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Christo Redentor - 1968
Righteous - 1969
Games Guitars Play - 1970
Baby Batter - 1971
Choice Cuts (PFDA - Pure Food & Drug Act) - 1972
The Snake - 1972
Shangrenade - 1973
Feel the Sound - 1974
Twist City - 1993
Snakes and Stripes - 1995
Planetary Warrior - 1997
Emerald Triangle -
Lick This - 2000
West Coast Killaz - 2000



CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Christo Redentor" Philips PHS 600-281
          Year of release (USA): 1968
          Bemærk: Redentor er sommetider stavet Redemptor

          1. Christo Redentor
          2. Before six
          3. The Lark
          4. Snake
          5. Long wait
          6. Wade in the water
          7. Lights out
          8. Bradley's Barn
          9. You can't tell me
          10. Nashville 1 a.m.

          Basic personnel:
          Guitar - Harvey Mandel
          Harmonica - Charlie Musselwhite
          Keyboards - Barry Goldberg
          Drums - Eddie Hoh

Mandel's debut remains his best early work, introducing an accomplished blues-rock guitarist capable of producing smooth, fluid lines and a variety of tasteful distortion and buzzing via an assortment of tone pedals and customized amplifiers. He augmented his flash with an adventurous appetite for orchestrated, quasi-classical strings (especially in the eerie symphonic title cut), jazz-blues-rock fusion in the mold of The Electric Flag (as on "Before Six"), and even a bit of country in the presence of top steel guitarist Pete Drake. Available in its entirety on the reissue compilation The Mercury Years.
- Richie Unterberger,
All Music Guide


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Righteous" -
Year of release: 1969

Not as consistent as his debut, due to the presence of a few pedestrian blues-rock numbers. The better tracks, though, show Mandel continuing to expand his horizons with imagination, particularly on the cuts with string and horn arrangements by noted jazz arranger Shorty Rogers. Harvey's workout on Nat Adderley's "Jazz Samba" is probably his best solo performance, and an obvious touchstone for the Latin-rock hybrid of Carlos Santana (whose own debut came out the same year); on the other side of the coin, "Boo-Bee-Doo" is one of his sharpest and snazziest straight blues-rockers. Available in its entirety on the reissue compilation The Mercury Years.
- Richie Unterberger,
All Music Guide

          Guitar: Mandel, Harvey
          Guitar: Roberts, Howard
          Guitar: Jones, Bob [Guitar #1]
          Keyboards: Hitchings, Duane
          Keyboards: Jolly, Pete
          Drums: Hoh, Eddie
          Percussion: Feldman, Victor
          Trumpet: Childers, Buddy
          Trumpet: Audino, John
          Trumpet: Fishelson, Stan
          Saxophone: Johnson, Plas
          Saxophone: Perkins, Bill
          Trombone: Barone, Mike
          Trombone: Leith, Richard


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Games Guitars Play"
Year of release: 1970

Feeling that he needed a singer to compete commercially, Mandel decided to abandon his instrumental format, taking on multi- instrumentalist Russell Dashiel as lead vocalist for a good share of the tracks.
Alas, Dashiel was a mediocre singer who typified some of the lesser White blues-rock stylings of the period, and the material (with a higher percentage of blues and soul covers) was not up to the level of Mandel's first two efforts, although Harvey's playing remained accomplished and imaginative (as is evident on the original instrumental "Ridin' High" and the cover of Horace Silver's "Senor Blues"). Available in its entirety on the reissue compilation The Mercury Years.

- Richie Unterberger,
All Music Guide

          Guitar: Harvey Mandel
          Vocals: Russell Dashiell
          Bass: Larry Taylor
          Drums: Eddie Hoh


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Baby Batter" - BGO CD252
          BGO = BEAT GOES ON Records,
          P.O. Box 22, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, IP28 6XQ, England
          Year of release: 1971

          1. Baby Batter
          2. Midnight Sun
          3. One Way Street
          4. Morton Grove Mama (Morton Grove er byen, hvor HM voksede op)
          5. Freedom Ball
          6. El Stinger
          7. Hank The Ripper

          Harvey Mandel - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
          Eric Mandel - "Baby Batter" voice
          Larry Taylor - electric Fender bass
          Howard Wales - organ, electric piano
          Mike Melvoin - organ, electric piano
          Paul Lagos - drums
          Colin Bailey - drums
          Big Black - congas
          Emil Richards - percussion on "Hank the Ripper" and "One Way Street"
          Joe Picaro - percussion on "El Stinger"
          Sandra Crouch - tambourine on "Baby Batter" & "Midnight Sun"


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "The Snake"
Year of release: 1972

          Made under license courtsey of Janus Records
          Year of release: 1972

          1. The diving rod (Mandel) 3:01
          2. Pegasus (Taylor) 3:24
          3. Linda Love (Mandel) 2:29
          4. Peruvian flake (Mandel) 3:27
          5. The snake (Mandel-Taylor) 3:02
          6. Uno Ino (Carroll-Taylor-Mandel) 2:32
          7. Ode to The Owl (Mandel) 2:32
          8. Levitation (Lloyd-Mandel) 5:10
          9. Bite the electric eel (Mandel-Lagos-Resnick-Conte-Harris) 4:11

          Harvey Mandel - guitar
          Paul Lagos - drums on 1,3.4,5,9
          Earl Palmer - drums on 2,6
          Adolfo de la Parra - drums on 8
          Victor Conte - bass on 1,3,9
          Chuck Domanico - bass on 2
          Larry Taylor - bass on 4,5,6
          Antonio de la Barreda - bass on 8
          Randy Resnick - rhythm guitar on 1,3,6,9
          Freddie Roulette - steel guitar on 8
          Jim Taylor - piano on 2
          Kevin Burton - organ on 8
          Charles Lloyd - flute on 8
          Don "Sugarcane" Harris - violin on 3 & 9; strings on 2


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Shangrenade" - BGO CD410
          Year of release: 1973

          1. What the funk (Victor Conte)
          Harvey Mandel, Lead Guitar
          Coleman Head, Rhythm Guitar
          Victor Conte, electric bass
          Paul Lagos, Drums
          Bobby Lyle, Clavinet

          2. Fish walk (Victor Conte)
          Harvey Mandel, Lead Guitar
          Coleman Head, Rhythm Guitar
          Victor Conte, electric bass
          Paul Lagos, Drums
          Bobby Notkoff, Strings

          3. Sugarloaf (H.Mandel, R.Mandel)
          Harvey Mandel, Lead Guitar
          Victor Conte, electric bass
          Paul Lagos, Drums
          Freddie Roulette, Steel Guitar
          Bobby Lyle, Acoustic Piano

          4. Midnight Sun II (H.Mandel)
          Harvey Mandel, Lead Guitar
          Coleman Head, Rhythm Guitar
          Victor Conte, electric bass
          Paul Lagos, Drums
          Bobby Notkoff, Strings
          Don "Sugarcane" Harris, Electric Violin

          5. Million dollar feeling (Coleman Head)
          Harvey Mandel, Lead Guitar
          Coleman Head, Rhythm Guitar
          Victor Conte, electric bass
          Paul Lagos, Drums
          Bobby Notkoff, Strings

          6. Green Apple Quickstep (H.Mandel)
          Harvey Mandel, Lead Guitar
          Coleman Head, Rhythm Guitar
          Victor Conte, electric bass
          Paul Lagos, Drums
          Bobby Lyle, Clavinet

          7. Frenzy (Mandel, Head, Conte, Lagos)
          Harvey Mandel, Lead Guitar
          Coleman Head, Rhythm Guitar
          Victor Conte, electric upright bass
          Paul Lagos, Drums

          8. Shangrenade (H.Mandel, R.Mandel)
          Harvey Mandel, Lead Guitar
          Victor Conte, electric bass
          Paul Lagos, Drums
          Bobby Notkoff, Strings

          Produced by Skip Taylor and Harvey Mandel for Skip Taylor Productions, Inc. and GRT Corp.
          Recorded at The Village Recorder, November 1972 to June 1973
          Special thanks to Marv. Schlachter and Lynda Mandel
          LP købt 1975.April.19 i Bånd & Plade Centret (kr. 39.50)


CD - PFDA - Pure Food and Drug Act - "Get off in Chicago" (USA) / "Choice Cuts" (Europe)
EPIC Records
Year of release: 1974

          Harvey Mandel - guitar
          Randy "Rare" Resnick - guitar
          Don "Sugarcane" Harris - violin
          Paul Lagos - drums
          Victor Conte - bass


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Feel the Sound"
Year of release: 1974

1. Got to be bad (Conte - Head) 3:49
2. Sore Throat (Mandel) 2:32
3. Just wanna be there (Mandel - Wagner - Skyer) 4:23
4. Candles by the Bedside (Mandel - Wagner - Skyer) 4:05
5. Feel the Sound (Mandel - Wagner - Skyer) 6:00
6. I got your Slot (Conte - Head - Mandel) 2:53
7. Rankachank Blues (Mandel) 2:48
8. Forever and Forever (Mandel) 2:36

Harvey Mandel - lead guitar
Coleman Head - rhythm guitar
Victor Conte - bass
Paul Lagos - drums

Richard Martin - vocal on "Got to be bad"
Mark Skyer - rhythm guitar & vocals on "Just wanna be there", "Candles by the bedside", "Feel the Sound" and "Rankachank Blues".
Ray Lester - bass on "Just wanna be there", "Candles by the Bedside", "Feel the Sound" and "Rankachank Blues".
Danny Keller - drums on "Just wanna be there", "Candles by the Bedside", "Feel the Sound", "Rankachank Blues" and "Forever and Forever".

Produced by Harvey Mandel & Skip Taylor
Remastered by Eroc at the Ranch

"Feel the sound of Harvey Mandel" was something of a celebration of his unique style, in which he tastefully mixed such effects as double handed finger tapping and use of simple one chord structures, largely turned into improvisational platforms for experimental blues jamming.
It also marked the extense use of vocalists, less apparant on his previous works.

- Chris Welch, London England 1998

Although this is perhaps my least favourite album, there are a couple of tunes that I really like.
It was a weird thing that I did back then. The album was done at the last minute in a studio in Chicago.
There was a whole bunch of vocals on some of the tracks like "I just wanna be there", "Candles by the Bedside", "Feel the Sound" and "Rankachank Blues".
Mark Skyer, who did the vocals, was a good singer.
Our manager at the time was Skip Taylor and of course he had his name on everything as the producer.

- Harvey Mandel


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Twist City" - Western Front Entertainment, WFE 10022
          ("I consider it a blues tribute album")
          Year of release: 1993

          1. Twist City 3:54 (hyldest til stedet hvor HM spillede i sine unge dage: Curley's Twist City)
          2. Shot Gun Man 4:14 (dedicated to Eric "Shotgun" Mandel)
          3. Electric Woodoo Doll 3:18
          4. Jack's Coffee Shop 3:08
          5. I had a dream 4:27
          6. Bear Down 4:27 (hyldest til Bob "The Bear" Hite)
          7. Crosscut Saw 3:37 (et gammelt Albert King nummer)
          8. Uptown 2:26
          9. Never let you go 9:48

          Harvey Mandel - lead & rhythm guitars
          Mark Skyer - vocals
          Criss Johnson - rhythm guitar
          Brady Williams - drums
          James Kirk - fretless bass & standup bass
          Mathew Skoller - harmonica
          Michael Halpin - trombone
          Steve Eisen - tenor saxophone
          Brian Ripp - baritone saxophone
          Mark Ohlsen - trumpet
          John Cammelot - organ
          Roosevelt Purifoy - piano

          Produced by Alan Krockey & Harvey Mandel
          Co-Producer - Mark Skyer
          Executive Producer - Frank Pirrucello
          Recorded & mixed by - Craig Williams
          Recorded at - Dr. Caw, Northbrook, IL
          Cover & building photos - J. Keller
          Photos of Harvey Mandel - Jay Blakesberg
          Design/layout - John Pirruccello & Ted Kennedy

          Management - David Gross for David Gross Entertainment,
          P.O. Box 40124, San Francisco, California 94140


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Snakes and Stripes"
Year of release: 1995

1. Under Fire (4:30) (H. Mandel)
2. Future Blues (3:24) (Hite, Jr., Wilson, Mandel, Taylor & De la Parra)
3. Tears For Eric (3:54) (H. Mandel)
4. Poquito Dinero (5:18) (Mandel, Scott, Errico, Strickland, Luframo, Rinta, Fuglestad, Gross)
5. Special Delivery (2:35) (H. Mandel, D. Gross)
6. Miami Rain (3:42) (H. Mandel)
7. My Soul's On Fire (4:53) (Harris, Mandel, Lagos, Resnick, Conte)
8. Mashed Potato Twist (2:25) (Davis, Josea)
9. Country Rose (3:06) (H. Mandel)
10. The Bud Monster (4:28) (H. Mandel, B. Scott)
11. United Snakes of America (4:02) (Mandel, Scott, Errico, Lufrano, Strickland, Fuglestad, Rinta, Jensen)

Harvey Mandel & The Electric Snake Band:

Harvey Mandel - Lead & Rhythm Guitars
Squid Vicious (AKA Bobby Scott) - Bass
Greg Errico - Drums
Tony Lufrano - Keyboards
Bobby Strickland - Sax & Flute
Mike Rinta - Trombone
Tom Fuglestad - Trumpet
Karl Perazzo - Percussion
Michael Carabello - Congas & Native Drum
Lori Davidson - vocals on tracks #2 and #7
Michael Ray - Fiddle on "Country Rose"

Horn arrangements by Bobby Strickland
Produced by Harvey Mandel and David Gross

Recorded February 7-10 and April 3-5, 1995 at San Rafael Studios, California.

Harvey Mandel and Squid Vicious are powered by:
     - Crate Amps
     - Gibson Guitars
     - Dean Markley Strings

San Francisco's premiere audiophile label, Clarity Recordings, enters into a new phase with guitar virtuoso Harvey Mandel, who's ground-breaking 1968 release, "Christo Redentor" was hailed as a sonic masterpiece. He has combined forces with Clarity Recordings, to produce a brilliant new recording titled, "Snakes & Stripes". The concept of Clarity's two-microphone, naturally balanced, stereo soundstage and direct to computer hard-disc recording, examplifies their cutting-edge approach to production.

Mandel, a music innovator, was attracted to Clarity's recording process, which gave him the artistic freedom to explore each musical composition in a fresh and unique way. Harvey preferred to use complete and unedited takes for the finished recording, maintaining a uniquely individual feeling for each song. This is a more difficult and demanding method of recording, but the excitement and energy of the final performances speak for themselves. On "Snakes & Stripes" Harvey has once again demonstrated his cutting-edge approach to music production, as well as his willingness to embrace the latest in state-of-the-art recording technology.
David Gross

Snakes & Stripes hører ikke til Mandel's bedste - desværre, for ideen med to-mikrofons optagelser, hvor alle musikere er tilstede på een gang er ellers helt rigtig. Selve optagemetoden er for så vidt garanti for naturtro lyd (hvis man ellers kan tale om noget sådant, når emnet er elektrisk musik), men i dette tilfælde er lydbalancen til tider decideret skæv - hornene for langt fremme, guitaren for langt tilbage. Især lyder Harvey's spil i lange perioder temmelig uinspireret - som noget han har lavet bedre tidligere, eller som endda er lavet bedre af andre. De ekvilibristiske udfoldelser, som er et særkende på studieudgaverne, mangler. Altsammen overraskende når man ved, at 2- mikrofonteknikken netop er lagt an på at give live feeling i studiet.
6 point ud af 10 mulige.


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Planetary Warrior"
          Year of release: 1997

          1. Space Monkeys 4:29
          2. What comes around goes around 4:49
          3. I don't mind being wrong 4:32
          4. 90 in the '53 3:41
          5. Wall Banger 5:02
          6. Rumble 3:29
          7. The only one 4:04
          8. Carne del Serpiente 5:49
          9. Whinin' Whiskey 4:35
          10. Emerald Triangle 4:23
          11. Planetary Warrior 8:39
          12. Candy Rapper 2.09

          Harvey Mandel - rhythm & lead guitars, vocal on "Candy Rapper"
          Bennie Murray - drums & percussion
          Artis Joyce - bass guitar
          Sonny Reece - vocals

          Howard Wales - electric piano on "Space Monkeys" & "Emerald Triangle"
          Barry Goldberg - Hammond B3 organ on "What comes around goes around" & "Candy Rapper"
          Steve Kimock - slide guitar on "90 in the '53" & "Emerald Triangle"
          Squid Vicious - bass guitar on "Whining Whiskey" & "What comes around goes around"
          Annie Stocking - background vocals on "Wall Banger"
          Betsy, Buck, Dave, Snake, Mike - applause on "Candy Rapper"

          Recorded at Coast Recorders, San Francisco, CA, September- November 1996
          Produced by Harvey Mandel & David Gross

          "Planetary Warrior"


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Emerald Triangle" -
Year of release:


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "Lick This"
          Electric Snake Productions Inc.
          Year of release: 2000

          1. Mad Dog 4:14
          2. Lost out on the street 4:13
          3. Jack Hammer 4:59
          4. Bugs 3:41
          5. Black Magic 4:34
          6. Cherry Dream 5:19
          7. Freeflow 4:14
          8. Another Day's Gone 4:11
          9. X-Factor / Star Jam 4:54
          10. Lick This 2:35
          11. Honey Bunny 2:46
          12. In the mist 3:28
          13. Whatcha talkin' about 3:31
          14. Nite Whisper 3:40
          15. Rambolaya 4:12
          16. Rainbow Bridge 3:28
          17. Member's Only 1:40

          Harvey Mandel - guitars, and arrangements, drums, all percussion, bass, and rhythms.
          Sonny Reece - vocals and all lyrics

          Produced by Harvey Mandel
          Co-produced by Eric Mandel
          Executive producer - Rene Defourneaux

          Recorded and mixed at The Electric Snake Studio, San Francisco, CA, June 1998 - June 1999
          Mastered at The Electric Snake Mastering Lab, September 1999


CD - HARVEY MANDEL - "West Coast Killaz" - Electric Snake Productions Inc.
          Year of release: 2000

          1. You got mail
          2. 3'rd Street Killaz
          3. KGB
          4. You're busted
          5. Check it out
          6. Don't say nothin'
          7. Area 51
          8. Street Soldiers
          9. Gimme that!
          10. Road Dogs

          Harvey Mandel - guitars, and arrangements, drums, all percussion, bass and rhythms
          Eric Mandel - all vocals and lyrics

          Produced by Harvey "The Snake" Mandel
          Co-produced by Eric "The Shotgun" Mandel
          Executive producer: Rene "El Brujo" Defourneaux


          VANGUARD VMD 79232-2
          Year of release: 1966

          1. Baby will you please help me 3:20
          2. No more lonely nights 5:14
          3. Cha Cha The Blues 3:13
          4. Christo Redemptor 3:21
          5. Help me 3:29
          6. Chicken Chack 4:17
          7. Strange land 3:04
          8. 39th and Indiana 4:12
          9. My babe 2:46
          10. Early in the morning 4:31
          11. 4 PM 3:17
          12. Sad Day 5:04

          Total time 45:58

          Charley Musselwhite - harmonica & vocal
          Harvey Mandel - guitar
          Barry Goldberg - piano & organ
          Bob Anderson - bass
          Fred Below Jr. - drums

          LP udgivet første gang 1966

          Charlie Musselwhite


CD - WES MONTGOMERY - "Full House"
Recorded "live" at Tsubo - Berkeley, California, June 25, 1962

Wes Montgomery - guitar
Johnny Griffin - tenor sax
Wynton Kelly - piano
Paul Chambers - bass
Jimmy Cobb - drums

1. Full House 9:14
2. I've grown accustomed to her face 3:18
3. Blue and Boogie 9:31
4. Cariba 9:35
5. Come Rain or come Shine 6:49
6. Come Rain or come Shine 7:12
7. S.O.S. 4:57
8. S.O.S. 4:40
9. Born to be blue 7:24

En live-LP/CD med Wes Montgomery & Co.
Så burde alt være sagt, for alle medvirkende er kendt som fremragende musikere, men desforuden er det skønt at høre Montgomery i topform føre sig frem i en mere aggressiv stil end på studioindspilningerne (som f.eks. "Tequila"). Stilskiftet er nødvendiggjort af den større besætning, men det har på ingen måde skadet indtrykket af en gigant indenfor jazz guitarspillet.
Af noterne fremgår det, at tilstrømningen til jazzklubben var så stor, at huset var fyldt til bristepunktet flere timer i forvejen. En nærliggende parkeringsplads blev anvendt som udendørs koncertsal med hastigt opstillede højttale - og stadig står folk langt ned ad gaden for at komme ind...
Det var sådan et sted man skulle have været den mandag i 1962.

Wynton Kelly (piano), Paul Chambers (bass) og Jimmy Cobb (trommer) udgjorde på indspilningstidspunktet rytmegruppen i Miles Davis Sekstet.
Davis var i byen og hans musikere havde fri mandag aften.
Så var Montgomery der med spegepølsen.

