny That Way
9. Until The Real Thing Comes Along
10. Confessin'
11. Stormy Weather
12. I Surrender, Dear
13. I'm In The Mood For Love
14. All Of Me

Solitaire, POLYGRAM (1993)
1. I'll Never Smile Again 5:30
2. Then You've Never Been Blue 6:11
3. It's The Talk Of The Town 6:00
4. Solitaire 6:27
5. A Cottage For Sale 6:22
6. That Old Feeling 5:17
7. Over The Rainbow 10:35
8. Yesterdays 7:21
9. Who? 6:06
10. When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry 5:11
11. Salud Segovia 6:13

Bagsidenoterne til LP "Solitaire", da den udkom i 1955:
There are artists in every field whose very bearing carries the stamp of superiority. There are writers whose genious you know after the first sentence. There are painters whose power is evident on first glance.

And there are musicians whose slightest effort carries the golden touch, who seldom, if ever, descend below an extraordinary high level of achievement and whose very touch is electrifying. This is particularly true in jazz. Gene Krupa once immortalized the sensation felt when Louis Armstrong sat in on a session and started to play.
"It was like somebody turned the current on", Gene said.
That's the way it is for me every time I hear the supple fingers of the Old Master Painter, Erroll Garner create in pastels and oils and brilliant colourings a wonderful musical landscape out of even the drabbest of tunes.
"I can play Mairzy Doats and make you like it", Errol once said. And it is certainly true. If ever there was living proof that in jazz "it ain't what you do but the way you do it," Garner is it.

Jelly Roll Morton, the New Orleans pianist who was one of the original creators of the jazz idiom, described the way you play jazz piano as filling in all the parts, exactly like an orchestra and then went on to lament the lack of practitioners of the style. It's doubtful if Morton ever heard Erroll, but if he had, it's just as obvious he would have met with the old man's approval because Garner is the literal interpretation of "one man band" when he plays solo piano as he does in this Mercury long playing record.

There are no gaps in the musical picture painted herein. Each chord is lovingly embellished, each beat represented. Fill-ins and riffs and full chords make you think there must be more than ten fingers on each hand. Yet when Erroll made this date - his first solo date in five years - he was suffering from a hurt index finger on his left hand. It was in a splint and could not be used during the recording. Yet, despite the fullness of the music, there is no heaviness here, no pounding, no stiffness. It all flows with the enfortness, easy movement of a superb jazz stylist. Erroll's sense of harmony, so fully developed it is impossible for many unfamiliar with the jazz scene to believe he does not read music, has the prettiest sort of melodies to work with.

This is Erroll's first mood music mood-music high-fidelity recording, devoted entirely to the dreamy, after-hours, sentimental songs that he plays so well. And again the one-man orchestra concept stands up against the 40 strings and pockets size symphonies that have made so much mood-music in recent years.

Erroll once told me he was his own favourite pianist. This is evident if you have ever seen him play and it is not immodest, either. We share this feeling completely. I have never heard a pianist whos love for with the piano could be so easily projected to an audience. Any Garner album is a delightful experience. This one is unique.

In his choice of numbers for this album, Erroll, with his infallible good taste picked from the great standards of all time. This album is produced from a recording session in which Erroll cut 125 consecutive minutes of music. The moody selections are included herein; the up-tempo numbers will be part of another Mercury album by Erroll entitled "Afternoon of an Elf".

A SOLITAIRE (according to Webster) is "a diamond or other gem set alone". Erroll is one of the few virtuoso artists in jazz who has the qualifications plus the taste, imagination and feeling to stand up as a living SOLITAIRE. In addition to the melodious standards, Garner has written his own titled song for this album. Garner's composition, SOLITAIRE, in years to come, undoubtedly will make its place with these other notable mood standards.

Born in Pittsburg in 1921, Erroll has played the piano by ear since the age of three. Erroll first came to national attention on the jazz scene with the Slam Stewart Trio in New York in 1944. Since then he has developed into a solo artist of unequalled stature. As leader of his own trio, he has appeared throughout the nation in clubs, concerts and many radio and television programs. Erroll has won every award for piano in the jazz field, including the Prix du Disque in France (equivalent to our Academy Award). His honours also number awards from Downbeat, Metronome, Pittsburgh Courier, Norfolk Journal and Guide, and numerous other institutions. Erroll is a prolific composer - his compositions have to be transcribed from his recordings since he does not read or write music. Garner's Misty on Mercury has become a standard. Erroll's plans include increased concert work both in the United States and throughout the rest of the world, as well as augmented composing activities.