Full House
Johnny Griffin on WM
Must Hear review
WM Diskografi


CD - WES MONTGOMERY - "Compact Jazz"
1. Bumpin' on Sunset *)
2. California Dreaming
3. Movin' Wes (Part 1)
4. Golden earrings
5. Sunny
6. The shadow of your smile
7. OGD (Road Song)
8. Tequila *)
9. Caravan
10. Once I loved
11. Movin' Wes (Part 2)
12. Here's that rainy day
13. Goin' out of my head
14. How insensitive *)
15. What the world needs now *)

*) findes også på LP/CD "Tequila"

Jimmy Smith
Oliver Nelson
Claus Ogerman
Don Sebesky

Compact Jazz er en opsamlingsplade, hvor noget er godt, andet jævnt og enkelte numre fremragende.
Et godt sted at begynde, hvis man forsøgsvis vil sætte tænderne i en af de største jazzguitarister.


CD - WES MONTGOMERY - "Tequila" - Verve Master Edition

Wes Montgomery is widely regarded as one of the finest jazz guitarists ever. He got his first national exposure in 1948, but didn't appear prominently on a recording until 1957. However, in his tragically short career, he had a huge impact on the world of guitar and jazz in general. His unique style (often described as impossible) set a new standard in playing. The most prominent modern jazz guitarists still consistently list Montgomery as one of their major influences.

Wes Montgomery var jazz guitarist i klasse A.
Siden pladen udkom i midten af 1960'erne har den været et stadigt tilbagevendende emne på grammofonen med sit på een gang enkle og komplekse univers. Besætningen er yderst begrænset: det er stort set WM på guitar med tilføjet rytmegruppe (kontrabas, trommer og lejlighedsvis en diskret vibrafon) samt Claus Ogermann's formidable strygere. Og aldrig er strygere blevet anvendt så smagfuldt, originalt - og begrænset - som her.

Den spinkle besætning udnytter WM til at lade os høre alle guitarens detaljer:
     - oplægget til anslaget,
     - selve anslaget (hvor tommelfingeren tydelig høres),
     - det velkontrollerede sustain, og endelig
     - lyden af hænder der slipper gribebrædtet.
Keine Hexerei, rent håndværk når det er bedst.

Montgomery er selvlært - autodidakt - og på samme måde som Erroll Garner spiller han ting som ingen før ville have troet mulig. Han har været stilskabende for generationer af jazzguitarister med sin personlige frasering og let genkendelige stil, hvor tommelfingeren spiller en central rolle.

"Little Child" er favoritten, men alle numre er så gode at jeg ikke tøver med at kalde pladen en klassiker. Ved digitalteknikkens hjælp er WM løftet endnu højere op, idet de små nuancer er blevet endnu tydeligere i forhold til LP'en (men også gjort et svagt båndsus hørbart i baggrunden).
Originalpladens 8 numre er på CD udgaven blevet udvidet til 12, idet "Viwes and Lovers" er tilføjet, og
     - "Tequila",
     - "The Big Hurt" og
     - "Bumpin' On Sunset"
er vedlagt i alternativ indspilning.
En perle der stadig bliver smukkere.

1. Tequila 3:20
2. Little Child (Daddy Dear) 2:28
3. What the world needs now 4:57
4. The Big Hurt 4:31
5. Bumpin' on Sunset 4:49
6. Insensatez (How Intensitive) 3:46
7. The Thumb 4:49
8. Midnight Mood 5:21
9. Wives and Lovers 2:57
10. Tequila (alt. take) 2:37
11. The Big Hurt (alt. take) 3:26
12. Bumpin' on Sunset (alt. take) 3:17

Wes Montgomery - guitar
George Devens - vibraphone
Ron Carter - bas
Ray Baretto - conga
Grady Tate - drums
Claus Ogermann - arranger; strings (on 4 tracks)

Recorded March and May 1966 at Van Gelder Recording Studio.

Tequila (Amazon)
Wes Montgomery (1925-68)
Montgomery's guitar: GIBSON L-5CES


CD - LES PAUL TRIO - "The Jazz Collector Edition"
Les Paul - guitar
Jimmy Atkins - piano
Ernie Newton - bass

1. Lazy River 1:48
2. Short Circuit 1:30
3. Wasted Tears (vocal Mary Ford) 1:48
4. Melodic Meal 1:49
5. Swanee River 1:44
6. Hand Picked 1:45
7. Danger, men at work 2:08
8. Embraceable you 2:43
9. I can't believe that you're in love with me 2:33
10. Indeed I do 1:48
11. (Back home again in) Indiana 1:12
12. Dance of the Kordies 1:43
13. Stardust 2:13
14. My melancholy baby 1:37
15. At sundown 2:57
16. I found a new baby 1:36
17. Subterfuge 2:06
18. For you 2:01
19. Stompin' at The Savoy 2:33
20. Coquette 2:04
21. Honeysuckle Rose 1:59

Les Paul
Les Paul guitar


CD - LES PAUL & MARY FORD - "24 Greatest Hits"
1. Vaya Con Dios (May God be with you) 2:48
2. How high the moon 2:05
3. Johnny is the boy for me 1:59
4. Walkin' and whistlin' blues 2:42
5. Whispering 1:59
6. Mr. Sandman 2:09
7. Tennessee waltz 3:08
8. I'm sitting on top of the world 2:15
9. Bye bye blues 2:03
10. Tiger rag 2:05
11. The jazz me blues 1:36
12. I'm forever blowing bubbles 2:55
13. Tico-Tico 1:35
14. Lover 2:45
15. Lady of Spain 1:52
16. 12'th Street Rag 2:20
17. St. Louis Blues 2:35
18. Mockin' bird hill (Tra-la-la-twittle-dee-dee) 2:17
19. The best things in life are free 2:57
20. Nola 2:35
21. Carioca 2:30
22. Goofus 2:36
23. Jealous 2:15
24. I'm a fool to care 2:55


CD - CHET ATKINS with TOMMY EMMANUEL - "The day fingerpickers took over the world"

1. Borsalino (Claude Bolling - Pierre Delanoe - Jack Fishman)
2. To B or not to B (Chet Atkins - Randy Goodrum)
3. The day finger pickers took over the world (new lyrics by Chet Atkins)
(Originally titled: The day bass players took over the world) (Emily Kaitz - Dave Pomeroy)
4. Tip toe through the bluegrass (Chet Atkins)
5. News from the outback (Chet Atkins)
6. Ode to Mel Bay (Michael "Supe" Granda - Mark Denny) (New lyrics by Chet Atkins)
7. Dixie McGuire (Tommy Emmanuel)
8. Saltwater (Mark Spiro - Leslie Spiro - Julian Lennon)
9. Mr. Guitar (Tommy Emmanuel)
10. Road to Gundaghi / Waltzing Matilda
11. Smokey Mountain Lullaby (Chet Atkins)

Chet Atkins - guitar
Tommy Emmanuel - guitars, bass and frushes
Randy Goodrum - keyboards
Johnny Gimble - fiddle
Clark Hagan - guitar
Terrry McMillan - conga, harmonica and juice harp
Giles Reeves - drums, acoustic bass, strings
Paul Yandell - rhythm guitar on "News from the outback"

The first time I heard Chet play I recall my heart thumping in my chest, my whole body and spirit being so moved and excited!
I didn't know what he was doing, but I knew I loved it!

From the age of seven, I knew I wanted to play like him. I was told that he did "recording tricks" on his albums and that you couldn't really do "all that" at once. I didn't believe that. I knew he was "for real" and all through my young years and my teens, I spent every day listening, practicing and learning.

The older I grew, the more I realized how deep the well of knowledge was that Chet was leading me to.
He educated me, through his recordings, in tone, groove, technique, harmony, swing, simplicity, and a sense of melody that I can never thank him enough for.
I've "bragged" about him all my life and shown, to the best of my abilities, the magical ways of the thumb and finger styles, that bring so many people so much joy. I've enjoyed "turning people on" to the greatest player in history.

From the outback of Australia to Chet's studio in Nashville, I'm still pinching myself. I can't believe we've finally recorded together. What an honour and privilege for me. Thank you, Chet.
Always your fan, Always your friend.

- Tommy (The Kid)


CD - THE PRETTY THINGS - "Pretty Things"
Pretty Things første LP som udkom i 1965

1. Roadrunner
2. Judgement Day
3. 13 Chester Street
4. Big City
5. Unknown Blues
6. Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
7. Honey, I Need
8. Oh Baby Doll
9. She's Fine, She's Mine
10. Don't Lie To Me
11. The Moon Is Rising
12. Pretty Thing

Big Boss Man
Don't Bring Me Down
We'll Be Together
I Can Never Say
Get Yourself Home

plus a multimedia section which can be viewed on a IBM and MAC with a CD-ROM drive.

Phil May - vocals, harp
Dick Taylor - lead guitar
Brian Pendleton - rhythm guitar
John Stax - bass, harp
Viv Prince - drums

Recorded in about two days, and released in March 1965, the Pretty Things' first full-lengther still packs a ferocious punch, easily holding its own against comparable Brit R&B debuts by the likes of the Stones, Them, the Yardbirds and the Animals.
Like most first albums it's pretty much the best of their earliest live repertoire, including no less than FOUR Bo Diddley tracks plus nods to Chuck Berry and Jimmy Reed. Early group compositions like "13 Chester Street" and "Unknown Blues" were blues-derived and largely improvised in the studio, but the autobiographical lyrics show they weren't merely aping black stylings, but rather using R&B as a basis for their own personal expression.

Mike Stax

The Pretty Things


CD - ABBA - "The Visitors"

          1. The Visitors
          2. Head over Heels
          3. When all is said and done
          4. Soldiers
          5. I let the music speak
          6. One of us
          7. Two for the price of one
          8. Slipping through my fingers
          9. Like an angel passing through my room
          10. Should I laugh or cry
          11. The day before you came
          12. Cassandra
          13. Under attack

          Agnethe Fältskog - vocals
          Björn Ulväus - guitar
          Benny Andersson - keyboards & synthesizers
          AnniFried - vocals

Musicians: Drums: Ola Brunckert (on Soldiers, The Visitors, Cassandra and Under Attack Per Lindvall)
Percussion: Åke Sundqvist
Bass: Rutger Gunnarson
Electric & Acoustic Guitars: Lasse Wellander (on Under Attack and Cassandra Janne Schaffer)
Acoustic Guitars: Björn Ulvaeus
Keyboards & Synthesizers: Benny Andersson
Flute & Clarinet on I let the Music speak: Jan Kling
Mandolins on One of Us: The Three Boys

Produced by Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus
Digitally recorded and mixed at Polar Music Studios, Stockholm, Sweden
Engineered by Michael B. Tretow

The Visitors was first released in Sweden as POLAR, POLS 342 on November 30, 1981.
Recording sessions began in March 1981 and continued until November 1981.
The album was recorded at Polar Music Studios in Stockholm, Sweden.

Kort Nyt 2002.Sept.17:
Når blåt er flot
ABBA er en svensk gruppe med et internationalt image.
Det er ikke fordi deres musik har min højeste interesse, men et af deres numre har ikke-desto-mindre sat sig fast i det indre univers dengang "The day before you came" præsentationsvideoen blev vist i TV. Nummeret findes på albummet "The Visitors" fra 1981, så forleden dag lånte jeg CD'en på biblioteket for at høre, om indspilningen kunne stå distancen.
Musikalsk og teknisk er niveauet højt på alle pladens numre, frem for alt har teksterne overrasket positivt, så jeg tøver ikke med at sende hele projektet en venlig tanke - især favoritnummeret med sin let depressive stemning og fine tekst får højeste karakter:

THE DAY BEFORE YOU CAME (Andersson / Ulvaeus)
1. I must have left my house at eight, because I always do,
my train, I'm certain, left the station just when it was due.
I must have read the morning paper going into town,
and having gotten through the editorial no doubt I must have frowned.
I must have made my desk around a quarter after nine
with letters to be read and and heaps of papers waiting to be signed.
I must have gone to lunch at half past twelve or so, the usual place, the usual bunch,
and still, on top of this, I'm pretty sure it must have rained
the day before you came.

2. I must have lit my seventh cigarette at half past two,
and at the time I never even noticed I was blue.
I must have kept on dragging through the business of the day
without really knowing anything I hid a part of me away.
At five I must have left, there's no exeption to the rule,
a matter of routine, I've done it ever since I finished school.
The train back home again, undoubtedly I must have read the evening paper then,
oh yes, I'm sure my life was well within its usual frame
the day before you came.

3. I must have opened my front door at eight o'clock or so,
and stopped along the way to buy some Chinese food to go.
I'm sure I had my dinner watching something on TV,
there's no doubt, a single episode of Dallas that I didn't see.
I must have gone to bed around a quarter after ten,
I need a lot of sleep and so I like to be in bed by then.
I must have read a while, the latest one by Marilyn French or something in that style,
it's funny, but I had no sense of living without aim
the day before you came.

Coda. And turning out the light I must have yawned and cuddled up for yet another night,
and rattling on the roof I must have heard the sound of rain
the day before you came.


CD - SWEETHEARTS - "Hej igen du!"
1. Festival
2. Far far krigsmand
3. Havana
4. Alt for meget at gøre
5. Jorden i flammer (P.F.Sloan / Thøger Olesen)
6. Sang om merværdi (Jesper Jensen / Benny Holst)
7. Strømer kom og dans med mig (Finn Sørensen / Michael Boesen)
8. I kan ikke slå os ihjel (Tom Lundén m.fl.)
9. Herfra hvor vi står (Skousen)
10. Oppe i træet
11. Drej 0-0-0 (Skaløe/Møller)
12. René (Psykologens sang)
13. Lille Johnny's mund (Trier)
14. Baggårdens hvide røve (Sweethearts)
15. Absolut Jam (Wille / Vogel)



CD - PINK FLOYD - "Piper at the Gates of Dawn" AAD
Pink Floyd's første LP som udkom i 1967

1. Astronomy Domine
2. Lucifer Sam
3. Mathilda Mother
4. Flaming
5. POW R. TOC H.
6. Take up thy Stethoscope and Walk
7. Interstellar Overdrive
8. The Gnome
9. Chapter 24
10. Scarecrow
11. Bike

Syd Barret - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Roger Waters - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Richard Wright - Organ & Piano
Nick Mason - Drums

Produced by Norman Smith
Recording Engineer Peter Brown
Re-mastering supervised by James Guthrie
Mastered by Dough Sax at The Mastering Lab., LA

Digital remastered 1994

Deres første album.
Og deres bedste.
Takket være drivkraften og idémanden Syd Barret producerede Pink Floyd i årene omkring 1967 en række opsigtsvækkende numre - "Arnold Layne" var et af dem. Og Barret havde rotter på loftet (sandsynligvis p.g.a. stofmisbrug), men måske netop derfor var han i stand til at sætte sig ud over alle normalitetsbegreber, og omsætte det indre univers til usædvanlig musik - også efter den tids begreber.
Jeg oplevede Pink Floyd i Studenterforeningen en gang i 1967 og Syd Barret var så ganske afgjort hjernen i det foretagende. I pauserne sad han med lukkede øjne og mediterede - helt adskilt fra de andre musikere, som virkede mere interesseret i de danske piger og øl end i Barret's underlige univers.
Det geniale "Piper" album er gruppens første med Syd Barret, men blev desværre også det sidste.
Efter Barret's afsked blev gruppens produktioner (ingen nævnt, ingen glemt) langt mere ordinære, omend de har opnået stor berømmelse og tjent mange penge siden dengang.

Piper at the gates of Dawn
Pink Floyd Hyperbase


CD - JEFF GARDNER - "Spirit Call" ADD
AROC CD 1004

1. Preludio par Rita 3:02
2. Baiaonette 2:09
3. Olhos de amor 2:02
4. Hommage a Stravinsky 0:59
5. Luz da Favela 5:30
6. Spirit Call 5:45
7. Blues for Victor 2:22
8. Sambando E Chorando 6:45
9. Laughing death in a limousine on Pensylvania Avenue 2:59
10. For Bill 5:08
11. Corrida 5:08
12. *)Joanne 2:54
13. *)Spirit Call 8:18

All compositions by Jeff Gardner, except "Joanne" by Victor Assis Brasil.
Recorded at Studio Acousti by Alain Cluzeau, Paris, December 1982 and June 1983,
except *) recorded live in Paris, May 1985


RIVERSIDE 12 - 224
OJCCD 065-2

1. Caravan 4:52
2. Come rain or come shine 6:06
3. Ruby, my dear 5:43
4. Weird-o 4:03
5. Taking a chance on love 4:39
6. When you wish upon a star 5:16
7. Blues for Nica 5:29
8. It's only a paper moon 6:25

Total time approx 44 minutes

Kenny Drew - piano
Paul Chambers - bass
Philly Joe Jones - drums

Produced by Orrin Keepnews and Bill Grauer
Recorded in New York, September 20, 1956
Digital remastering 1992, Gary Hobish, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley

Kenny Drew


CD - BUD POWELL - "Ultimate Bud Powell"
Selected by Chick Corea
VERVE 539 788-2 (a Polygram company)

1. Tempus Fugit (Tempus Fugue-it) 2:25
2. Celia 2:57
3. I'll keep loving you 2:40
4. Strictly confidential 3:08
5. So sorry, please 3:14
6. Parisian thoroughfare 2:28
7. Oblivion 2:08
8. Dusk in Sandi (Dusky 'n' Sandy) 2:12
9. Hallucinations (aka Budo) 2:25
10. The Fruit 3:16
11. Buttercup 2:59
12. Fantasy in Blue 3:04
13. Mediocre 2:55
14. Dance of the Infidels 2:16
15. Willow Grove (Willow Groove) 4:23
16. Elegy (Elogie) 2:56

Original recordings produced by Norman Granz (tracks 1-12)
and Leroy Lovett (tracks 13-16).

Bud Powell



Titel (Indspilningsår) Tid
1. 'Round Midnight (1947) 3:08
2. Off Minor (1947) 2:58
3. Mysterioso (1948) 2:42
4. Criss Cross (1951) 2:54
5. Hornin' in (1952) 3:13
6. Well, you needn't (1947) 2:56
7. Ruby my dear (1947) 3:06
8. Let's cool one (1952) 3:45
9. Straight no chaser (1951) 2:54
10. Ask me now (1951) 3:12
11. Thelonious (1947) 2:57
12. Evidence (1948) 2:31
13. Epistrophy (1948) 3:05
14. Monk's dream (1952) 3:05
15. Little Rootie Tootie (1952) 3:04
16. Reflections (1952) 2:45
17. Blue Monk (1954) 7:37
18. Let's call this (1953) 5:04
19. Bemesha Swing (1952) 3:08
20. Rhythm-A-Ning (1959) 6:43

Alle kompositioner af Monk bortset fra 13, som er skrevet af Monk & Clarke



CD - OSCAR PETERSON - "Night Train"

1. Happy-Go-Lucky Local (aka Night Train) 4:50
2. C Jam Blues 3:23
3. Georgia on my mind 3:42
4. Bag's Groove 5:12
5. Moten Swing 2:52
6. Easy Does It 2:45
7. The Honey Dripper 2:23
8. Things ain't what they used to be 4:35
9. I got it bad (and that ain't good) 5:06
10. Band Call 3:53
11. Hymn to Freedom 5:33

12. Happy-Go-Lucky Local (aka Night Train) / alt. take 4:57
13. Volare 2:46
14. My heart belongs to Daddy 3:55
15. Moten Swing / rehearsal take 3:34
16. Now's the time / incomplete take 2:34
17. This could be the start of something new 5:12

Oscar Peterson - piano
Ray Brown - bas
Ed Thigpen - drums

Recorded 1962, December 16 at Radio Records, Hollywood

Oscar Peterson


The London Sessions (1986)

Kiri Te Kanawa
José Carreras
Sarah Vaughan
Mandy Patinkin
London Symphony Orchestra
Ambrosian Singers

1. Overture 5:27
2. Dites-Moi 1:19
3. A cockeyed optimist 1:45
4. Twin soliloquies 2:53
5. Some enchanted evening 3:17
6. Bloody Mary
7. There is nothin' like a dame 3:51
8. Bali Ha'i 4:30
9. I'm gonna wash that man right outa my hair
10. I'm in love with a wonderful guy 3:43
11. Younger than springtime 4:20
12. This is how it feels 1:49
13. Entr'acte 3:19
14. Happy talk 4:10
15. Honey Bun 4:03
16. You've got to be carefully taught 0:53
17. This nearly was mine 3:46
18. The March: The Takeoff / Communication established 1:57
19. Finale Ultimo: Dites-Moi / Some enchanted evening 4:14

Mandy Patinkin


CD - SARAH VAUGHAN - "Sarah Vaughan in Hi- Fi"

1. East of the sun (west of the moon) (3:06)
2. Nice work if you can get it (2:35)
3. Come rain or come shine (3.23)
4. Mean to me (2:53)
5. It might as well be spring (3:11)
6. Can't get out of this mood (2:49)
7. Goodnight my love (3:37)
8. Ain't misbehavin' (2:59)
9. Pinky (2:41)
10. The nearness of you (3:19)
11. Spring will be a little late this year (2:40)
12. Ooh, what'cha doin' to me (1:54)
13. It's all in the mind (3:21)
14. The nearness of you (alternate take) (3:09)
15. Ain't misbehavin' (alternate take) (2:59)
16. Goodnight my love (alternate take) (3:44)
17. Can't get out of this mood (alternate take) (2:50)
18. It might as well be spring (alternate take) (3:26)
19. Mean to me (alternate take) (2:49)
20. Come rain or come shine (alternate take) (3:32)
21. East of the sun (west of the moon) (alternate take) (3:09)
22. Pause track (0:06)



CD - AKSEL SCHIØTZ - "Danske Sange vol. 1" - EMI
1. Nu vågne alle Guds fugle små
2. Lysets engel går med glans
3. Gud ske tak og lov
4. I fjerne kirketårne hist
5. Bliv hos os når dagen hælder
6. Der står et slot i Vesterled
7. Natten er så stille
8. Kommer hid I piger små
9. Duftende enge
10. Skøn jomfru, luk dit vindue op
11. Jens Vejmand
12. Grøn er vårens hæk
13. Sommersang
14. I aften
15. Irmeling Rose
16. Den milde dag er lys og lang
17. I solen går jeg bag min plov
18. Min pige er så lys som rav
19. Underlige aftenlufte
20. Jeg bærer med smil min byrde
21. Så bittert var mit hjerte

Danacord Recordings
Danske film


CD - AKSEL SCHIØTZ - "Danske Sange vol. 2" - EMI
1. Danmark, nu blunder den lyse nat
2. Det haver så nylingen regnet
3. Mor Danmark
4. Du danske sommer
5. Midsommervise
6. Ørnen løfter med stærke slag
7. Hvor tindrer nu min stjerne?
8. Du som har sorg i sinde
9. Til glæden
10. Lær mig, nattens stjerne
11. I Danmark er jeg født
12. Hvor Nilen vander ægypterens jord
13. Majnat
14. Limfjorden
15. Vær hilset, I damer
16. Forårsregn
17. Knud Lavard
18. Hvorfor svulmer Weichselfloden?
19. Oluf's Ballade



Please Please Me---------------------- 1963 (marts)
With the Beatles------------------------ 1963 (november)
A hard Day's Night--------------------- 1964 (juli)
Beatles For Sale------------------------ 1964 (december)
Help------------------------------------------ 1965 (august)
Rubber Soul------------------------------- 1965 (december)
Revolver------------------------------------- 1966 (august)
Sgt. Peppers LH Club Band--------- 1967 (juni)
Magical Mystery Tour------------------ 1967 (december)

The Beatles Biography

The Beatles Biography

The Beatles Diskography

Ringo Starr

George Harrison

Paul McCartney


CD - "The early Tapes" of THE BEATLES

1. Ain't she sweet (The Beatles)
2. Cry for a shadow (The Beatles)
3. When the saints go marching in (The Beatles with Tony Sheridan)
4. Why (The Beatles with Tony Sheridan)
5. If you love me, baby (The Beatles with Tony Sheridan)
6. What'd I say (Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers)
7. Sweet Georgia Brown (The Beatles with Tony Sheridan)
8. Let's dance (Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers)
9. Ruby Jane (Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers)
10. My bonnie (The Beatles with Tony Sheridan)
11. Nobody's child (The Beatles with Tony Sheridan)
12. Ready Teddy (Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers)
13. Ya Ya (parts 1+2) (Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers)
14. Kansas City (Tony Sheridan and the Beat Brothers)


CD - THE BEATLES - "Please Please Me" AAD
PARLOPHONE 7 46435 2
Gruppens første LP, udsendt 1963

1. I saw her standing there
2. Misery
3. Anna (go to him)
4. Chains
5. Boys
6. Ask me why
7. Please Please Please Me (gruppens anden single plade)
8. Love me do (gruppens første single plade, udgivet okt. '62)
9. P.S. I love you
10. Baby it's you
11. Do you want to know a secret
12. A taste of honey
13. There's a place
14. Twist and Shout


CD - THE BEATLES - "With The Beatles"
Gruppens anden LP, udsendt 1963
Første LP med udelukkende egne numre

1. It won't be long 2:11
2. All I've got to do 2:01
3. All my loving 2:06
4. Don't bother me 2:26
5. Little child 1:45
6. Till there was you 2:14
7. Please mister postman 2:34
8. Roll over Beethoven 2:44
9. Hold me tight 2:29
10. You really got a hold on me 3:00
11. I wanna be your man 1:56
12. Devil in her heart 2:25
13. Not a second time 2:05
14. Money 2:47

John Lennon - vocals, rhythm guitar
McCartney - vocals, bass
George Harrison - vocals, solo guitar
Ringo Starr - drums


CD - THE BEATLES - "A Hard Day's Night"
Gruppens tredie LP, udsendt 1964

1. A hard day's night 2:29
2. I should have known better 2:41
3. If I fell 2:18
4. I'm happy just to dance with you 1:55
5. And I love her 2:28
6. Tell me why 2:06
7. Can't buy me love 2:11
8. Any time at all 2:10
9. I'll cry instead 1:44
10. Things we said today 2:35
11. When I get home 2:15
12. You can't do that 2:33
13. I'll be back 2:20


CD - THE BEATLES - "Beatles for sale"

1. No reply
2. I'm a loser
3. Baby's in black
4. Rock and Roll Music
5. I'll follow the sun
6. Mr. Moonlight
7. Medley: Kansas City / Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
8. Eight days a week
9. Words of love
10. Honey don't
11. Every little thing
12. I don't want to spoil the party
13. What you're doing
14. Everybody's trying to be my baby

Original sound recordings made by EMI Records Ltd.


CD - THE BEATLES - "Rubber Soul"

1. Drive my car
2. Norwegian Wood (This bird has flown)
3. You won't see me
4. Nowhere man
5. Think for yourself
6. The Word
7. Michelle
8. What goes on
9. Girl
10. I'm looking through you
11. In my life
12. Wait
13. If I needed someone
14. Run for your life

All titles published by Nothern Song Ltd.
1965 Original Sound Recordings made by EMI Records Ltd.
1965 EMI Records Ltd.


CD - THE BEATLES - "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band"

1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
2. With a little help from my friends
3. Lucy in the sky with diamonds
4. Getting Better
5. Fixing a hole
6. She's leaving home
7. Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite
8. Within you without you *)
9. When I'm sixty-four
10. Lovely Rita
11. Good Morning Good Morning
12. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)
13. A day in the life

All songs composed by Lennon/McCartney except *) Harrison
Producer: George Martin
Engineer: Geoff Emerick
1967 Original Sound Recordings made by EMI Records Ltd.


Disc 1:
1. Real love
2. Yes it is
3. I'm down
4. You've got to hide your love away
5. If you've got trouble
6. That means a lot
7. Yesterday
8. It's only love
9. I feel fine
10. Ticket to ride
11. Yesterday
12. Help
13. Everybody's trying to be my baby
14. Norwegian Wood (This bird has flown)
15. I'm looking through you
16. 12-bar Original
17. Tomorrow never knows
18. Got to get you into my life
19. And your bird can sing
20. Taxman
21. Elanor Rigby (strings only)
22. I'm only sleeping (rehearsal)
23. I'm only sleeping (Take 1)
24. Rock and Roll Music
25. She's a Woman

Disc 2:
1. Strawberry Fields forever (demo sequence)
2. Strawberry Fields forever (Take 1)
3. Strawberry Fields forever (Take 7 & Edit Piece)
4. Penny Lane
5. A day in the life
6. Good morning, good morning
7. Only a Northern song
8. Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite (Takes 1 and 2)
9. Being for the benefit of Mr. Kite (Take 7)
10. Lucy in the sky with diamonds
11. Within you without you (instr.)
12. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (reprise)
13. You know my name (look up the number)
14. I am the walrus
15. The fool on the hill (demo)
16. Your mother should know
17. The fool on the hill (Take 4)
18. Hello Goodbye
19. Lady Madonna
20. Across the Universe


CD - THE KINKS - "The Kinks" - PYE Records
Gruppens første LP, udsendt på plademærket PYE i 1964
Tracks 1-14 released as KINKS, PYE NPL 18096 (mono) on Oct. 2, 1964

1. Beautiful Delilah
2. So mystifying
3. Just can't go to sleep
4. Long Tall Shorty
5. I took my baby home
6. I'm a lover not a fighter
7. You really got me
8. Cadillac
9. Bald headed woman
10. Revenge
11. Too much monkey business
12. I've been driving on Bald Mountain
13. Stop your sobbin'
14. Got love if you want it

15. Long Tall Sally
16. You still want me
17. You do something to me
18. It's alright
19. All day and all of the night
20. I gotta move
21. Louie, Louie
22. I gotta go now
23. Things are getting better
24. I've got that feeling
25. Too much monkey business
26. I don't need you anymore

Kinks Tour


CD - THE KINKS - "Kinda Kinks"
- CLACD 156
Oprindelig udsendt som LP på plademærket PYE

1. Look for me baby
2. Got my feet on the ground
3. Nothing in this world can stop me worryin' 'bout that girl
4. Naggin' woman
5. Wonder where my baby is tonight
6. Tired of waiting
7. Dancing in the street
8. Don't ever change
9. Come on now
10. So long
11. You shouldn't be sad
12. Something better beginning

Ray Davies - guitar, vocals
Dave Davies - guitar, vocals
Pete Quaife - bass
Mick Avory - drums

The Kinks


CD - THE WHO - "The Who sell out"
POLYDOR 835 727-2

1. Armenia City in the sky 3:40
2. Heinz Baked Beans 1:07
3. Mary Anne with the shaky hand 2:28
4. Odorono 2:27
5. Tattoo 3:01
6. Our love was 3:17
7. I can see for miles 4:23
8. Can't reach you 3:29
9. Medac 0:59
10. Relax 2:38
11. Silas Stingy 3:04
12. Sunrise 3:04
13. Rael (1 and 2) 5:58

Pete Townshend - guitar
Roger Daltrey - vocal
Keith Moon - drums
John Entwistle - bass

Produced by Kit Lambert


CD - THE SEARCHERS - "Meet The Searchers"
Originale LP: PYE ------------
Gruppens første LP, som udsendtes 1963

1. Sweets for my sweet
2. Alright
3. Love potion number nine
4. Farmer John
5. Stand by me
6. Money
7. Da Do Ron Ron
8. Ain't gonna kiss ya
9. Since you broke my heart
10. Tricky Dicky
11. Where have all the flowers gone
12. Twist and Shout

Tony Jackson - bass
Chris Curtis - drums
Mike Pender - solo guitar, 12-string guitar
John McNally - rhythm guitar

The Searchers Official Website
Mike Pender's Rickenbackers
Mike Pender responds
Chris Curtis 2003 interview
Drumming for The Searchers (1998 interview med Chris Curtis)
The Searchers Albums


CD - THE SEARCHERS - "It's The Searchers"
Originale LP: PYE ------------
Gruppens fjerde(?) LP, som udsendtes 1964

1. It's in her kiss
2. Glad all over
3. Sea of Heartbreak
4. Livin' loving wreck
5. Where have you been
6. Shimmy Shimmy
7. Needles and Pins
8. This empty space
9. Gonna send you back to Georgia
10. I count the tears
11. Hi Heel Sneakers
12. Can't help forgiving you
13. Sho'know a lot about love
14. Don't throw your love away

Tony Jackson - bass
Chris Curtis - drums
Mike Pender - solo guitar, 12-string guitar
John McNally - rhythm guitar


CD - THE ROLLING STONES - "The Rolling Stones"
DECCA ------------ AAD
Gruppens første LP, som udsendtes 196(?)

1. Route 66
2. I just want to make love to you
3. Honest I do
4. I need you baby (Mona)
5. Now I've got a witness (like uncle Phil and uncle Gene)
6. Little by little
7. I'm a King Bee
8. Carol
9. Tell me (you're coming back)
10. Can I get a witness
11. You can make it if you try
12. Walking the dog

Mick Jagger - vocals

Keith Richards - guitar
Brian Jones - guitar
Bill Wyman - electric bass guitar
Charlie Watts - drums


CD - THE ROLLING STONES - "Out of our heads"
DECCA ------------ MONO AAD
Gruppens anden LP, som udsendtes 1965

1. Mercy, Mercy
2. Hitch hike
3. The last time
4. That's how strong my love is
5. Good times
6. I'm alright
7. (I can get no) Satisfaction
8. Cry to me
9. The under assistant west coast promotion man
10. Play with fire
11. The spider and the fly
12. One more try


CD - THE ROLLING STONES - "Aftermath" (1966)
DECCA ------------ MONO AAD

1. Mother's little helper
2. Stupid girl
3. Lady Jane
4. Under my thumb
5. Doncha bother me
6. Goin' home
7. Flight 505
8. High and dry
9. Out of time
10. It's not easy
11. I am waiting
12. Take it or leave it
13. Think
14. What to do


Capitol CDP 7 9449-2

1. Song for our ancestors
2. Dear Mary
3. My friend
4. Living in the USA
5. Quicksilver girl
6. Lucky man
7. Gangster of love
8. You're so fine
9. Overdrive
10. Dime-a-dance romance


Original album released as Columbia LP KCS 9720 in 1969
Gruppens anden LP

1. Variations on a theme by Erik Satie
2. Smiling phases
3. Sometimes in winter
4. More and more
5. And when I die
6. God bless the child
7. Spinning wheel
8. You've made me so very happy
9. Blues - Part II
10. Variations on a theme by Erik Satie

Bonus tracks
11. More and more (live)
12. Smiling phases (live)

David Clayton-Thomas - lead vocals
Dick Halligan - organ, piano, trombone, vocals
Steve Katz - guitar
Jim Fielder - bass
Bobby Colomby - drums, percussion, vocals
Lew Soloff - trumpet, flugelhorn
Jerry Hyman - trombone, recorder
Fred Lipsius - saxophone, piano
Chuck Winfield - trumpet, flugelhorn


CDCBS 63396

Mike Bloomfield - Al Kooper:
1. Albert's shuffle (Bloomfield - Kooper) 6:54
2. Stop (Ragovoy - Shuman) 4:20
3. Man's temptation (Mayfield) 3:24
4. His Holy Modal Majesty (Kooper - Bloomfield) 9:16
5. Really (Bloomfield - Kooper) 5:30

Steve Stills - Al Kooper:
6. It takes a lot to laugh - it takes a train to cry (Dylan) 3:30
7. Season of the witch (Leitch) 11:07
8. You don't love me (Cobb) 4:11
9. Harvey's tune (Brooke) 2:07

Al Kooper - organ, vocals
Mike Bloomfield - electric guitar (side 1 only)
Steven Stills - electric guitar (side 2 only)
Harvey Brooke - bass
Eddie Hoh - drums
Barry Goldberg - electric piano

The music on this record was performed spontaneously by the personnel as listed.
The horns were added as an afterthought. - Al Kooper
Indspillet 1967

Kort Nyt 2003.Nov.08:
Et møde med følger
Da LP'en "Super Session" udkom i 1968 var den en milepæl indenfor elektrisk blues.
Idé og arrangement (herunder de formidable blæsere) stammer fra Al Kooper, der i forvejen var kendt som den fabelagtige orgeltramper på Bob Dylan's LP "Highway 61 revisited" og som tidligere leder af Blood, Sweat & Tears.
Guitaristen, som gjorde Super Session til noget særligt, var den legendariske Mike Bloomfield, der især havde gjort sig bemærket i Butterfield Blues Band, men nok især The Electric Flag, som samme år havde udsendt deres første LP, "A long time comin'".

Grundlæggende er alle numre på Super Session improviseret, men alligevel nåede pladen en 11. plads på de amerikanske hitlister og solgte mere end 450.000 eksemplarer, hvilket indbragte Kooper & co. en guldplade. Desuden indbragte pladen respekt: at man også indenfor den populære afdeling kunne producere jam sessions, og sælge det som "seriøs" musik på linie med jazz.
Kooper: All of a sudden, I had the respect of the CBS shorthairs.

Bloomfield kom efterfølgende til at danne skole for en mængde guitarister, som alle var stærkt påvirkede af hans smukke tone, men samtidig frække og intelligente spil. Senere er indspilningerne blevet konverteret (og remastered) til CD, hvilket kun har løftet projektet yderligere, fordi endnu flere detaljer derved er blevet hørbare.
I mellemtiden er Mike Bloomfield afgået ved døden, og Al Kooper har i 1998 udgivet bogen "Backstage Passes and Backstage Bastards", som udover en masse andre ting også fortæller historien om Super Session - en fantastisk historie.

Al Kooper
Mike Bloomfield
Mike Bloomfield & Super Session


CD - THE ELECTRIC FLAG - An American Music Band - "A long time comin'"

The Electric Flag is an American Music Band. American music is not necessarily music directly from America. I think of it as the music you hear in the air, on the air, and in the streets; blues, soul, country, rock, religious music, traffic, crowds, street sounds and field sounds, the sound of people and silence.
- Michael Bloomfield.

1. Killing floor
2. Groovin' is easy
3. Over-lovin' you
4. She should have just
5. Wine
6. Texas
7. Sittin' in circles
8. You don't realize (dedicated with great respect to Steve Cropper and Otis Redding)
9. Another country
10. Easy rider
11. Sunny
12. Mystery
13. Goin' down slow

12, 13 og 14 er bonus tracks
13 og 14 er ikke tidligere udgivet

Michael Bloomfield - guitar
Sivuca - guitar
Harvey Brooks - bass
Barry Goldberg - keyboard
Herbie Rich - keyboard, baritone sax
Mike Fonfara - keyboard
Buddy Miles - drums, percussion
Peter Strazza - tenor sax
Marcus Doubleday - trumpet
Richie Havens - sitar
Paul Beaver - Moog synthesizer

Background Shoeshine Quartet: Bloomfield & Courts

Bob Notkoff - solo violin
Julius Held
Leo Daruczek
George Brown
Charles McCracken

Produced by John Court
Engineering: Roy Segal
Digital remixed for compact disc by Larry Keys at CBS Records Studio, NY



1. Love March (G. Dinwiddie - P. Wilson) 2:57
2. No Amount of Loving (P. Butterfield) 3:14
3. Morning Sunrise (P.Butterfield - P.Wilson) 2:41
4. Losing Hand (C. Calhoun) 3:36
5. Walking by Myself (Lane) 4:30
6. Except You (J. Ragovoy) 3:54
7. Love Disease (G. Dinwiddie) 3:29
8. Where did my Baby go (J. Ragovoy) 4:22
9. All in a Day (R. Hicks) 2:28
10. So far so good (R. Hicks) 2:28
11. Buddy's Advice (B. Feiten) 3:21
12. Keep on moving (P. Butterfield) 5:02

Det var i 1968 at jeg første gang hørte pladen. Det var hos en kammerat, han havde store 3-vejs højttalere med 15" bas, så den fremragende indspilning kom rigtig til sin ret.
Alle musikere er superbe, alle yder deres bedste og Butterfield svæver over vandene med sin stemme og mundharmonika.
Det som skiller pladen ud fra så meget andet på samme tid er indspilningens tekniske kvalitet og musikernes individuelle præstationer.
Jeg hører pladen en gang eller to om året, og er hver gang lige imponeret.
Guitaristen er en nydelse. I alt for mange rhythm 'n' blues grupper spilles der efter et fast skema, men her er der masser af variation og "huller" i lyden (pauser), så alt ikke er forudsigeligt.
Efter overførsel til CD mediet er pladen kun blevet endnu bedre, så den kan anbefales til alle som holder af elektrisk bluesorienteret musik.
Fem stjerner (ud af fem)!


2CD - STEVIE WONDER's Journey through The Secret Life of Plants
MOTOWN 530 106-2

Disc 1
1. Earth's Creation
2. The first garden
3. Voyage to India
4. Same old story
5. Venus Flytrap and The Bug
6. Ai No, Sono
7. Seasons
8. Power Flower
9. Send one your love (instr.)
10. Race Babbling

Disc 2
1. Send one your love
2. Outside my window
3. Black Orchid
4. Ecclesiastes
5. Kesse Ye Lolo De Ye
6. Come back as a flower
7. A seed's a star / Tree Medley
8. The secret life of plants
9. Tree
10. Finale

Journey through the Secret Life of Plants

Substantial portions of this album are contained in the soundtrack of the motion picture, "The Secret Life of Plants".
Music composed, performed, produced and arranged by Stevie Wonder.