The SOLITAIRE album, like Erroll's MAMBO MOVES GARNER (Mercury MG 20055), marks a new departure for the prodigious pianist in the long playing 12 inch album field.

By Ralph J. Gleason
Editor, The Rhythm Section,
San Francisco Chronicle

Numrene 1-7 er fra den originale LP på plademærket Mercury, MG 20063.
Numrene 8-11 er fra en senere LP, "Erroll!" på plademærket EmArcy, MG 36069.
Samtlige numre er indspillet 14. marts 1955 i New York.


LP - That's my Kick, MGM SE4463, 1967
LP - Gemini, LONDON Records XPS617, 1972
Two original albums on one CD
CD - That's my Kick & Gemini, TELARC CD-83332, 1994
That's my Kick
1. That's My Kick 2:46
2. The Shadow Of Your Smile 3:56
3. Like It Is 2.43
4. It Ain't Necessarily So 3:30
5. Autumn Leaves 3:21
6. Blue Moon 2:47
7. More 2:54
8. Gaslight 4:28
9. Nervous Waltz 3:24
10. Passing Through 2:36
11. Afinidad 2:53

Erroll Garner - piano
Wally Richardson - guitar
Art Ryerson - guitar (on tracks 1 & 11)
Milt Hinton - bass
Herbert Lovelle - drums
George Jenkins - drums (on tracks 1 & 11)
Jose Mangual - conga drummer
Johnny Pacheco - conga drummer (on tracks 1 & 11)

Produced by Martha Glaser
Indspillet i 1967


12. How High The Moon 5:05
13. It Could Happen To You 3:47
14. Gemini 4:03
15. When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry 6:23
16. Tea For Two 5:27
17. Something 1:49
18. Eldorado 5:47
19. These Foolish Things 7:00

Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano & harpsichord
Ernest McCarty Jr. - bass
Jimmie Smith - percussion
Jose Mangual - conga drummer

Indspillet i 1972


CD - Erroll Garner - The Elf - VOGUE 650113
(blandet gods fra perioden 1945-1949)
1. I cover the waterfront
2. Love walked in
3. I don't stand a ghost of a chance
4. Indiana
5. Somebody loves me
6. Body and soul
7. Penthouse serenade
8. Undecided
9. Red sails in the sunset
10. I can't believe that you're in love with me
11. Stompin' at the Savoy
12. Stardust
13. More than you know
14. Over the rainbow
15. Laura
16. This can't be love
17. The man I love
18. Moonglow
19. I want a little girl
20. It's easy to remember
21. Goodbye

CD - The Essence of Erroll Garner, SONY (1994)
1. Poor Butterfly
2. Lover
3. Penthouse Serenade
4. Laura
5. Avalon
6. Lullaby Of Birdland
7. April In Paris
8. I'll Get By
9. It's All Right With Me
10. Moonglow
11. Misty
12. If I Had You

CD - The Original Misty - POLYGRAM (1990)
1. Misty
2. Rosalie
3. I've Got The World On A String
4. Seven-Eleven Jump
5. Don't Worry Bout Me
6. You Are My Sunshine
7. Part-Time Blues
8. All Of A Sudden
9. In A Mellow Tone
10. There's A Small Hotel
11. I Wanna Be A Rug Cutter
12. Exactly Like You
13. Oh, Lady Be Good
Titlen hentyder til, at Misty senere (i 1970'erne) blev genindspillet i en ny version.


This is jazz, Vol. 13
Erroll Garner: "This is jazz" - COLUMBIA CK 649682
This is Jazz, Vol. 13, SONY (1996)
Indspillet i New York og Hollywood 1950-1957
1. Lover
2. It's the talk of the town
3. When you're smiling (the whole world smiles with you)
4. Laura
5. Dancing in the dark
6. How high the moon
7. Easy to love
8. Moonglow
9. Lullaby of Birdland
10. Poor butterfly
11. If I had you
12. My heart stood still
13. Love for sale
14. Dreamy
15. St. Louis Blues
Erroll Garner med
---- John Simmons,
---- Rossiere "Shadow" Wilson,
---- Wyatt "Bull" Ruther (bass),
---- Eugene "Fats" Heard (drums) og
---- Gordon Powell.