1. Ol' Man Mose
2. My Walking Stick
3. Motherless Child
4. Dipsy Doodle
5. Stormy Weather
6. Golden Gate Gospel Train
7. Job
8. Bedside of a Neighbor
9. Travellin' shoes
10. Lead me on and on
11. Sampson
12. I heard Zion moan
13. What a time
14. Go where I send thee
15. Gabriel blows his horn
16. Rock my soul

1. Preacher and the bear (That ol' time religion)
2. When the saints go marching home
3. Packing up - getting ready to go
4. Noah
5. If I had my way
6. To the rock
7. Take your burdens to God
8. Massa's in the cold, cold ground
9. When they ring them golden bells
10. Hide me in thy bosom
11. Bye and bye little children
12. God Almighty said
13. He said He would calm the ocean
14. 'Way down in Egypt land
15. I'm a pilgrim
16. Cheer the weary traveller

William Langford - First Tenor
Henry Owens - Second Tenor
Willie Johnson - Baritone
Orlandus Wilson - Bas



CD - COUNT BASIE - "April in Paris"

1. April in Paris
2. Corner Pocket
3. Didn't You?
4. Sweetie Cakes
5. Magic
6. Shiny Stockings
7. What am I here for?
8. Midgets
9. Mambo Inn
10. Dinner with friends
11. April in Paris
12. Corner Pocket
13. Didn't You?
14. Magic
15. Magic
16. What am I here for?
17. Midgets

Recorded July 1955 and January 1956
Tracks 11-17 are previously unissued.


CD - COUNT BASIE - "The Atomic Mr. Basie"
E = MC2 = Count Basie Orchestra + Neil Hefti Arrangements
BLUE NOTE 7243 8 28635 2 6

1. The kid from Red Bank
2. Duet
3. After supper
4. Flight of the foo birds
5. Double-O
6. Teddy the toad
7. Whirly-Bird
8. Midnite Blue
9. Splanky
10. Fantail
11. Li'l Darlin'
12. Silks and Satins
13. Sleepwalker's Serenade (alternative take)
14. Sleepwalker's Serenade
15. The late late show
16. The late late show (alternative take)

Tracks 1-11: 1957
Tracks 12,14,16: 1994
Track 13: 1991
Track 15: 1958


CD - JAMES TAYLOR - "Sweet Baby James"

1. Sweet baby James 2:48
2. Lo and behold 2:34
3. Sunny skies 2:15
4. Steamroller 2:55
5. Country road 3:21
6. Oh, Susannah
7. Fire and rain 3:20
8. Blossom 2:10
9. Anywhere like heaven 3:23
10. Oh baby, don't you loose your lip on me 1:45
11. Suite for 20 G 4:45

James Taylor - guitar
Danny Kootch - guitar
Carole King - piano
Russ Kunkel - drums
Randy Meisner - bass
Bobby West - bass
John London - bass
Red Rhodes - steel guitar
Jack Bielan - brass arrangements
Chris Darrown - fiddle

Written and sung by James Taylor
(except "Oh, Susannah" which was written by Stephen Foster)
Produced by Pete Asher for Marylebone Productions, Inc.
Recorded at Sunset Sound, December 1969


CD - TOM WAITS - "Big Time"

*) 1. 16 shells from a thirty-outht-six 4:10
2. Red shoes 4:06
3. Underground 2:20
4. Cold cold ground 3:18
5. Straigth to the top 2:45
*) 6. Yesterday is here 2:57
7. Way down in the hole 4:26
8. Falling down 4:12
9. Strange weather 3:20
*) 10. Big Black Maria 2:41
11. Rain dogs 3:52
12. Train song 2:54
13. Johnsburg, Illinois 1:32
14. Ruby's arms 4:44
*) 15. Telephone call from Istanbul 4:15
16. Clap hands 4:43
17. Gun street girl 4:00
18. Time 4:00

Michael Blair - drums, percussion, brake drums
Ralph Carney - saxes, clarinetts, baritone horn
Greg Cohen - electric bass, basstarda, alto horn
Marc Ribot - guitars, banjo, trumpet
Willie Schwarz - accordion, Hammond organ, sitar, conga

Recorded live in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dublin, Stockholm and Berlin.
All songs recorded live to 24-track and remixed by Biff Dawes, except
     Red Shoes
     Straight to the top
     Big Black Maria
     Ruby's arms
     Clap hands
Recorded and mixed live to cassette by John Oster.

Produced by Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan
*) Recorded and mixed by Biff Dawes at Sunset Sound, LA

Fred Tackett - guitar
Richard Hayward - drums
Larry Taylor - upright bass
Tom Waits - organ and vocals

Tom Waits har sit helt eget univers, som man enten er frastødt eller tiltrukket af.
Der er vist ikke nogen mellemvej.
Ved de første gennemlytninger lyder pladen mystisk, svær og verdensfjern, men efterhånden lukker musik og tekst sig op, jo flere chancer man giver pladen.
Waits og hans musikere (bl.a. Larry Taylor, som tidligere var kendt bl.a. fra Canned Heat på bas) fungerer som en samlet enhed. Der er ingen store stjerner her som flipper ud, alle trækker deres del af læsset og får tilsvarende credit.
I 1960'erne var der en Captain Beefheart på musikscenen, Waits og Beefheart har på mange måder den samme lyd og det samme univers, bl.a. er deres engelske så (bevidst?) dårligt udtalt, at det kan være svært for en ikke-amerikaner at forstå hvad der bliver sagt. Så meget desto større er præstationen, at kunne holde interesse fangen med lyd og arrangement alene.
Men det er hvad han gør, Tom Waits.
CD "Big Time", som tilmed er indspillet live, indeholder variation og nerve hele vejen igennem.
En musikalsk perle for feinschmeckere.



1. Hungry freaks, Daddy 3:27
2. I ain't got no heart 2:30
3. Who are the brain police? 3:22
4. Go cry on somebody else's shoulder 3:31
5. Motherly love 2:45
6. How could I be such a fool 2:12
7. Wowie Zowie 2:45
8. You didn't try to call me 3:17
9. Any way the wind blows 2:52
10. I'm not satisfied 2:37
11. You're probably wondering why I am here 3:37
12. Trouble every day 6:16
13. Help, I'm a rock 8:37
14. The return of the son of Monster Magnet 12:17

All compositions composed and arranged by Frank Zappa
and controlled worldwide by Zappa Music BMI

Frank Zappa - lead guitar
Ray Collins - lead vocalist, harmonica, tambourine, finger cymbals, bobby pin & tweezers
Jim Black - drums (also sings in some foreign language)
Roy Estrada - bass & guitarron; boy soprano
Elliot Ingber - alternate lead & rhythm guitar with clear white light

Produced by Tom Wilson
Pladen oprindelig udgivet 1967

Kort Nyt 2003.Aug.10:
Jazz is not dead - it just smells funny.
Det var musiker, komponist, provokatør, samfundskritiker og-meget-mere Frank Zappa der udstødte denne syrlige kommentar i forbindelse med fremførelsen af nummeret "Be-Bop Tango" i 1974.
Det syrlige var så at sige Zappa's varemærke.
"Mothers of Invention" var gruppen som startede lavinen, og Zappa var hjernen bag.
De slog igennem med nummeret "Help I'm a Rock" i 1967 - hentet fra deres første LP "Freak Out".
Nummeret var, som det meste andet fra samme kant, en syrlig kommentar til samfundet i almindelighed og amerikansk livsstil i særdeleshed.
Gruppen var i København omkring samme tidspunkt.
Kurt og konen var inde og se kamelen.
Suzy Creamcheese, som også gav navn til en af gruppens sange, lå på scenegulvet under hele koncerten, pillede sig både her og der, og så i det hele taget smækfornærmet ud.
Senere blev Suzie og Zappa gift og fik banket et par unger sammen hjemme i Los Anderledes.
Skal man sige det kort - og det er svært med Zappa - kan man sige, at han var en underlig skid. Men også spændende, for han havde altid en pirrende kritisk indgangsvinkel til et hvilket-som-helst emne, det være sig musik, politik, livsstil eller hvad-som-helst. Han formåede at få os til at grine og derefter tænke en ekstra gang....
Som musiker (guitarist) hørte han efter min opfattelse aldrig til de store.
Som komponist af moderne musik fik han efterhånden oparbejdet et vist renommé - fortjent eller ufortjent.
Zappa er først og fremmest blevet en kultfigur i kraft af en bevidst iscenesættelse af sig selv - det siges at han havde sit eget reklamebureau (så glider det hele lidt lettere).
Han endte sine dage dage i forbindelse med en ukompliceret kirurgisk operation, som ikke desto mindre gik galt.
Det kostede forsikringsselskabet en stor erstatning til Suzie og ungerne.
Alting er godt for noget.

Frank Zappa
Zappa i København
Musikalsk analyse


CD - YOUNG FLOWERS - "1968-1969"

1. Ouverture (Peer Frost) Take Warning 4:13
2. The moment life appeared 2:13
3. 25 øre 7:57
4. Oppe i træet 3:15
5. To you 1:49
6. Down along the cove 3:46
7. April '68 8:59
8. You upset me baby (B.B. King) 3:47
9. And who but I should be 5:41
10. Party Beat 4:03
11. Won't you take my place in the queue 5:17
12. Slow down driver 5:26
13. The Daybreak 6:07
14. Kragerne vender 10:37

1-7 oprindelig udgivet på LP "Blomsterpistolen" 1968
8-9 og 11-14 oprindeligt udgivet på LP "Young Flowers No. 2" 1969
10 oprindelig udgivet på LP "Quiet days in Clichy" 1969
Original tegning til Blomsterpistolen: Nicolaj Fenger
Alle titler produceret af Young Flowers og indspillet i Ivar Rosenberg Lydteknik 1968-69


CD - THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE - "Are you experienced"
MCD 11608 111 608-2

1. Foxy lady 3:19
2. Manic depression 3:42
3. Red house 3:42
4. Can you see me 2:33
5. Love or confusion 3:11
6. I don't live today 3:55
7. May this be love 3:11
8. Fire 2:43
9. Third stone from the sun 6:44
10. Remember 2:48
11. Are you experienced? 4:14
12. Hey Joe 3:30
13. Stone free 3:36
14. Purple Haze 2:51
15. 51st anniversary 3:16
16. The wind cries Mary 3:20
17. Highway Chile 3:32

Nummer 12-17 er bonusnumre; var ikke inkluderet på den oprindelige LP fra 1967
(numrene var slet ikke indspillet på dette tidspunkt).

Jimi Hendrix - guitar, vocal
Mitch Mitchell - drums
Noel Redding - bass



1. You don't know 2:24
2. Walk don't run 2:28
3. Medley 5:58
-------------- Living Doll
-------------- A teenager in love
-------------- Only sixteen
-------------- Loveletters in the sand
-------------- Summer Holiday
4. Sweet dreams 2:59
5. (A) Fool such as I 3:10
6. Wooly Bully 2:46
7. Echo Boogie 3:18
8. Danny 2:51
9. Foot tapper 2:35
10. Medley 5:24
-------------- Love me tender
-------------- Young and beautiful
-------------- Can't help falling in love with you

Rudolf Hansen - bas
Steen Hansen - solo guitar
Johnny Reimar - rytmeguitar, solo vokal
Jan Petersen - trommer
----- Rasmussen - keyboards


CD - CLIFF RICHARD and The Drifters - "Cliff"

1. Apron strings
2. My babe
3. Down the line
4. I got a feeling
5. Jet Black (The Drifters)
6. (You're so square) Baby I don't care
7. Donna
8. Move it
9. Ready Teddy
10. Too much
11. Don't bug me baby
12. Driftin' (The Drifters)
13. That'll be the day
14. Be-bop-a-lu-la (The Drifters)
15. Danny (King Creole)
16. Whole lotta shakin' goin' on

Jet Harris - bass
Hank B. Marvin - solo guitar
Bruce Welch - rhythm guitar
Tony Meehan - drums

Recording first published 1959
Digitally remastered 1998


CD - THE SHADOWS - første LP (1959)
EMI CDP 7 95732 2

The Shadows
1. Shadoogie
2. Blue Star
3. Nivram
4. Baby my heart
5. See you in my drums
6. All my sorrows
7. Stand up and say that!
8. Gonzales
9. Find me a golden street
10. Theme from A Filleted Place
11. That's my desire
12. My resistance is low
13. Sleepwalk
14. Big

Hank B. Marvin - solo guitar
Bruce Welch - rhythm guitar
Jet Harris - bass guitar
Tony Meehan - drums

Out of The Shadows (The Shadows anden LP, udsendt ca. 1960)
15. The Rumble
16. The Bandit
17. Cosy
18. 1861
19. Perfidia
20. Little "B"
21. Bo Diddley
22. South of the border
23. Spring is nearly here
24. Are they all like you?
25. Tales of a raggy tramline
26. Some are lonely
27. Kinda Cool

Hank B. Marvin - solo guitar
Bruce Welch - rhythm guitar
Brian "Licorice" Locking - electric bass
Brian Bennett - drums


CD - THE SHADOWS - "Wonderful Shadows"
1. Apache 2:56
2. Shadoogie 2:24
3. Man of Mystery 2:02
4. The Stranger 2:42
5. F.B.I. 2:20
6. Midnight 2:31
7. Frightened City 2:23
8. Kon-Tiki 1:55
9. The Savage 2:23
10. Peace Pipe 2:14
11. Nivram 3:21
12. Wonderful Land 2:03
13. Guitar Tango 3:00
14. Dance On 2:23
15. The Boys 2:33
16. Stars fell on Stockton 2:18
17. Foot Tapper 2:35
18. Atlantis 2:47
19. Shindig 2:19
20. Theme for young lovers 2:39
21. The rise and fall of Flingel Bunt 2:45
22. Don't cry for me Argentina 3:37
23. Theme from The Deer Hunter 3:27
24. Let me be the one 2:51



1. Django
2. One Bass Hit (recorded Dec.23, 1954)
3. La Ronde Suite (recorded January 9, 1955)
4. The Queen's Fancy
5. Delaunay's Dilemma (recorded June 25, 1953)
6. Autumn in New York (recorded June 25, 1953)
7. But not for me
8. Milano

John Lewis - Piano
Percy Heath - Bass
Kenny Clarke - Drums
Milt Jackson - Vibraphone


Blue Note (a registered trademark of Capitol Records) STEREO 29905

1. Hot Rod (Reuben Williams) 6:25
2. I'm gonna make you love me (J.Rose - K.Gamble) 5:29
3. I say a little prayer (B.Bacharach - H.David) 8:08
4. Love Bug (Reuben Williams) 8:08
5. Stormy (B.Buie - J.Cobb) 5:43
6. Back Out (Reuben Williams) 8:10
7. Hold on, I'm comin' (I.Hayes, Jr. - D.Porter) 7:57

Recorded March 21, 1969 (#1-6)
and October 31, 1969 (#7)
at the Van Gelder Studio, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Lee Morgan - trumpet
George Coleman - tenor saxophone
Grant Green - guitar
Reuben Wilson - organ
Jimmy Lewis - electric bass (#7)
(Reuben Wilson spiller orgel fodbas på 1-6)
Idris Muhammed (Leo Morris) - drums

Reuben Wilson spiller orgel - og det gør han godt.
Når man så sætter ham sammen med Grant Green på guitar, så skal det jo gå godt.
Stilen er funky, blues & jazz, men ingen af kategorierne er dækkende.
De medvirkende musikere er alle så dygtige, at det egentlig også er ligegyldigt, hvad man kalder det.
En nydelse er det under alle omstændigheder.


CD - GRANT GREEN - "Live at The Lighthouse"
Blue Note (a registered trademark of Capitol Records) CDP 93381

1. Introduction by Hank Stewart (2:30)
2. Windjammer (12:15)
3. Betcha By Golly Wow (7:40)
4. Fancy Free (14:44)
5. Flood in Franklin Park (15:00)
6. Jan Jan (12:18)
7. Walk in the night (6:37)

Grant Green - guitar
Claude Bartee - soprano & tenor sax
Gary Coleman - vibes
Shelton Laster - organ (Hammond B3)
Wilton Felder - electric bass (Fender)
Greg Williams - drums
Bobbye Porter Hall - congas, percussion

Produced by George Butler

Recorded live at The Lighthouse
Hermosa Beach, California, April 21, 1972

Sikke et drøn der er på disse numre!
Indspillet live viser de Grant Green og hans faste stab af musikere spille improviseret og frit, mens publikum deltager i løjerne.
Stilen ligger et sted mellem jazz, funk og blues - der er ingredienser af det hele, men i alle numrene får en eller flere musikerne igennem flere kor lov at fyre soloer af, så man får et klart indtryk af hver enkelts potentiale - især er Green på guitar og Shelton Laster på orgel formidable.
Indspilleteknisk er lyden fin, bas, trommer og alting står hvor de skal stå.
En fremragende plade.


CD - GRANT GREEN - "The best of Grant Breen, Vol. II"
Blue Note (a registered trademark of Capitol Records) CDP 7243 8 37741 2 8

1. Back Out (6:15)
Recorded March 21, 1969
Originally issued on Reuben Wilson's LOVE BUG (Blue Note BST 84317)

2. Cease the bombing (8:50)
Recorded October 3, 1969
Originally issued on CARRYIN' ON (Blue Note BST 84299)

3. Ain't it funky now (9:57)
Recorded January 30, 1970
Originally issued on GREEN IS BEAUTIFUL (Blue Note BST 84342)

4. Sookie, Sookie (11:00)
Recorded August 15, 1970
Originally issued on ALIVE! (Blue Note BST 84360)

5. Cantaloupe Woman (5:32)
Recorded May 21, 1971
Originally issued on VISIONS (Blue Note BST 84373)

6. California Green (6:24)
Recorded November 23, 1971
Originally issued on SHADES OF GREEN (Blue Note BST 84413)

7. The final comedown (3:27)
Recorded December 13, 1971
Originally issued on THE FINAL COMEDOWN (Blue Note BST 84415)

8. Windjammer (12:26)
Recorded April 21, 1972
Originally issued on LIVE AT THE LIGHTHOUSE (Blue Note BNLA-037)

Grant Green's bedste indeholder bl.a. nummeret "Back Out" (6:15), skrevet (og spillet) af Reuben Wilson.
På den oprindelige plade med Reuben Wilson varer nummeret 8:10, men ved nærmere lytning viser det sig, at det er korene med blæsersoloer som er fjernet på Green's udgave.
Ellers er pladen en fin samling af Green's de bedste - og det siger noget.


CD - JIMMY SMITH - "Dot Com Blues" - BLUE THUMB RECORDS 543 978-2

          1. Only in it for the money (Mac Rebennack) 4:32
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          Dr. John - vocal, piano
          John Porter - guitar
          Reggie McBride - bass guitar
          Harvey Mason - drums
          Lenny Castro - percussion
          Darrell Leonard - horn arrangements, trumpet, flugelhorn
          Herman Riley - tenor sax
          Joe Sublet - tenor sax
          George Bohanon - trombone, bass trombone
          Maurice Spears - trombone, bass trombone
          Oscar Brashear - trumpet, flugelhorn
          Leslie Drayton - trumpet, flugelhorn

          2. 8 counts for Rita (Jimmy Smith) 3:39
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          Russel Malone - guitar
          Reggie McBride - bass guitar
          Harvey Mason - drums
          Lenny Castro - percussion

          3. Strut (Taj Mahal) 5:03
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          Taj Mahal - vocal, guitar
          Russel Malone - guitar
          Reggie McBride - bass guitar
          Harvey Mason - drums
          Lenny Castro - percussion

          4. CC Rider (trad. / arr. by Jimmy Smith) 7:08
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          Russel Malone - guitar
          Reggie McBride - bass guitar
          Harvey Mason - drums

          5. I just wanna make love to you (Willie Dixon) 3:54
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          Etta James - lead vocal
          John Porter - guitar
          Phil Upchurch - guitar
          Dr. John - Wurlitzer electric piano
          Reggie McBride - bass guitar
          Harvey Mason - drums
          Lenny Castro - percussion
          "Sweet Pea" Atkinson - vocals
          Sir Harry Bowens - vocals
          Darrell Leonard - horn arrangements, trumpet, flugelhorn
          Herman Riley - tenor sax
          Joe Sublet - tenor sax
          George Bohanon - trombone, bass trombone
          Maurice Spears - trombone, bass trombone
          Oscar Brashear - trumpet, flugelhorn
          Leslie Drayton - trumpet, flugelhorn

          6. Mood Indigo (Ellington, Bigard & Mills) 8:46
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          Russel Malone - guitar
          John Clayton - acoustic bass
          Harvey Mason - drums

          7. Over and Over (Keb' Mo') 5:52
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          Keb' Mo' - lead vocal, guitar
          Phil Upchurch - guitar
          John Cleary - Wurlitzer electric piano
          Reggie McBride - bass guitar
          Harvey Mason - drums
          Lenny Castro - percussion
          "Sweet Pea" Atkinson - vocals
          Sir Harry Bowens - vocals
          Darrell Leonard - horn arrangements, trumpet, flugelhorn
          Joe Sublet - tenor sax
          George Bohanon - trombone, bass trombone
          Maurice Spears - trombone, bass trombone
          Oscar Brashear - trumpet, flugelhorn
          Leslie Drayton - trumpet, flugelhorn

          8. Three O'clock Blues (Riley B. King & Jules Bihari) 4:32
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          B.B. King - vocal, guitar
          Neil Hubbard - guitar
          John Porter - guitar
          Chris Stainton - piano
          Pino Palladino - bass guitar
          Andy Newark - drums

          9. Dot Com Blues (Jimmy Smith) 5:28
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          Russel Malone - guitar
          Reggie McBride - bass guitar
          Harvey Mason - drums

          10. Mr. Johnson (Jimmy Smith & Mac Rebennack) 5:47
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          John Porter - guitar
          Phil Upchurch - guitar
          Dr. John - piano
          Darrell Leonard - flugelhorn
          Herman Riley - tenor sax
          Joe Sublet - tenor sax
          Reggie McBride - bass guitar
          Harvey Mason - drums
          Lenny Castro - percussion

          11. Tuition Blues (Jimmy Smith) 5:51
          Jimmy Smith - organ
          Russel Malone - guitar
          Reggie McBride - bass guitar
          Harvey Mason - drums

          Produced by John Porter
          Engineer - Rik Pekkonen
          Executive producer - Ron Goldstein
          Recorded Feb.1-2, March 25, April 24-25 and June 5 2000
          at Cello Recording, Los Angeles, CA

Emne: Jimmy Smith
Navn: Kurt Starlit
Dato: 27-09-2001 17:33

Organisten Jimmy Smith er et af de navne som alle med en smule interesse for elektriske orgler i det mindste har hørt om. For mit eget vedkommende kender jeg kun meget lidt til mr. Smith, så da jeg forleden dag i en af ACCORD's butikker fik øje på en CD med JS, tænkte jeg at dette måske var anledningen til at afprøve ham.
CD'en er indspillet i 1995, d.v.s. den er digital hele vejen igennem (DDD).

De vigtigste musikere på pladen er
Jimmy Smith - orgel
Russel Malone - guitar
Reggie McBride - basguitar
Harvey Mason - trommer

Guitaristen Russel Malone spiller veloplagt og forrygende godt hele vejen igennem, ofte spiller han det uventede, hvilket er med til at løfte numrene og give dem karakter. Han bruger tilsyneladende ingen effekter, det lyder som en Telcaster direkte ind i dyret og så færdig.
Han har klasse, den mand, så meget er sikkert.
Jimmy Smith himself kan få det til at swinge når han tøffer afsted på Hammond B3, som rent lydligt imponerer. Han skaber stemning og atmosfære med dette orgel, men er givetvis heller ikke kommet sovende til sin position, selvom jeg nok synes at en del fraseringer gentages lovlig tit, men sådan skal bluesformen jo være. Men en gedigen organist er han, den ros skal han have.
Harvey Mason husker jeg fra 80'erne, hvor han spillede på mange af de direkte skårne LP'er med musikere som Dave Grusin (klaver) og Lee Ritenour (guitar).
Der er en del gæstemusikere med på pladen, f.eks. Dr. John (Mac Rebennack) på klaver og B.B. King. De fleste gæster synger en sang, hvilket altsammen er med til at gøre CD'en meget varieret, uden man dog glemmer hvem der er hovedpersonen.

Jeg har indtil nu hørt CD'en otte gange uden at blive træt, og stadig er det mr. Malone's guitarspil der står som det mest spændende, det mest originale.
Det er en CD jeg ofte vil vende tilbage til, så fuld af stemning, atmosfære og variation som den er.


CD - GEORGE MICHAEL - "Songs from the last century"

1. Brother can you spare a dime
2. Roxanne
3. You've changed
4. My baby just cares for me
5. The first time I ever saw your face
6. Miss Sarajevo
7. I remember you
8. Secret love
9. Wild is the wind
10. Where or when

Rob Mathes & Rob Mounsey - piano
Lewis Nash & Shawn Pelton - drums
David Finck - acoustic bass
Jeff Mironov - guitar

Produced by Phil Ramone & George Michael
Recorded an mixed by Frank Filepetti at Right Track Studios NYC

Ovenpå alle de rædsomme historier man hører om George Michael både her og der og allevegne, kan jeg alligevel ikke lade være med at synes, at han må være en sympatisk person.
Hvordan skulle han ellers kunne frembringe så sympatisk musik.
Der er egentlig ingen grund til at fremhæve enkelte numre frem for andre, for de har allesammen i den grad klasse og personlighed, at det ville være uretfærdigt overfor de forbigåede.
Alligevel har jeg selvfølgelig et par favoritter: "I remember You" hvor akkompagnementet udelukkende er en harpe, som tilmed er spillet uforskammet godt af Corky Hale, og "Secret Love" hvor der intelligent og medrivende swinges derudad sammen med et big-band .
UG med kryds og slange!

Hardtalk interview (her bli'r der gået til makronerne)


CD - BRYAN FERRY - "As time goes by"

1. As time goes by
2. The way you look tonight
3. Easy living
4. I'm in the mood for love
5. Where or when
6. When somebody thinks you're wonderful
7. Sweet and lovely
8. Miss Otis regrets
9. Time on my hands
10. Lover come back to me
11. Falling in love again
12. Love me or leave me
13. You do something to me
14. Just one of those things
15. September song

Recorded and mixed at Lansdowne Studios, London

Bryan Ferry har altid haft en underlig ubrugelig stemme.
At nogen har kunnet se en sanger i ham, er mere end jeg forstår - forstod.
For her på et af sine solo-projekter bliver den svage stemme et plus - han udnytter sin "hullede" frasering til at gøre numrene anderledes og varierede. Og ofte meget bedre.
Ligesom George Michael viser poppedrengen at han kan jazze og swinge - og det gør han godt.
Musikerne er særdeles kompetente og de valgte numre er for størsteparten kendte travere.
Flere af de ikke-jazzede numre er efter mine begreber lige lovlig stillestående, men Ferry har vel haft sine grunde...
For jazznumrene alene er pladen sin pris værd.
Swing it, mr. Ferry!

As time goes by


CD - SCOTT HAMILTON - "Race point"
Concord Records

1. Groove yard
2. Chelsea Bridge
3. Race point
4. Close enough for love
5. Oh, look at me now
6. Alone together
7. I've just seen her
8. Limehouse blues
9. You're my thrill
10. You say you care
11. The song is you

Recorded at Sage & Sound, Hollywood, CA
September 18, 1991


CD - SCOTT HAMILTON - "East of the sun"
Concord Records

1. Autumn leaves
2. Stardust
3. It could happen to you
4. It never entered my mind
5. Bernie's tune
6. East of the sun (and west of the moon)
7. Time after time
8. Setagaya Serenade
9. That's all
10. All the things you are
11. Indiana

Recorded at Lansdowne Recording Studios Ltd., London, England
August 31, 1993


CD - LOUIS PRIMA - "Jump, Jive an' Wail"
Original CAPOTOL recordings
Licensed from EMI Records

1. Jump, jive an' wail
2. Medley: Just a giggolo / I ain't got nobody
3. Oh, Marie
4. (I'll be glad when you're dead) You rascal you
5. Buona sera
6. I've got the world on a string
7. Pennies from heaven
8. Medley (live): Angelina / Zooma zooma
9. Medley (live): Don't worry 'bout me / I'm in the mood for love
10. Medley (live): Them there eyes / Honey suckle rose
11. Gotta see baby tonight
12. Fee, Fie, Foo
13. Nothing's too good for my baby
14. 5 months, 2 weeks, 2 days
15. Banana split for my baby
16. The pump song (How can you tell the depth of a well)


intet plademærke (privat udgivelse)

1. Ain't misbehavin' (F. Waller) 5:40
2. Cute (N.Hefti, S.Styne) 4:50
3. My one and only love (G. Wood) 7:58
4. Broadway (Henderson, Brown) 4:30
5. Inges vals (Inge Andersen) 3:32
6. Skt. Thomas (S. Rollins) 4:45
7. Lonely love, hello (Inge Andersen) 6:26
8. Lady be good (G. Gershwin) 4:12
9. Her og nu (Inge Andersen) 5:37

Emne: Inge Andersen's Swingtet
Navn: Kurt Starlit
Dato: 15-02-2001 06:52

Inge Andersen's Swingtet har udsendt sin første CD, som er en kærkommen gave til alle, der holder af swingende jazz.
CD'en er en af den slags der bliver bedre for hvert gennemhør, især synes jeg, at det noget tilbagetrukne klaver vokser efterhånden som man får lyttet sig ind på pladen.

Swingtetten lever op til sit navn, det swinger efter bogen, mens man i enkelte numre har valgt andre at rytmer for at demonstrere gruppens alsidighed.

Forsiden af omslaget (coveret) bryder jeg mig ikke om, bagsiden ej heller: en mere eller mindre ligegyldig sydhavsø med sandstrand og palmer. Da CD'en antagelig skal bruges som visitkort rundt omkring på spillestederne, synes jeg at man skulle have valgt nogle fotos af gruppen, f.eks. et stort flot forsidebillede, og så nogle mere detaljerede på bagsiden, som går tættere på den enkelte musiker.

Inge Andersen's klaverstil er den økonomiske med mange "huller i lyden" - det giver plads til medspillerne. Det er på sin vis også godt nok, men bagsiden af medaljen er, at lovlig meget initiativ overlades til saxofonisten. Jeg vil foreslå at klaveret træder noget mere frem på fremtidige optagelser, såvel styrkemæssigt som improvisatorisk. Måske var det en ide til kommende CD'er, ligefrem at indspille et par numre uden saxofon? Don't get me wrong, mr. Stuart spiller fremragende og er en fornøjelse at lytte til, men for at få mere balance (og modspil) tror jeg det vil være til alles bedste, at klaveret spiller en mere fremtrædende rolle.

Rent indspilningsteknisk har CD'en klar og gennesigtig lyd. Balancen mellem instrumenterne er et emne som kan diskuteres herfra og til Albertslund, men for undertegnede forekom saxofonen som sagt en smule for langt fremme (trænger sig lige lovlig meget på) og klaveret en smule for langt tilbage. Denne type balance er hørt mange gange før, så den kan sagtens forsvares, men personligt foretrækker jeg altså styrkeforholdet noget anderledes.
Bassen er til gengæld helt perfekt, man hører både anslaget og klasket og de andre bilyde som gør kontrabassen til et meget mere alsidigt instrument end den vist i almindelighed regnes for.
Trommerne er også fine, der er ikke meget at klage over her, fin lyd, der bakkes loyalt op hele vejen igennem, ligesom trommesoloerne tydeligvis er holdt indenfor det afmålte musikalske spillerum. Den type soloer, hvor alt går i stå og trommeslageren krænger tarmsystemet ud i flere minutter, er en pine og en plage. Det er vi heldigvis fri for her.

Det eneste der ville kunne løfte denne indspilning markant, er at den var indspillet LIVE.
Så ville den til gengæld være en klassiker!

Inge Andersen - piano
Niels "Flipper" Stuart - saxofon
Morten Ravn - bas
Martin Roy Wade - trommer


CD'ens numre:

Indledningsnummeret viser swingtetten fra sin bedste side: swingende og med plads til improvisationer fra Niels "Flipper" Stuart, som spiller en formidabel sax med savl og snot og det hele, mens Inge spiller mere økonomisk.

Vi swinger videre på en anden gammel kending med et par små intelligente trommesoloer fra Martin Roy Wade.
Saxofonen er vist en smule overstyret (for tæt på mikrofonen?) hist og her, men instrumentets lyd og feeling er ellers hele vejen igennem CD'en meget rosværdig, fordi den på een gang er lækker og ukrukket og dog har de kanter og hjørner der gør den spændende.
Rent teknisk slutter optagelsen for brat, efterklangen fra afslutningsakkorden burde have haft et par sekunder mere - men det er en detalje.

Et af de mere stille numre, hvor jeg især bemærkede bassens fine lyd og spil. Sax'en er (som sædvanlig) superb.

Kvikt og swingende standardnummer, som gruppen virkelig behersker. En fornøjelse at lytte til, Inge gi'r den en på pedalen her.

Et af Inge's egne numre og CD'ens bedste, sjælfuldt og fordi man kan høre (bilder jeg mig ind) at Inge trives med den type stemning som nummeret bygger op. I det hele taget hører man i dette nummer mere til klaveret end i mange af de øvrige. Vals behøver ikke være kedeligt eller gammeldags, når det gøres som her.

Latinamerikansk stemning i dette rytmiske nummer fra de varme lande med en fin trommesolo af Wade. Der bygges igennem nummeret op til en formidabel og vild slutning. Det er sgu guf detteher.

Et af Inge's egne numre i fire-fjerdedele af den bløde, eftertænksomme slags. Her står klaveret hvor det skal stå, både i kvalitet og kvantitet, også saxofonen er tæt på det ideelle. Efter et kort skift til swing, vendes der tilbage til 4/4 afslutning.
Et godt nummer.

Jamen det swinger, fru Kammerherrinde, bassisten kommer hist og her ind og slår nogle frække prut, og er iøvrigt hele vejen igennem pladen meget fin. Den står hvor den skal stå, den bas.

Der huserer en let depressiv efterårsstemning i CD'ens afslutningsnummer, som er skrevet af Inge Andersen. I medium 4/4 takt sukker det afsted. Hvem der spiller tværfløjten oplyser coveret ikke noget om, men det må vel være Niels "Flipper" Stuart, eftersom sax'en er det eneste instrument som mangler på denne indspilning. Nummeret er nok det, som jeg synes mindst om, måske fordi det indimellem bliver lovlig sødladent og nuttet, først og fremmest p.g.a. fløjten. Inge's solo midt i nummeret redder heldigvis æren, så det ikke bliver helt kvalmt, men alligevel: som afslutningsnummer havde det foregående været bedre valgt. Vi er ovre i småtingsafdelingen nu, men der er en stol (eller hvad det er) som knager sidst i nummeret - er musikerne allerede på vej hjem...(?)...det burde kunne have været undgået.


(Inge Andersen, 17-02-2001 11:42)
Kære Kurt!
Tak for din flotte anmeldelse af min CD. Det er sørme lige før jeg rødmer. Du spørger et andet sted om det er rigtig at jeg kommer i Radio Jazz. Og jo, det ER altså rigtig. Det sker på mandag d. 19/2 i Egon Stanioks program. Håber vi høres ved.
Mange hilsner


(Kurt Starlit, 19-05-2001 17:13)
Netop hjemkommet fra et besøg på Long John Bodega på Købmagergade, hvor Inge Andersen's Swingtet spillede, vil jeg bare sige at Inge og hendes musikere er endnu bedre i virkeligheden end på CD'en.

Besætningen var den samme som på CD'en, bortset fra bassisten som hed noget i retning af Morten Ankerfeldt (correct me if I'm wrong).

Der var et veloplagt publikum til stede, som forstod at værdsætte de forskellige musikeres soloer. Det var mit indtryk at en del af gæsterne kendte Inge fra tidligere lejligheder, og som med deres medleven forstod at skabe en atmosfære af levende musikinteresse. Her havde bajerne ihvertfald ikke første prioritet, især må jeg rose min sidemand Erik P., som udover at have formidlet kontakten til stedet, også vidste en forfærdelig masse om jazz i almindelighed og swingtetten i særdeleshed.

Mine tidligere forbehold over for Inge's tilbagetrukne spil, er jeg glad for at kunne sige ikke holder stik i livesituationen, hvor hun meget kvalificeret gav Flipper (Niels Stuart ) det modspil som jeg tidligere har efterlyst. Og Stuart himself på tenorsaxofon og tværfløjte viste en klasse, hvor man fristes til at sige, at Danmark er for lille et land til folk af hans kaliber. Flot, flot.

Det var tydeligt at se på de vantro ansigter, som stak snuden ind fra gaden, at de næsten ikke troede deres egne ører: musik af denne klasse på et så beskedent sted. Men faktisk passer swingtetten godt til stedet med sin intime atmosfære, hvor man både kan snakke og lytte.

Hvis der bliver flere lørdag eftermiddage, hvor vi kan nyde jazz af den kaliber, er det ikke sidste gang jeg har sat mine fusser derinde.

We'll meet again!


CD - DAVE GRUSIN presents West Side Story
EDEL Records 43062 ERE

Music by Leonard Bernstein
Words by Stephen Sondheim
Produced by Phil Ramone

1. Prologue 5:01
Arranged by Don Sebesky and Dave Grusin
Trumpet solo - Arturo Sandoval
Soprano Sax solo - Bill Evans
Drum solos - Dave Wecki

2. Something's Coming 5:34
Arranged by Don Sebesky and Dave Grusin
Tenor Sax solo - Michael Brecker

3. The Jet Song 7:42
Arranged by Michael Abene and Dave Grusin
Baritone Sax solo - Ronnie Cuber
Piccolo solo - Geoge Young
Piano solo - Dave Grusin

4. Maria 4:24
featuring Jonathan Butler
Arranged by Dave Grusin

5. Cool 4:48
Arranged by Tom Scott and Dave Grusin
Guitar solo - Lee Ritenour
Acoustic Bass solo - John Patitucci

6. Tonight 4:05
featuring Gloria Estafan
Arranged by Dave Grusin
Tenor Sax solo - Michael Brecker
Acoustic Guitar - Lee Ritenour

7. I feel pretty 5:16
Arranged by Dave Grusin
Solo Flute - Dave Valentin

8. One hand, One heart 4:30
Arranged by Dave Grusin
Piano solo - Dave Grusin

9. Somewhere 4:26
featuring Jon Secada
Arranged by Dave Grusin
Soprano Sax - Bill Evans

10. America 8:20
Arranged by Michael Abene and Dave Grusin
Soprano Sax solo - Bill Evans
Trumpet solo - Arturo Sandoval
Background vocals - Diva Gray, Darryl Tokes, Kevin DiSimone, Jill Dell'Abate,
Hilary James, Karen Kamon, Joshua Tyler Crookham, Guy Finley and Michael LaMorte

Dave Grusin


CD - THE SYD LAWRENCE ORCHESTRA - "Remembers Glenn Miller"
- SPECTRUM MUSIC (a PolyGram company)

1. In the mood (Razaf/Garland)
2. Pennsylvania 6500 (Gary/Sigman)
3. American Patrol (trad. arr. Gray)
4. Tuxedo Junction (Fayne/Hawkins/Johnson/Dash)
5. Serenade in Blue (Warren/Gordon) (vocal Kevin Kent)
6. Perfidia (Dominguez/Cugart/Heagney)
7. Stardust (Carmichael/Parish)
8. Moonlight Serenade (Miller/Parish)
9. I've got a gal in Kalamazoo (Warren/Gordon) (vocal Kevin Kent & The Skylarks)
10. Little brown jug (Eastbourne/Miller)
11. St. Louis Blues (Handy)
12. Chattanooga Choo Choo (Warren/Gordon)
13. Falling Leave (Carle/David)
14. Frenesi (Dominguez)


CD - TOMMY SEEBACH - "Succes'er" - EMI

1. Hip hurra - det' min fødselsdag (Seebach / Heick)
2. Krøller eller ej (Seebach / Heick)
3. Andeby (Seebach / Bente Winther)
4. Lucky guy (T. & J. Lundgreen)
5. Disco tango (Seebach / Heick)
6. Du' det dejligste (Seebach / Ivan Pedersen)
7. I'm in love (Seebach / J. Roger - T. Seebach)
8. Morgen (Seebach / Heick)
9. Pyjamas for to (Seebach / Heick)
10. Ta' mig med (Seebach / Bente Winther)


CD - TAUBE I VÅRA HJÄRTAN - Diverse kunstnere

1. Calle Schewens vals
2. Vals i Furusund
3. Änglamark
4. Vals i gökottan
5. Brudvals
6. Dansen på Sunnanö
7. Inbjudan til Bohuslän
8. Sjölala vals
9. Vals på Ängön
10. Maj på Malö
11. Här Rose-Marie, syns blåa Nämndöfjärden
12. Så skimrande var aldrig havet
13. Kom i min famn (Sommarnatt)
14. Fritiof i Arkadien
15. Min älskling (du er som en ros)
16. Karl Alfred och Ellinor
17. Här är den sköna sommar
18. Västanvind
19. Himlajord
20. Brevet från Lillan


CD - OTTO BRANDENBURG - "Susanne, Birgitte & Hanne - alle de bedste"

1. To lys på et bord (Bjarne Hoyer - Ida From)
2. What do you want to make those eyes at me for (Joe McCarthy - H.Johnson - J.V.Monaco)
3. Sukiyaki (Nakamura Hachidai - Allan Honde)
4. Natten drog forbi (B. Kaempfert - A. Arfman)
5. Susanne, Birgitte og Hanne (Sven Gyldmark - Erik Leth)
6. Sytten Ti (Roger Miller - Peter Mynte)
7. Ballin' the Jack (Jim Burris - Chris Smith)
8. Åh hvilken dag (Oh happy day) (Edwin R. Hawkins - Keld Heick)
9. To kammerater (Morse - Madden - V. Skaarup)
10. Når en sailor går i land (Sven Gyldmark - Erik Leth)
11. Dagdrøm (Daydream) (J. Sebastian - Volmer Sørensen)
12. Seventeen (J.F.Young - C.Gorman - B.Bennett)
13. På en sommerdag (In the summertime) (R.Dorset - P.Spar)
14. En U-båd der er gul (Yellow submarine) (Lennon/McCartney - Th. Olesen)
15. Du lille fisker (Otto Francker)
16. My my, how the times go by (Shelley - Kaye)


2CD - PETER BELLI - "Ulven Peter"