VERVE Jazz Masters, Vol. 7: Erroll Garner, POLYGRAM (1994)
1. I've Got To Be A Rug Cutter
2. Misty
3. Smooth One
4. Love In Bloom
5. (All Of A Sudden) My Heart Sings
6. Don't Be That Way
7. Seven-Eleven Jump
8. St. James Infirmary
9. Don't Worry Bout Me
10. Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby?
11. Part-Time Blues
12. Yesterdays
13. Oh, Lady Be Good
14. Fandango
15. I've Got The World On A String

CD - Yesterdays, SAVOY Jazz (1994)
01. Play, Fiddle, Play
02. Dark Eyes
03. Laff Slam Laff
04. Jumpin' At The Deuces
05. September Song
06. Everything Happens To Me
07. I Only Have Eyes For You
08. Cottage For Sale, A
09. On The Sunny Side Of The Street
10. All The Things You Are
11. Rosalie
12. Stairway To The Stars
13. Yesterdays

DVD - Erroll Garner In Performance
Part One:
01. Just One Of Those Things
02. Dreamy*
03. What Is This Thing Called Love
04. Spring Is Here/It Might As Well Be Spring
05. Lover
06. Laura
07. Sonny Boy
08. Erroll's Theme

Part Two:
09. Honeysuckle Rose
10. No More Shadows*
11. Mambo Erroll*
12. Penthouse Serenade
13. Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time
14. On The Street Where You Live / I Could Have Danced All Night
15. All Yours
16. The Lady Is A Tramp
17. Erroll's Theme

Erroll Garner - piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums

Kultur Video Proudly Announces the Release of "Erroll Garner In Performance"
Available in DVD and VHS
Features Rare Performances circa 1964 from BBC TV
This summer, Kultur Video proudly brings to home viewing audiences a very special program, Erroll Garner In Performance. The video features rare performances by the world-renowned pianist and composer of "Misty," with rhythm accompaniment. This video embodies some of Garner's one-of-a-kind improvised performances of classic standards and originals, filmed in London by BBC, during the peak of Garner's creativity and popularity. It is digitally re-mastered and available for the first time on DVD and VHS in North America. The DVD also includes a rare bonus audio track of "Misty" and an Erroll Garner photo gallery.

Born on June 15, 1921, Erroll Garner had an enormously successful career as both a pianist and composer. He began to perform at a tender age of 3 in his hometown Pittsburgh, and continued to wow the audiences throughout his career. Newsweek hailed Erroll Garner as "The man for whom the piano was invented." Garner performed worldwide in concerts, major nightclubs, colleges, and radio and recordings, including his landmark album Concert By The Sea.
As a composer, Garner has more than 200 compositions under his belt -- his memorable composition "Misty" was named by ASCAP as one of the 25 most performed standards of the 20th Century.
Audiences will be delighted by Erroll Garner In Performance, which captures the essence of Erroll Garner, exhibiting his wit, humor and surprise. The video contains many unique features, such as special close-up shots of Garner's hand positions and Garner's imaginative introductions. This video is a valuable addition for any jazz enthusiasts and will bring forth a new generation of Erroll Garner fans.

Privat anmelder på
Where do I begin?
My GOD, from the minute he started to play, tears came to my eyes. How could anybody be so ~~ good and sensitive?
Leave it to British to preserve our national treasures....
Erroll Garner plays piano in this DVD (live in BBC in England) with his working group. His famous introductions that leaves no clue as to what's coming up, including his own band members.
It's pure Gold and pure Jazz.
How smooth he enters the tune, and how smooth everybody else follows's behind comprehension for commen men.
I am a Jazz musician myself, and any time I see this DVD I am very happy, but also at the same time sick to my stomach that there are - or there were - human beings who were so ~~ good at playing their instruments.
Don't think twice, just get the DVD before it's no longer available.
Show them to your children,
Show them to the teens that think they know who the cool musicians are.
Show them to whoever will watch.
Show them an American at his best.
Need I say more...

NEVAGICH, Los Angeles
September 11, 2002





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