1. Ulven Peter (Lil' Red Riding Hood)
2. Helt igennem respektabel (A well respected man)
3. Hvis jeg var arbejdsløs (If I were a carpenter)
4. Ob-la-di Ob-la-da
5. I avisen (In the papers)
6. Kom med mig (Go with me)
7. Sylvia's mor (Sylvia's mother)
8. Hold jer fra Lone (Weeping Annaleah)
9. Bungalow Bill
10. Bliv væk fra vort kvarter (Ode to the little brown shack out back)
11. Jeg er din dengse i nat (I'll be your baby tonight)
12. Tapre Bjørn (Running Bear)
13. Det du ka' li' (Hey Gyp)
14. Roll over Beatles
15. Should I ever love again
16. Move on
17. The girl that stood beside me
18. Go now

1. Kære gamle tog (I've got a thing about trains)
2. Peter Belli og Søn
3. Hun (She)
4. Istedgade (Copacabana)
5. Vogn 67 (Car 67)
6. September morgen
7. Ingen regning (No charge)
8. Kejserens soldater (Song for the children)
9. Holbæk
10. En at bli' som (Handle with care) (Hobo Expressen: Nanna, Belli, Billy Cross, Johnny Madsen)
11. For enden af regnbuen
12. To til en vals
13. København (fra en DC-9)
14. Den første nat (Hey, won't you play another somebody-done-somebody-wrong song)
15. Det bli'r aldrig som det var i gamle dage
16. Rock 'n' roll, jeg gav dig mine allerbedste år (Rock 'n' roll, I gave you the best years of my life)


CD - ACKER BILK - "Songbook"

1. Justs when I needed you most
2. I want to know what love is
3. I just called to say I love you
4. Longfellow Serenade
5. Truly
6. One hundrede ways
7. Still
8. Always on my mind
9. Memory
10. Ships
11. Arthur's Theme
12. Do that to me one more time
13. This masquerade
14. Stuck on you
15. If ever you're in my arms again
16. Could I have this dance
17. To all the girls I've loved before
18. Three times a lady
19. Hello
20. Just once


CD - GEORGE BENSON - "Give me the night"
- WB RECORDS 7599-27406-2

1. Love x Love
2. Off Broadway
3. Moody's mood
4. Give me the night
5. What's on your mind
6. Dinorah, Dinorah
7. Love Dance
8. Star of a story (X)
9. Midnight love affair
10. Turn out the lamplight


CD 53116

1. Barney's Blues
2. Li'l Darlin'
3. Doodlin'
4. Easy like
5. Misty
6. Salute to Charlie Christian
7. Jeepers Creepers
8. This here
9. Sugar Blues
10. Sweet Sue
11. My old flame
12. The blessing
13. Little Susie
14. North of the border
15. Seven come eleven


CD - JACK BRUCE "The Collection"

1. Tales of brave Ulysses
3. White Room
4. Politician
5. As you said
6. Never tell your mother she's out of tune
7. Theme for an imaginary western
8. Tickets to waterfalls
9. Spoonful
10. Weird of Hermiston
11. Rope ladder to the moon
12. He the Richmond
13. The clearout
14. I feel free
15. Folk song
16. Golden days
17. Running through our hands
18. Keep it down
19. Keep on wondering
20. Sunshine of your love


CD - JACK BRUCE - "Songs for a Tailor" (1969)

1. Never tell your mother she's out of tune 3:39
Jack Bruce - vocals, piano, bass
L'Angelo Misterioso - guitar
Harry Beckett & Henry Lather - trumpets
Dick Heckstall-Smith & Art Themen - tenor & soprano saxes
Jon Hiseman - drums

2. Theme for an imaginary western 3:27
Jack Bruce - vocals, piano, organ, bass
Chris Spedding - guitar
Jon Hiseman - drums

3. Tickets to water falls 2:59
Jack Bruce - vocals, piano, organ, bass Chris Spedding - guitar
Jon Hiseman - drums

4. Weird of Hermiston 2:20
Jack Bruce - vocals, piano, organ, bass
Chris Spedding - guitar
Jon Hiseman - drums

5. Rope ladder to the moon 2:51
Jack Bruce - vocals, cellos, guitar, piano, bass
John Marshall - drums
Felix Pappalardi - vocals

6. The Ministry of Bag 2:47
Jack Bruce - vocals, piano, bass
Chris Spedding - guitar
Harry Beckett & Henry Lather - trumpets
Dick Heckstall-Smith & Art Themen - tenor saxes
Jon Hiseman - drums

7. He the Richmond 3:34
Jack Bruce - vocals, guitar, bass
John Marshall - drums
Felix Pappalardi - percussion

8. Boston Ball Game, 1967 1:44
Jack Bruce - vocals, piano, bass
Harry Beckett & Henry Lather - trumpets
Dick Heckstall-Smith & Art Themen - tenor saxes
Jon Hiseman - drums
John Mumford - trombone

9. To Isengard 5:28
Jack Bruce - vocals, guitar, bass
Felix Pappalardi - vocals, guitar
Chris Spedding - guitar
Jon Hiseman - drums

10. The Clearout 2:36
Jack Bruce - vocals, piano, organ, bass
Chris Spedding - guitar
Jon Hiseman - drums

Music composed and arranged by Jack Bruce
Words by Pete Brown
Engineered by Andrew Johns
Produced by Felix Pappalardi
by arrangement with the Robert Stigwood Organization, Ltd.


CD - BENNY CARTER "These foolish things"
- GRF 087

1. Blue interlude
2. How come you do me like you do?
3. Once upon a time
4. Devil's holiday
5. Lonesome nights
6. Shoot the works
7. Dream lullaby
8. Blue Lou
9. Krazy Kapers
10. Somphony in riffs
11. I never knew
12. Music at sunrise
13. Firebird
14. Everybody shuffle
15. Synthetic love
16. Swingin' at Maida Vale
17. These foolish things
18. When day is done
19. I've got two lips
20. Swingin' the blues
21. Just a mood
22. Ben Ben Blues
23. Nightfall


CD - LIONEL HAMPTON "Muscrat Ramble"
- GRF 090

1. Muscrat Ramble
2. Fiddle Diddle
3. Shoe shiner's drag
4. Johnny get your horn and blow it
5. Sweethearts on parade
6. Stand by! for further announcements (and more good news)
7. Ain't cha comin' home
8. Denison swing
9. The Jumpin' Five
10. 12'th Street Rag
11. Downhome Jump
12. Any time at all
13. Wizzin' the wizz
14. If it's good (then I want it)
15. Shufflin' at The Hollywood
16. Don't be that way
17. I'm in the mood for swing
18. Big Wig in the Wigwam
19. I can give you love
20. It don't mean a thing (if you ain't got that swing)
21. High Society
22. Rock Hill Special
23. Memories of you


- GRF 082

1. Saturday night fish fry
2. Rosetta (m. Alan Price)
3. Yeh Yeh
4. Lean on me
5. The ballad of Bonnie and Clyde
6. That old rock 'n' roll
7. Bring it on home to me
8. Everything I own
9. Some day
10. Uptight
11. Lawdy miss Clawdy
12. Barefooting
13. I love Jamaica
14. Getaway



CD - WOODY HERMAN "The Woodchopper's Ball"
- GRF 069

1. Pillar to post
2. Sweet Lorraine
3. Blues on parade
4. Woodchopper's ball
5. Early autumn
6. Stompin' at the Savoy
7. Linger in my arms a little longer
8. Surrender
9. Mabel, Mabel
10. Steps
11. Four men on a horse
12. Igor
13. Fan it
14. Nero's conception
15. Heads up
16. Wild root
17. Tito meets Woody
18. Cha Cha Chick
19. Carioca
20. Summer Sequence
21. Latin Flight
22. New Cha Cha
23. Mambo Hero
24. Blue Stations



01. Django Reinhardt et son Quintette: Peche a la mouche (2:36)
02. Django Reinhardt et son orchestre du Boeuf sur le Toit: Minor Blues (2:49)
03. Django Reinhardt et le quintette du Hot Club de France: For sentimental resons (2:57)
04. Danse nervegienne (3:01)
05. Blues for Barclay (take 1) (3:01)
06. Blues for Barclay (take 2) (2:54)
07. Folie a Amphion (2:52)
08. Vette (3:16)
09. Anniversary Song (3:34)
10. Swing 48 (2:47)
11. Rex Stewart Quintet: Night and Day (3:03)
12. I'm confessin' (that I love you) (3:05)


CD - DJANGO REINHARDT "Jazz Masters 38"
- VERVE 516 931-2

1. Nuages
2. Daphné
3. Souvenirs
4. Honeysuckle Rose
5. Please be kind
6. H.C.Q. Strut
7. Love's Melody (Mélodie au crépuscule)
8. Sweet Geogia Brown
9. The man I love
10. Belleville
11. Liza (All the clouds I'll roll away)
12. Vous et moi
13. Djangology
14. Anniversary Song
15. Swing 48
16. Night and Day


CD - THE DANISH RADIO BIG BAND - Conducted by Ib Glindemann

1. It's the talk of the town 0:42
2. Ray's idea 2:37
3. Yesterdays 5:14
4. Would he? 2:25
5. Ol' man river 3:39
6. My old flame 4:32
7. Zoot 2:53
8. Disc jockey jump 3:05
9. Goodbye 3:45
10. Royal Blue 5:41
11. I've never been in love before 3:16
12. Aura 4:41
13. Young Blood 3:20
14. It's the talk of the town (reprise) 0:42


CD - IB GLINDEMANN & His Orchestra - "Ping Pong"

1. Manhattan strut
2. Jumpin' on the merry-go-round
3. Speak low
4. Ping Pong
5. Learning the blues (vocal Bent Warburg)
6. Love is just around the corner
7. Siesta serenade
8. Sun Valley Jump
9. Afternoon amble
10. Goodbye
11. Eager Beaver
12. Satin Doll
13. Stars fell on Alabama (vocal Bent Warburg)
14. Billy's in town
15. Flyin' home

Recorded June, July & August 1995 at FOCUS Recording, Copenhagen


CD - IB GLINDEMANN & His Orchestra - "A string of pearls"
MEGA Records MRCD 3374

1. Opus One (instr.)
2. My heart belongs to daddy (vocals Me, She & Her) (= Pernille Dan, Susanne Marcussen & Trille Palsgaard)
3. Fly me to the moon (vocal Jimmy Jørgensen)
4. Intermission riff (instr.)
5. How high the moon (vocal Cæcilie Norby)
6. All or nothing at all (Jan Bau)
7. It's up to you (instr.)
8. Destination Moon (vocal Lis Sørensen)
9. Summer Wind (vocal Peter Belli)
10. Tail and Charlie (instr.)
11. My funny Valentine (vocal Ulla Henningsen)
12. Ac-cent-tchu-ate the positive (vocal Jørgen Klubien)
13. Melancholy Rhapsody (instr.)
14. You're the boss (vocal Dichte & Claus Hempler)
15. Flemming's on the bone (instr.)
16. Route 66 (vocal Irina Strange)
17. All the things you are (vocal Ivan Pedersen)
18. A string of pearls (instr.)

Tom Stansell - Altosax, Clarinet
Jens Søndergaard - Altosax
Peter Fuglsang - Altosax
Ole Olsen - Tenorsax
Thomas Larsen - Tenorsax, Clarinet
Teit Høvring - Barytonsax, Clarinet
Egon Petersen - Trumpet
Perry Knudsen - Trumpet
Kasper Tranberg - Trumpet
Henrik Bolberg - Trumpet
Vagn-Ludvig Elsberg - Trumpet
John Jensen - Trumpet
Kim Aagaard - Trombone
Flemming Sjølund - Trombone
Peter Jensen - Trombone
Rolf Mandix - Trombone
Klaus Löhrer - Trombone
Mogens Petersen - Piano
Ole Ousen - Guitar
Marc Davis - Bass
Ole Givskov - Drums

Recorded September & October 1997 at Focus Recording, Copenhagen
Produced by Birger Svan


CD - NAT KING COLE - "The one and only"
- CD-MFP 6082 (MONO)

1. Sweet Lorraine
2. Love is here to stay
3. Autumn leaves
4. Dance ballerina dance
5. September song
6. A beautiful friendship
7. Fly me to the moon (In other words) (inclusive forspil !!!)
8. Let there be love
9. The song is ended (but the melody lingers on)
10. Mona Lisa
11. Pick yourself up
12. The more I see you
13. Just one of those things
14. Let's fall in love
15. Love is the thing
16. Stay as sweet as you are
17. Love letters
18. Azure-te
19. Serenata
20. The party's over


CD - FATS WALLER - "The Great Fats Waller"
- AAD - GREAT 056

1. Ain't misbehavin'
2. Your feet's too big
3. Honeysuckle rose
4. I'm gonna sit right down and write myself a letter
5. I've got my fingers crossed
6. The joint is jumpin'
7. Sweet Sue, just you
8. Nagasaki
9. Lonesome me
10. Hallelujah
11. Handful of keys
12. Christopher Columbus
13. It's a sin to tell a lie
14. Until the real thing comes along
15. Crazy 'bout my baby
16. Hallelujah, things look rosy now
17. A thosand dreams of you
18. Old Grandad
19. Dark eyes
20 Jingle bells


CD - ART TATUM - "The genious of keyboard"
- AAD - CD 53019
Featuring Lionel Hampton, Harry Edison, Barney Kessel, Roy Eldridge,
Benny Carter, Ben Webster, Buddy de Franco and others

1. Blue Lou
2. Gone with the wind
3. A foggy day
4. September song
5. Love for sale
6. You took advantage of me
7. Makin' whoopee
8. Willow weep for me
9. Hallelujah
10. Once in a while
11. This can't be love
12. All the things you are
13. My blue heaven
14. I cover the waterfront
15. Somebody loves me


CD - ART TATUM Trio - "1944"
- AAD - CD 53295
with Tiny Grimes (guitar) & Slam Stewart (bass)

1. I got rhythm
2. Cocktails for two
3. I ain't got nobody
4. After you've gone
5. Moonglow
6. Deep purple
7. I would do anything for you
8. Liza
9. Tea for two
10. Honeysuckle rose
11. The man I love
12. I know that you know
13. On the sunny side of the street
14. Flying home
15. Dark eyes
16. Body and soul
17. Topsy
18. If I had you
19. Soft winds
20. Boogie


CD - TONY BENNETT with the Count Basie Big Band - "Anything goes"

1. I guess I'll have to change my plan (Dietz-Schwartz) 1:40
2. Chicago (that toddlin' town) (Fisher) 2:04
3. With plenty of money and you (Warren-Dubin) 1:30
4. Anything goes (Porter) 2:17
5. Life is a song (Ahlert-Young) 2:50
6. I've grown accustomed to her face (Loewe-Lerner) 3:00
7. Jeepers creepers (Mercer-Warren) 2:05
8. Growing pains (Schwartz-Fields) 3:32
9. Poor little rich girl (Coward) 3:29
10. Are you having any fun? (Fain-Yellen) 2:44


CD - Tony Bennett - The Art of Romance

RPM Records / Columbia - 518869-2

Lee Musiker - piano
Paul Langosch - bass
Clayton Cameron - drums
Gray Sargent - guitar

Candido Camero - congas in "Being Alive"
Phil Woods - saxophone in "Close enough for love", "Little did I Dream", "Time to Smile", "The Best Man", and "Being Alive".

Produced by Phil Ramone
Executive producer - Danny Bennett
Recorded and mixed at Bennett Studios, Englewood, NJ

Når det handler om at fortolke den store amerikanske sangbog i et jazzrelateret sprog, altså den hårdtprøvede og ædle crooner-kunst, er der ingen, der overgår Tony Bennett. Her betyder alder ikke retræte, og det nyeste udspil med den ganske betegnende titel »The Art of Romance« bekræfter hans status. Det er endnu et mesterværk fra den elegante, vitale og charmerende sanger.

Sådan skriver anmelderen på Berlingske, og jeg er fuldstændig enig: det er et mesterværk Tony Bennett er kommet op med. En klump i halsen og/eller et smil på læben er fast inventar hver gang pladen høres. Tekst, musik, musikere, fremførelse, alt er i topklasse. Ikke mindst nogle formidable strygere under ledelse af Johnny Mandel og Jesse Levy.
Bravo mr. Bennett.

I balance med universet

Mr. Croon King

Bemærk, når man går ind på Bennett's hjemmeside, at man kan høre korte uddrag af numrene fra "The Art of Romance":
klik på knapperne i øverste venstre hjørne (under TONY BENNETT navnet).

- Close Enough For Love
- All In Fun
- Where Do You Start
- Little Did I Dream
- I Remember You
- Time To Smile
- All For You
- The Best Man
- Don't Like Goodbyes
- Being Alive
- Gone With The Wind

CD - EMBORG/LARSEN GROUP - "Ships in the night"

1. Stranger to love
2. Blue morning
3. Ships in the night
4. Searching
5. Over the rainbow (incl. vers)
6. The Northern winter
7. Moments

Recorded at Sun Studio; Nov. 1992 and Jan. 1993

Mona Larsen - vocal
Jørgen Emborg - piano
Hans Ulrik - tenorsax
Lars Danielsson - bass
Jonas Johansen - drums


CD - BENNY GOODMAN - "Immortal concerts"
Carnegie Hall concert, New York, January 16, 1938 (first part)

1. Don't be that way
2. One o'clock jump
3. Dixieland step
4. I'm coming Virginia
5. When my baby smiles at me
6. Shine
7. Blues reverie
8. Life goes to a party
9. Honeysuckle rose
10. Body and soul
11. Avalon
12. The man I love
13. I got rhythm
14. Blue skies
15. Sing sing sing (with a swing)


CD - BENNY GOODMAN - "Immortal concerts"
Carnegie Hall concert, New York, January 16, 1938 (second part)

1. Loch Lomond
2. Blue room
3. Swingtime in the rockies
4. Bei mir bist du schon
5. China boy
6. Stompin' at The Savoy
7. Dizzy spells
8. Big John's Special
9. Don't be that way

Second Carnegie Hall concert, New York, October 6, 1939
10. Sunrise serenade
11. T'ain't what you do
12. Bach goes to town
13. One o'clock jump
14. The sheik of Araby
15. Flying home
16. Stardust
17. Sing sing sing (with a swing)


CD - CHET BAKER - "Chet Baker & Strings"
- COLUMBIA COL 065562 2

1. You don't know what love is 3:28
2. I'm thru with love 2:37
3. Love walked in 2:56
4. You better go now 3:04
5. I married an angel 3:35
6. Love 2:33
7. I love you 2:47
8. What a difference a day made 2:39
9. Why shouldn't I? 3:34
10. A little duet for Zoot and Chet 2:36
11. The wind 4:00
12. Trickleydidlier 2:40
13. You don't know what love is (alternate) 3:28
14. You better go now (alternate) 3:09
15. A little duet for Zoot and Chet (alternate) 2:39

Chet Baker - trumpet
Zoot Sims - tenor saxophone
Jack Montrose - tenor saxophone
Clifford "Bud" Shank - alto saxophone
Russ Freeman - piano
Joe Mandragon - bass
Shelly Manne - drums


CD - CHET BAKER - "Lonely Star"

1. Grade "A" Gravy (Carpenter - Bruce) 6:24
2. Serenity (Carpenter - Bruce) 5:20
3. Fine and Dandy (Swift - Jones) 7:22
4. Have you met miss Jones? (Rodgers - Hart) 6:38
5. Rearin' back (Carpenter - Stitt) 6:01
6. So easy (Tadd Dameron) 6:51
7. Madison Avenue (Carpenter - Bruce) 5:51
8. Lonely Star (Carpenter - Bruce) 7:49
9. Wee, too (Carpenter - Bruce) 7:37
10. Tan Gaugin (Carpenter - Bruce) 6:16

Chet Baker - flugelhorn
Gorge Coleman - tenor saxophone
Kirk Lightsey - piano
Herman Wright - bass
Roy Brooks - drums

Produced by Richard Carpenter
Recorded at Englewood Cliffs, NJ, August 23-25, 1965

#1-6 originally released as "Smokin' with the Chet Baker Quintet" PRESTIGE 7449
#7-10 in "Groovin' with the Chet Baker Quintet" PRESTIGE 7460

Chet Baker live at Ronnie Scott's
Chet Baker at Capolinea
Chet Baker diskografi


CD - MILES DAVIS - "Milestones"

1. Dr. Jackie 5:46
2. Sid's ahead 12:59
3. Two bass hit 5:11 (hentydning til MJQ's "One Bass Hit" ?)
4. Milestones 5:42
5. Billy Boy 7:10
6. Straight, no chaser 10:35
7. Two bass hit (alt. take) 4:30
8. Milestones (alt. take) 5:59
9. Straight, No Chaser (alt. take) 10:29

Miles Davis - Trumpet
Cannonball Adderly - Alto Saxophone
John Coltrane - Tenor Saxophone
Red Garland - Piano
Paul Chambers - Bass
Philly Joe Jones - Drums

Recorded in NY City at Columbia 30'th Studio on
Febr. 4, 1958 (#3-8) and March 4, 1958 (#1+2).
# 1- 6 originally issued as Milestones (CL 1193)
# 7-9 originally issued on Miles Davis & John Coltrane:
The Complete Columbia Recordings 1955-1961 (C6K 65833).

Produced by George Avakian


CD - MILES DAVIS - "The very best of Miles Davis"

1. Time after time
2. Summertime
3. Bye bye Blackbird
4. It ain't necessarily so
5. Once upon a summertime
6. Concerto de aranjuez
7. 'Round midnight
8. I don't wanna be kissed (by anyone but you)
9. So what
10. Jean Pierre
11. Human nature
12. Shout
13. Miles



1. Ebbe ghostrider
2. I've heard
3. Sweet Lorraine
4. In all innocence
5. Exodus
6. It isn't anything
7. Blues miserable
8. Aarhusian warchant
9. Dream of both and
10. The Peacocks
11. Nyboders pris

Louis Hjulmand - vibraphone
Tom Christensen - guitar
Jørgen Johnbeck - bass
Mikkel Find - drums

Recorded August 29-30 1992 at Copenhagen Sound Studio by eng. P.H. Juul



1. Picasso
2. Phantomesque
3. On the bean
4. My ideal
5. Pick-up boys
6. Indian summer
7. Buh de daht
8. Yesterdays
9. April in Paris
10. The man I love
11. Sophisticated lady
12. I can't believe that you're in love with me
13. I surrender dear
14. Dinah (take 1)
15. Body and soul
16. Queer nations
17. Hocus pocus
18. Sugar foot stomp
19. Jamaica shout
20. One hour (If I could be with you one hour tonight)
21. Hello Lola!


CD1: BX 853012
CD2: BX 853022

1. Do wah diddy diddy (E.Greenwich/J.Barry) 1964 HMV
2. 5-4-3-2-1 (Jones/Hugg/Mann) 1964 HMV
3. Sha la la (Taylor / Mosely) 1964 HMV
4. Come tomorrow (Elgin/Augustus/Phillips) 1965 HMV
5. Why should we not (Mann) 1963 HMV
6. I put a spell on you (Hawkins/Slotkin) 1965 HMV
7. What am I doing wrong (Hugg) 1965 HMV
8. Groovin' (King/Bathea) 1964 HMV
9. Without you (Jones) 1964 HMV
10. I'm your hoochie coochie man (W. Dixon) 1964 HMV
11. Got my mojo working (Foster) 1964 HMV
12. It's gonna work out fine (Lee/Seneca) 1964 HMV
13. I'm your kingpin (Jones/Mann) 1964 HMV
14. Tennesee waltz (Stewart/King) 1966 HMV
15. Let's go get stoned (Ashford/Simpson/Armstead) 1965 HMV

1. Pretty flamingo (Barkan) 1966 HMV
2. If you gotta go, go now (Dylan) 1965 HMV
3. Hubble bubble (toil and trouble)(Hugg/Jones/Mann/Vickers/McGuiness)1964 HMV
4. Oh no, not my baby (Goffin/King) 1965 HMV
5. You gave me somebody to love (Andreoli/Poncia/Ross) 1966 HMV
6. Poison Ivy (Leiber/Stoller) 1966 HMV
7. Stormy Monday blues (Walker) 1965 EMI RECORDS Ltd.
8. Sticks and stones (Turner) 1993 EMI RECORDS Ltd.
9. Watermelon man (Hancock/Hendricks) 1964 HMV
10. The way you do the things you do (Robinson/Rogers) 1965 HMV
11. Since I don't have you (Rock/Martin/Beaumont/Vogel/Lester)Taylor/Versharen) 1965 EMI
12. I'll make it up with you (Ragavoy/Raleigh) 1965 HMV
13. John Hardy (Jones/Mann/Hugg/McGuiness/Vickers) 1994 HMV
14. Did you have to do that (Jones) 1964 HMV
15. My generation (Townshend) 1966 HMV


CD - MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND with Chris Thompson - "Criminal Tango" 1986
- DIX CD 35

1. Going underground
2. Who are the mystery kids?
3. Banquet
4. Killer on the loose
5. Do anything you wanna do
6. Resque
7. You got me right through my heart
8. Bulldog
9. Crossfire


CD - MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND - "Nightingales and Bombers"

1. Spirits in the night
2. Countdown
3. Time is right
4. Crossfade
5. Visinary mountains
6. Nightingales and bombers
7. Fat Nelly
8. As above so below (recorded live)

Produced 1975 by Manfred Mann and Earth Band


- (DDD) - SACEM Black & Blue BB 895.2

1. Four brothers (Jimmy Giuffre) 3:44
2. Over the rainbow (Harold Arlen, E. Harburg) 4:56
3. Li'l darlin' (Neal Hefti) 5:22
4. 36 Avril (Marc-Michel le Bevillon
5. Diabolo (Frederic Sylvestre) 8:11
6. Laura (David Raskin) 2:53
7. Billie's Bounce (Charlie Parker) 8:21

1. Safari (Michael Brecker) 11:00
2. Mood 5 (Marc-Michel le Bevillon) 5:20
3. A.J.M. (Frederic Sylvestre) 12:43
4. Nuages (Django Reinhardt) 4:02
5. Oleo (Sonny Rollins) 5:41
6. Ballad for friends (Frederic Sylvestre) 7:59

Recorded live on Nov. 22, 1996, at the "Lionel Hampton Jazz Club", Hotel Méridien, Etoile, Paris

Raymond Gimenes - lead guitar
Frederic Sylvestre - guitar
Amaury Filliard - guitar
Philippe Drouillard - guitar
Tony Rallo - guitar
Thierry Chauvet - drums
Marc-Michel le Bevillon - bass

Denne franske gruppes forbillede er sandsynligvis GUITARS INC.,
som for mange år siden (i 1950'erne) har udsendt tilsvarende guitarplader.



1. I believe I can fly (R. Kelly) 5:23
2. Just do it (Niels Lan Doky) 6:36
3. Sledgehammer (Peter Gabriel) 7:05
4. Eternal love (Niels Lan Doky) 5:31
5. Kiss (Prince) 7:07
6. More to come (Doky / Rosanes) 5:12
7. What a fool believes (McDonald & Loggins) 5:35
8. Mutual respect (Doky) 5:28
9. Don't stop till you get enough (Jackson) 7:14
10. Seize the day (Doky) 3:18
11. Tears in heaven (Clapton & Jennings) 5:53

Niels Lan Doky - acoustic piano
Lars Danielsson - acoustic bass
Xavier Desandre-Navarre - percussion
Jeff Bourdreaux - drums
Louis Winsberg - acoustic guitar
Viktoria Tolstoy - vocal



1. Can't help lovin' dat man (J. Kern) 4:44
2. It's you or no one (J. Styne) 4:09
3. Georgia (H. Carmichael) 5:01
4. Bluesoleo (S. Rollins, arr. F. Ziegler) 3.46
5. Nuages (D. Reinhardt) 4:27
6. There will never be another you (H. Warren) 5.08
7. Glemmer du (K. Normann Andersen) 3:19
8. It's only a paper moon (H. Arlen) 4:06
9. My one and only love (G. Wood) 5:32)
10. Tag og kys det hele fra mig (Leonard) 4:02
11. The touch of your lips (R. Noble) 3:24
12. Dan - tilegnet Dan Turrell (F. Ziegler) 4:13
13. In the wee small hours of the morning (B. Hilliard) 4:39
14. Our love is here to stay (Gershwin) 3:37
15. I got rhythm (Gershwin) 3:37
16. Det var en lørdag aften (trad., arr. F. Ziegler) 3:03
17. Nocturne (E. Taube) 4:19

Finn Ziegler - violin, viola on "Georgia"
Jacob Fischer - guitar
Jesper Lundgaard - bass
Alex Riel - drums

Recorded Sept. 18, 19, 20, 1995 at FINN ZIEGLER's HJØRNE


CD - The BENNY GREEN Trio - "Testifyin'" Live at the Village Vanguard
- BLUE NOTE CDP 7 98171 2

1. Introduction (1:19) (B. Green)
2. Don't be shamed (6:07) (B. Green)
3. Humphrey (4:56) (B. Green)
4. BU's March (4:22) (B. Green)
5. Beautiful moons ago (6:14) (N. Cole)
6. Testifyin' (5:52) (B. Green)
7. Carl's blues (5:14) (B. Green)
8. Down by the riverside (6:44) (trad. / arr. by B. Green)
9. I should care (4:15) (Cahn - Stordahl - Weston - Cahn)
10. The sheik of Araby (4:55) (Snyder - Smith - Wheeler - Mills)
11. McThing (3:32) (C. McBride)
12. Billy Boy (6:22) (trad. / arr. by Jamal - Garland)

Benny Green - piano
Christian McBride - bass
Carl Allen - drums

Recorded live November 1991 at the Village Vanguard, NY City


CD - BILL EVANS TRIO - "Trio '65"
- VERVE 519 808 - 2

1. Israel 4:46
2. Elsa 4:19
3. 'Round Midnight 6:39
4. Our love is here to stay 3:59
5. How my heart sings 2:46
6. Who can I turn to? 4:51
7. Come rain or come shine 5:23
8. If you could see me now 4:46

Bill Evans - piano
Chuck Israels - bass
Larry Bunker - drums

Recorded February 3, 1965 in New York
Original recordings produced by Creed Taylor

The genious of Bill Evans was his singing, chordal voicings and unique rhythmic sense - which made everything he did special. These trio sides are the complete studio session, and the new liner notes include extensive comments from Chuck Israels, the bassist on the date.


CD - BILL EVANS TRIO - "Sunday at the Village Vanguard" - Featuring Scott La Faro
- RIVERSIDE Records OJCCD-140-2

Side 1:
Gloria's step (take 2) (Scott LaFaro) (6:05)
*) Gloria's step (take 3) (Scott La Faro)
My man's gone now (6:21) (George & Ira Gershwin) (6:21)
Solar (Miles Davis) (8:51)

Side 2:
Alice in Wonderland (Fain-Hilliard) (take 2)
*) Alice in Wonderland (Fain-Hilliard) (take 1)
All of you (take 2) (Cole Porter) (8:20)
*) All of you (take 3) (Cole Porter)
Jade visions (take 2) (Scott LaFaro) (3:46)
*) Jade visions (take 1) (Scott LaFaro)

*) additional track, not on original LP release

Bill Evans - piano
Scott LaFaro - bass
Paul Motian - drums

Recorded live at Village Vanguard, New York City, June 25, 1961
Digitally remastered directly from the original analog master tapes by
Joe Tarantino, Fantasy Studios, Berkeley, California.


CD - GIL EVANS - (introduction to the recordings of Gil Evans)
- VERVE 521 860-2

1. Time of the barracudas (7:25)
2. Greensleeves (4:11)
3. Last night when we were young (4:35)
4. She's a carioca (2.27)
5. Moon and sand (4:14)
6. Las Vegas Tango (6:35)
7. Spoonful (13:43)
8. Concorde (7:39)
9. I will wait for you (4:40)
10. The Barbara song (9:53)


CD - DAVE BRUBECK - "Dave Brubeck plays standards"

1. St. Louis Blues (live) (11:27)
2. I feel pretty (5:08)
3. Things ain't what they used to be (7:21)
4. Sometimes I'm happy (live) (5:23)
5. Georgia on my mind (6:38)
6. Someday my prince will come (6:20)
7. Like someone in love (live) (7:18)
8. What is this thing called love? (6:14)


CD - ELMORE JAMES - "Golden Hits"
FLASH F8814-2

1. Dust my broom (2:55)
2. It hurts me too (3:17)
3. Mean mistreatin' (2:42)
4. Standing at the crossroads (2:42)
5. I believe (3:26)
6. Look on younder wall (2:28)
7. Coming home (2:23)
8. The sky is crying (2:46)
9. Rollin' and tumblin' (2:33)
10. I done somebody wrong (2:19)

Elmore James er neger, spiller el-guitar
Ingen yderligere oplysninger på CD



The Elf........................................................... indspilninger fra perioden 1945-49 / CD 1993(?)

Solo Time.............. recorded 1954.July.07, Detroit, Michigan at Radio Station WWJ / LP aldrig udsendt / CD 1993

Contrasts......................... recorded 1954.July.27 at Universal Rec. Studios, Chicago / LP 1955 / CD 1993(?)

Concert by the sea...............recorded live in Carmel, California 1955.September.19 / LP 1955 / CD 1995 (?)

Dreamstreet........................................................ recorded in New York, 1959 / LP 1961 / CD 1995
One World Concert........... recorded live in the Seattle World's Fair, 1963.August.20-25 / LP 1963 / CD 1995

Closeup in swing.................................. recorded in New York City, 1961.July-August / LP 1961 / CD 1999 (?)
A new kind of love...................... recorded in Los Angeles, California, 1963.February / LP 1963 / CD 1999 (?)

Now Playing: A night at the movies................... recorded in New York City, 1964.July.25 / LP 1965 (?) / CD 1995 (?)
Up in Erroll's Room......................................... recorded in New York City, 1968.March.19 / LP 1969 (?) / CD 1995 (?)

Campus Concert................................... recorded live at Purdue University, spring 1964 / LP 1966 / CD 1998
Feeling is Believing........................................................................................... / LP 1970 / CD 1998

That's my kick................................................................................................................. / LP 1967 / CD 1994
Gemini........................................................................................................................... / LP 1972 / CD 1994

Magician........................................................................................................................ / LP 1974 / CD 1995
Gerschwin & Kern.......................................................................................................... / LP 1976 / CD 1995

Erroll Garner in Performance......................................................indspillet live hos BBC ca. 1964 / DVD 2002



1. I cover the waterfront
2. Love walked in
3. I don't stand a ghost of a chance
4. Indiana
5. Somebody loves me
6. Body and soul
7. Penthouse serenade
8. Undecided
9. Red sails in the sunset
10. I can't believe that you're in love with me
11. Stompin' at the Savoy
12. Stardust
13. More than you know
14. Over the rainbow
15. Laura
16. This can't be love
17. The man I love
18. Moonglow
19. I want a little girl
20. It's easy to remember
21. Goodbye

CD'en indeholder Garner's tidlige indspilninger, bl.a. "Laura", som skaffede ham det store gennembrud.

Note på CD omslag:
Erroll Garner was born in Pittsburg June 15, 1921. Pittsburg is a city that produced an unusual number of great pianists.
Earl "Fatha" Hines is from Pittsburg and there can be little doubt that Hines and his style left an indelible imprint on that city's keyboard players.
Mary Lou Williams, who was born in Georgia and came to prominence in Kansas City, grew up in Pittsburg and began her career there.
Billy Strayhorn, Duke Ellington's alter ego for thirty years is another.
One of Garner's classmates in school was the brilliant modernist Dodo Marmarosa.
In the fifties, Pittsburg presented the jazz world to the horn playing Turrentine brothers, but Sonny Clark, an exeptionel player who died too young, was another major pianist who cut his teeth in Pittsburg.

While not necessarily being the case any longer, the early war years found it imperative for any jazz musician interested in launching a career to get to New York. When Garner arrived in New York to stay, the principal location for employment was 52nd Street, and it was the street that provided him with his following. During much of 1944 and 1945 he was featured with the great bassist Slam Stewart. Yet Garner's personality was such that leadership came naturally, and before the end of 1945 he was leading his own trio.

In the heyday of 52nd Street, careers were launched almost daily by the burgeoning number of small record companies whose A&R departments used Street "Clubs" almost as offices. Garner was recorded by more than a dozen labels in his early years, and some of his earliest recordings are presented here. Indeed if there was one performance that established Erroll Garner as a major pianist, it would have to be this version of "Laura". The song was Johnny Mercer and David Raskin's from the hit motion picture of the same name, and in retrospect it seems the ideal piece of material for a melodist of Garner's ability.

Garner's locale for much of the 1940's was California. There he made some marvellous records with Charlie Parker as well as continuing to expand the audience for his own uniquely styled music. SAVOY's founder, Herman Lubinsky, remembering the success of "Laura" and reading about Garner's starring performance at the first international jazz festival (Paris, 1948) was determined to get Garner back into the SAVOY studios. It was Garner's Los Angeles address more than any other factor that caused Lubinsky to open a Los Angeles office in early 1949.

The 1950's marked the ascendancy of Garner to superstar status. His composition, "Misty" is one of the all-time most popular songs penned by a jazz musician. In 1958 Garner became the first jazz artist ever booked by the great impresario Sol Hurok. Among the scores of national and international honours he accumulated were four DOWNBEAT awards, three METRONOME poll wins and several PLAYBOY poll victories.
In 1963 he composed music for the motion picture "A new kind of love". He also made guest appearances with several symphony orchestras throughout the country.
He continued to triumph until his death on January 2, 1977.

- Bob Porter


CD - ERROL GARNER - "Contrasts" - EMARCY, MG 36001

1. You are my sunshine (Jimmie Davis - Charles Mitchell)
2. I've got the world on a string
3. 7-11 jump (Garner)
4. Part time blues (Garner)
5. Rosalie (Porter)
6. In a mellow tone (Kennedy - Ellington)
7. Don't worry 'bout me (Rube Bloom - Ted Koehler)
8. (All of a sudden) my heart sings (Henri Herpin)
9. There's a small hotel (Rodgers - Hart)
10. Misty (Garner)
11. I wanna be a rugcutter (Ellington)
12. Sweet and lovely (with Candido Camero on conga) (Arnheim - Lemare - Tobias)
13. Exactly like you (Jimmy McHugh - Dorothy Fields)

Erroll Garner - piano
Wyatt Ruther - bass
Eugene "Fats" Heard - drums

Original recordings produced by Martha Glaser
Recorded July 1954 at Universal Recording Studios, Chicago


CD - ERROL GARNER - "Concert by the Sea" - COLUMBIA, COL 451042 2

1. I'll remember april (D. Raye / De Paul / P. Johnson) 4:19
2. Teach me tonight (Cahn / De Paul) 3:44
3. Mambo carmel (Garner) 3:48
4. Autumns leaves (Mercer / Kosma) 6:34
5. It's all right with me (C. Porter) 3:29
6. Red Top (Hampton / Kynard) 3:21
7. April in Paris (Harburg / V. Duke) 4:56
8. They can't take that away from me (I. Gershwin / G. Gershwin) 4:16
9. How could you do a thing like that to me (T. Glenn) 4:09
10. Where or when (Hart / Rodgers) 3:16
11. Erroll's theme (Garner) 1:48

Erroll Garner - piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Denzil Best - drums

Procuced by Martha Glaser
Recorded September 19, 1955, live in Carmel, California
Digital master prepared by Michael Brooks


CD - ERROLL GARNER - "Dreamstreet & One World Concert"

Dreamstreet (tracks 1-9):
1. Just one of those things (3:30)
2. I'm gettin' sentimental over you (5:26)
3. Blue Lou (5:00)
4. Come rain or come shine (4:35)
5. The lady is a tramp (3:37)
6. Sweet Lorraine (3:26)
7. Dreamstreet (3:19)
8. Mambo Gotham (3:30)
9. Oklahoma Medley (8:51) (Oh what a beautiful morning / People will say we're in love)

Erroll Garner - piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums

Producer - Martha Glaser
Recorded in New York, 1959
Copyrigt 1961 OCTAVE Records

One World Concert (tracks 10-17):
10. The way you look tonight (4:02)
11. Happiness is a thing called Joe (5:10)
12. Sweet and lovely (5:35)
13. Mack the knife (4:26)
14. Lover come back (4:07)
15. Misty (4:56)
16. Dancing Tambourine (1:30)
17. Thanks for the memory (1:13)

Erroll Garner - piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums

Producer - Martha Glaser
Recorded in the Seattle World's Fair, August 20-25, 1963
Copyright 1963 OCTAVE Records


CD - ERROL GARNER - "Closeup in Swing" & "A new kind of love"
Two original albums on one CD

Closeup in Swing:
1. You do something to me (3:14) (Cole Porter)
2. My silent love (4:05) (Dana Suesse, Edward Heyman)
3. All of me (2:20) (Seymour Simons, Gerald Marks)
4. No more shadows (4:07) (Erroll Garner, Edward Heyman)
5. St. Louis Blues (6:27) (W.C. Handy)
6. Some of these days (3:12) (Shelton Brooks)
7. I'm in the mood for love (4:25) (Jimmy McHugh, Dorothy Fields)
8. El Papa Grande (4:09) (Erroll Garner)
9. The best things in life are free (3:28)(B.G. DeSylvia, Lew Brown, Ray Henderson)
10. Back in your own back yard (3:48) (Billy Rose, Al Jolson, Dave Dreyer)

Erroll Garner - piano (Baldwin Piano)
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums

Original credits:
Produced by Martha Glaser
Recorded in New York City, July-August 1961
Recording director: Calvin Lampley


A new kind of love (music from the motion picture)
1. You brought a new kind of love to me (3:28) (Sammy Fain, Irving Kahal, Pierre Norman Connor)
2. Louise (3:17) (Richard Whiting, Leo Robin)
3. Fashion Interlude (4:08) (Erroll Garner)
4. Steve's Song (3:54) (Erroll Garner)
5. Paris Mist (Bossa Nova) (3:54) (Erroll Garner)
6. Mimi (3:34) (Richard Rogers, Lorenz Hart)
7. Theme from "A New Kind of Love" (3:12) (Erroll Garner)
8. In the park in Paree (3:11) (Ralph Rainger, Leo Robin)
9. Paris Mist (Waltz-Swing) (4:20) (Erroll Garner)
10. The Tease (3:35) (Erroll Garner)

Carroll "Cappy" Lewis - trumpet
Dick Nash - trombone
Dick Noel - trombone
George Roberts - trombone
Bob Enevoldes - trombone
Ted Hash - woodwinds
Gene Cipriano - woodwinds
Harry Klee - woodwinds
Ronnie Lang - woodwinds
Charles Gentry - woodwinds
William "Buddy" Collette - woodwinds
Barney Kessel - guitar
Keith "Red" Mitchell - bass
Larry Bunker - drums & percussion
Irving Cottler - drums & percussion
Alvin Stoller - drums & percussion
Leith Stevens - conductor of orchestra

Original credits:
Producer: Leith Stevens
Musicians conducted by Leith Stevens
Recorded in Los Angeles, California, February 1963

CD produceret af Martha Glaser (ca. 1999)

Total spilletid begge LP'er: 76:00


CD - ERROLL GARNER - "Now Playing: A Night at the Movies &
Up in Erroll's Room" TELARC ARCHIVE CD- 83378

Now Playing (track 1-13):
1. You made me love you (2:24)
2. As time goes by (2:47)
3. Sonny boy (1:59)
4. Charmaine (3:39)
5. I found a million dollar baby (in a five and ten cent store) (2:39)
6. I'll get by (2:45)
7. Three o'clock in the morning (2:58)
8. Stella by starlight (2:58)
9. Jeannine I dream of lilac time (2:00)
10. Schoner Gigolo (Just a Gigolo) (2:13)
11. How deep is the ocean (3:13)
12. It's only a paper moon (2:32)
13. Newsreel tag (Paramount on parade) (4:09)

Erroll Garner - piano (Baldwin piano)
Ike Isaacs - bass
Jimmie Smith - drums
José Mangual - percussion

Producer: Martha Glaser
Recorded in New York City, July 25, 1964


Up in Erroll's Room (track 14-22):
14. Watermelon man (4:14)
15. It's the talk of the town (4:48)
16. Groovin' High (3:52)
17. The girl from Ipanema (4:30)
18. The coffee song (4:01)
19. Cheek to cheek (4:27)
20. Up in Erroll's room (5:23)
21. A lot of living to do (3:41)
22. I got rhythm (4:01)

Erroll Garner - piano
Ike Isaacs - bass
Jimmie Smith - drums
José Mangual - percussion

The Brass Bed:
---------------Bernie Glow - Trumpet
---------------Pepper Adams - Baritone Sax
---------------Marvin Stamm - Trumpet, Flugelhorn
---------------Don Butterfield - Tuba
---------------Wayne J. Andre - Trombone
---------------James Cleveland - Trombone
---------------Jerome Richardson - Tenor Sax, Flute, Piccolo
Orchestration - Don Sebensky
Conductor - Richard O. Spencer

Producer: Martha Glaser
Recorded in New York City, March 19, 1968


CD - ERROLL GARNER - "Magician & Gershwin & Kern" -

Magician (tracks 1-9):
1. (They long to be) Close to you (4:32)
2. It gets better every time (4:22)
3. Someone to watch over me (4:13)
4. Nightwind (5:36)
5. One good turn (3:13)
6. Watch what happens (3:00)
7. Yesterdays (3:52)
8. I only have eyes for you (5:04)
9. Mucho Gusto (3:35)

Erroll Garner - piano
Bob Cranshaw - Fender Bass & Acoustic Bass
Grady Tate - percussion
Jose Mangual - conga drummer
Norman Gold - organ
Jackie Williams - tambourine

LP udsendt 1974 / CD udsendt 1995

Gershwin and Kern (tracks 10-22):
10. Strike up the band (2:38)
11. Love walked in (4:20)
12. I got rhythm (4:00)
13. Someone to watch over me (2:34)
14. A foggy day (3:29)
15. Nice work if you can get it (1:05)
16. Lovely to look at (2:32)
17. Can't help lovin' dat man (3:59)
18. Only make believe (2:15)
19. Old man river (3:13)
20. Dearly beloved (2:58)
21. Why do I love you? (2:47)
22. A fine romance (2:30)

Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums
Charles "Ike" Isaacs - bass (track 12)
Jimmy Smith - drums (track 12)
Jose Mangual - conga drummer (track 12)

LP udsendt 1976 / CD udsendt 1995


2CD - ERROLL GARNER - "Solo Time" - EmArcy

Disk One:
1. Liza 4:02
2. It might as well be spring 8:32
3. If I could be with you 3:55
4. Flamingo 5:09
5. In a little Spanish town 3:41
6. I'll never smile again 4:23
7. That old black magic 3:44
8. Slow boat to China 3:47
9. Indian summer 4:03
10. These foolish things 3:36
11. The man I love 4:34

Disk Two:
1. Old man river 6:51
2. I'll get by 4:22
3. Medley 5:04 (April in Paris / The last time I saw Paris)
4. Sleepy lagoon 5:07
5. Cottage for sale 3:48
6. Coquette 4:29
7. I only have eyes for you 4:59
8. I want to be loved 4:15
9. Medley 7:36 (The world is waiting for the sunrise / Our waltz / I can't escape from you)
10. Thanks for the memory 4:05

Recorded July 7, 1954, Detroit, Michigan at Radio Station WWJ
CD udsendt


Two original albums on one CD
"Campus Concert", TELARC (1998)
Recorded live at Purdue University
01. Indiana 2:58
02. Star Dust 4:52
03. Mambo Erroll 2:20
04. Lulu's Back In Town 4:29
05. Almost Like Being In Love 4:11
06. My Funny Valentine 5:25
07. These Foolish Things (Remind Me Of You) 5:26
08. In The Still Of The Night 3:34

Erroll Garner - piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums

From CAMPUS CONCERT come eight tunes recorded live at Purdue University. The special brand of rapport between performer and spectator that Garner brought to ail his performances is evident throughout. In the spring of 1964, Garner mesmerized 6,000 students packed into Purdue's Music Hall for this concert. It was typical of the scores of college and other concerts Garner presented throughout his career.

Erroll Garner fit in harmoniously with the new student attitude.There was his evergreen style, his daring improvisations and rhythms, timeless freedom, and irreverent humor that made students feel as much at ease with him as with each other. It was a two-day love affair, for Garner had a special affection for the Campus concert in return. He played to standing ovations at dozens of schools, and invariably was asked to return. When asked how old he was, he jested: "About 27".
Perhaps it was no jest, for that is about how old he felt, although he had been performing since his boyhood in the 1930's.

Whenever Garner had a campus date, he liked, if possible, to show up a day early. Nothing gave him a greater sense of ease than to roam the secluded greens and stately buildings that form the campus. Nothing gave him greater impetus than to talk with students. Thus, he became a familiar figure at the Big 10 and "the little 20," having played at Yale and Chapel Hill, in Ann Arbor, and at Ohio State, Loyola University, and Podunk College.
- Stacey Williams
From the original notes, 1966


CD - "Feeling is Believing"
LP - Feeling is Believing, COLUMBIA CL1014, 1970

09. For Once In My Life 3:22
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Charles Persip - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

10. Yesterday 3:05
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Charles Persip - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

11. Strangers In The Night 3:44
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Joe Cocuzzo - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

12. Feeling Is Believing 2:39
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Joe Cocuzzo - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

13. Paisley Eyes 2:58
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Charles Persip - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

14. Spinning Wheel 3:27
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Charles Persip - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

15. The Loving Touch 5:38
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Joe Cocuzzo - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

16. The Look Of Love 2:40
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Charles Persip - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

17. You Turn Me Around 5:48
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- Gerald Jemmott - bass
---- Jimmie Smith - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

18. Mood Island 4:35
---- Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano
---- George Divivier - bass
---- Joe Cocuzzo - drums
---- José Mangual - conga drums

Producer - Martha Glaser
Recording Engineer - John Cue
Mixing Engineer - George Engfer
Mastering - George Marino

"Feeling is Believing" was Erroll Garner's first album release of the '70s.
Garner's performances were totally improvised and always expressed the inner man, fully, naturally, and without inhibitions. His usual directive to his accompanists, who had to be attuned to him and his ranging improvisations by sound, sight, mood, instinct, and perhaps even ESP, was "play whatever you feel".

- Martha Glaser


LP - That's my Kick, MGM SE4463, 1967
LP - Gemini, LONDON Records XPS617, 1972
Two original albums on one CD
CD - That's my Kick & Gemini, TELARC CD-83332, 1994

That's my Kick
1. That's My Kick 2:46
2. The Shadow Of Your Smile 3:56
3. Like It Is 2.43
4. It Ain't Necessarily So 3:30
5. Autumn Leaves 3:21
6. Blue Moon 2:47
7. More 2:54
8. Gaslight 4:28
9. Nervous Waltz 3:24
10. Passing Through 2:36
11. Afinidad 2:53

Erroll Garner - piano
Wally Richardson - guitar
Art Ryerson - guitar (on tracks 1 & 11)
Milt Hinton - bass
Herbert Lovelle - drums
George Jenkins - drums (on tracks 1 & 11)
Jose Mangual - conga drummer
Johnny Pacheco - conga drummer (on tracks 1 & 11)

Produced by Martha Glaser
Indspillet i 1967


12. How High The Moon 5:05
13. It Could Happen To You 3:47
14. Gemini 4:03
15. When A Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry 6:23
16. Tea For Two 5:27
17. Something 1:49
18. Eldorado 5:47
19. These Foolish Things 7:00

Erroll Garner - Baldwin piano & harpsichord
Ernest McCarty Jr. - bass
Jimmie Smith - percussion
Jose Mangual - conga drummer


DVD - Erroll Garner In Performance

Part One:
01. Just One Of Those Things
02. Dreamy*
03. What Is This Thing Called Love
04. Spring Is Here/It Might As Well Be Spring
05. Lover
06. Laura
07. Sonny Boy
08. Erroll's Theme

Part Two:
09. Honeysuckle Rose
10. No More Shadows*
11. Mambo Erroll*
12. Penthouse Serenade
13. Jeannine I Dream Of Lilac Time
14. On The Street Where You Live / I Could Have Danced All Night
15. All Yours
16. The Lady Is A Tramp
17. Erroll's Theme

Erroll Garner - piano
Eddie Calhoun - bass
Kelly Martin - drums

Kultur Video Proudly Announces the Release of "Erroll Garner In Performance"
Available in DVD and VHS
Features Rare Performances circa 1964 from BBC TV
This summer, Kultur Video proudly brings to home viewing audiences a very special program, Erroll Garner In Performance. The video features rare performances by the world-renowned pianist and composer of "Misty," with rhythm accompaniment. This video embodies some of Garner's one-of-a-kind improvised performances of classic standards and originals, filmed in London by BBC, during the peak of Garner's creativity and popularity. It is digitally re-mastered and available for the first time on DVD and VHS in North America. The DVD also includes a rare bonus audio track of "Misty" and an Erroll Garner photo gallery.

Born on June 15, 1921, Erroll Garner had an enormously successful career as both a pianist and composer. He began to perform at a tender age of 3 in his hometown Pittsburgh, and continued to wow the audiences throughout his career.
Newsweek hailed Erroll Garner as "The man for whom the piano was invented." Garner performed worldwide in concerts, major nightclubs, colleges, and radio and recordings, including his landmark album Concert By The Sea.
As a composer, Garner has more than 200 compositions under his belt -- his memorable composition "Misty" was named by ASCAP as one of the 25 most performed standards of the 20th Century.
Audiences will be delighted by Erroll Garner In Performance, which captures the essence of Erroll Garner, exhibiting his wit, humor and surprise. The video contains many unique features, such as special close-up shots of Garner's hand positions and Garner's imaginative introductions. This video is a valuable addition for any jazz enthusiasts and will bring forth a new generation of Erroll Garner fans.

Privat anmelder på
Where do I begin?
My GOD, from the minute he started to play, tears came to my eyes. How could anybody be so ~~ good and sensitive?
Leave it to British to preserve our national treasures....
Erroll Garner plays piano in this DVD (live in BBC in England) with his working group. His famous introductions that leaves no clue as to what's coming up, including his own band members.
It's pure Gold and pure Jazz.
How smooth he enters the tune, and how smooth everybody else follows's behind comprehension for commen men.
I am a Jazz musician myself, and any time I see this DVD I am very happy, but also at the same time sick to my stomach that there are - or there were - human beings who were so ~~ good at playing their instruments.
Don't think twice, just get the DVD before it's no longer available.
Show them to your children,
show them to the teens that think they know who the cool musicians are.
Show them to whoever will watch.
Show them an American at his best.
Need I say more...

NEVAGICH, Los Angeles
September 11, 2002

Privat anmelder på
Having heard most of Garner's piano works - including "Solo Time" and "Concert by the Sea" - I agree with mr. Nevagich on the musical quality of this DVD.
It is a BBC production showing the Erroll Garner trio entertaining a London audience, circa 1964.
Being a black-and-white recording in mono, sound and picture quality still has got a reasonable level.
This is the first time I see Garner live, and was VERY impressed musically, technically and on a personal level.
Errol Garner had this inexplicable charisma, which is adding to his performance - something I am sure people will appreciate when watching him.
In his hands just about any piano-technical difficulty LOOKS easy. A sign of class, I would say.
Kelly Martin on drums and Eddy Calhoun on bass are clever musicians backing him up in an intelligent way. It is obvious that they all are having a good time. This includes the audience who is working like "a fourth member of the group", as someone (maybe Garner himself) once said.
As usual nothing is decided, Garner just plays whatever he feels, Martin and Calhoun follow their leader.
That is what jazz is all about: playing what you feel.
Garner was mentally and technically able of carrying this out into practice.
The man for whom the piano was invented, someone said.
The best piano player there ever was, says I.

Kurt Starlit
February 21, 2003


CD - HENRIK GUNDE TRIO - "The Erroll Garner Experience"
          Live at Café Ørsted 22-02-02

          1.. Autumn Leaves 4:27
          2.. The Way You Look Tonight 4:03
          3.. The Shadow of Your Smile 4:20
          4.. My Silent Love 4:02
          5.. You do something to me 3:10
          6.. It ain't necessarily so 3:37
          7.. Teach me tonight 4:54
          8.. Like it is 2:51
          9.. Lover come back to me 3:59
          10. Red Top 3:26
          11. I'm confessin' 4:22
          12. Gaslight 4:38
          13. The best things in life are free 3:35
          14. Diamonds are a girl's best friend 3:49
          15. Misty 6:31

          Total time 61:45

          Henrik Gunde - Piano
          Nicolas Kock - Bass
          Steen Holm - Drums

          Recorded live at Café Ørsted in Esbjerg, February 22, 2002
          Recording Engineer: Kim Matzen
          (Vestjysk Musikkonservatorium's Recording Studios - "Tuborg Studiet")
          Album design: Nicolas Kirk
          Booklet photo: Uffe Kongsted


Efter en koncert d. 10. marts 2001 på Rampelyset i Silkeborg, lød anmeldelsen:
De tre musikere der udgør Henrik Gunde Trio, er så tæt på den rigtige originale sound og feeling, at man føler sig i selskab med selveste Erroll Garner.
Fra første takt swinger det som bare den. Det ene nummer efter det andet svæver igennem lokalet og Garner's ånd går flere gange igennem rummet. Det er utroligt at tre mand i den grad kan få musikken til at swinge i ordets helt rigtige betydning. Man havde måske forventet, at 3 sæt á 45 minutter ville blive lidt trivielt. Men nej, det er varieret både i tempi og dynamik, og det varierede nummervalg gør hele oplevelsen til en koncert, hvor man går fra højdepunkt til højdepunkt.
Det er virkelig klassisk jazztrio af format!

- Steffen Juul Hansen
- Musikkoordinator i "Frokostjazzen" i Silkeborg og "Riverboat Jazz Festival".


Fyns Stiftstidende 2002.Febr.13

Tæt samspil

Henrik Gunde Trio

Henrik Gunde er et kendt ansigt i den odenseanske jazzverden, da han gennem nogle år har været medlem af diverse lokale grupper, bl.a. med tenorsaxofonisten Anders Medin, og i vinterjazzen kom han her som medlem af Radioens Big Band.
Vi kender ham derfor som en glimrende musiker indenfor den moderne jazz, og det var derfor med spænding, at jeg indfandt mig ved JazzFyns arrangement på MusikBiblioteket for at høre ham spille Erroll Garner's musik.

I rockkredse er det blevet moderne med kopibands af alle slags, men det er ret sjældent indenfor jazzen at høre lignende tiltag. Som regel har man hyldet en jazzmusiker ved at arrangere vedkommendes kompositioner eller soloer for et større eller mindre orkester, som det er sket i grupper som Supersax eller Dave Pell's Prez Conference, men Gunde har med sin trio taget skridtet fuldt ud og rendyrket Erroll Garner's spillestil til fuldkommenhed, ligesom de fleste af trioens arrangementer også er kopieret efter forbilledet.

Det blev en forbløffende fin aften, for trioen formåede at bibeholde den udstråling og energi, som altid strømmede ud af Garner's musik, og Gunde's spil levede i kraft af, at han evnede at trænge 100% ind i spillestilen, ikke bare i temapræsentationerne men også gennem soloerne og akkompagnementet.
Det var virkelig flot gennemført helt ned i de mindste detaljer med den hængende frasering i venstrehånden, højrehåndens melodiføring som oftest landede på off-beatet, med de mange korte triller i slutningen af en lang tone, samt i sammenspillet at skifte brat mellem forte og pianissimo.

Som sagt blev det en meget vellykket aften, som vil huskes for det tætte og intense sammenspil mellem Gunde og Holm og for energifyldte og flotte fortolkninger af bl.a. "Close to you", "More", "Yesterday" og "The Way You Look Tonight".
- Frank Büchmann-Møller


Kurt's vurdering af gruppen, efter at have lyttet deres demo-CD igennem, skal lyde noget i denne retning:

Tæt tolkning

Hvor er det dog godt, at nogen gider spille Garner i disse dage!
Og så tilmed unge musikere med en akademisk baggrund.
Jeg har haft fornøjelsen af at gennemlytte CD'en med Henrik Gunde Trio, "The Erroll Garner Experience", et par gange. Den er indspillet live på Café Ørsted i Esbjerg den 22. februar 2002, og viser en trio som spiller de mange Garner-arrangementer med en indleven, entusiasme og loyalitet, der uundgåeligt smitter af på tilhøreren.

Heldigvis forsøger Gunde ikke at kopiere Garner ned til mindste detalje, men holder den afstand der skal være: en Gunde, som efter bedste evne spiller Garner. Vi kan godt høre forskel på de to, og Gunde's CD understreger blot, at Garner var en teknisk og musikalsk ener, som man ikke sådan lige sætter sig hen og kopierer.
Jeg vil snarere kalde trioens plade en tæt tolkning, for eksempel drosler Gunde klogeligt ned i Garner's berygtede intro'er, så det først og fremmest er temaer og det regulære arrangement der kopieres.
Resten er Gunde.

Jeg har endnu ikke haft lejlighed til at høre trioen live, men det er min fornemmelse, at det swingende indtryk fra pladen kun vil blive endnu større.
I så fald er det godt.
Rigtig godt.

Henrik Gunde
Henrik Gunde Trio
Gunde & Kock


CD - The Jubilee Shows No. 96 & No. 171 - Various Artists

The Jubilee Show No. 96
AFRS program announcer:
James Lyon or Vernon Smith
Master of Ceremonies: Ernest "Bubbles" Whitman
Studios: NBC, Hollywood
Pre?recording dates: September 1944
Date of dubbing: September 11, 1944

1 Drum roll & theme: Mop (a) (1:12)
2 Introduction (b) (0:33)
3 Avenue C (b) (424)
4 More Than You Know ? v. TC (b) (428)
5 Basie Boogie (b) (2:41)
6 Harvard Blues ? v. JR (b) (2:47)
7 Comedy skit (c) (428)
8 Unidentified flourish (b) (027)
9 I'll Be Seeing You ? v. EW (b) (3:48)
10 Jumpin' at the Woodside (b) (4:38)
11 Sign off & theme: One O'Clock Jump (nc) (b) (0:42)


Probably Ed Lewis, AI Killian, Harry Edison, Joe Newman, trumpets; Dicky Wells, Ted Donelly, Louis Taylor, Eli Robinson, trombone; Earle Warren, alto sax vocal; Jimmy Powell, alto sax; Lester Young, Buddy Tate, tenor sax; Rudy Rutherford or Jack Washington, baritone sax, clarinet; Count Basie, piano, Freddie Greene, guitar; Rodney Richardson, string bass; Jo Jones, drums; Jimmy Rushing, Thelma Carpenter, vocal.

Butterfly McQueen, Jimmy Rushing, Bubbles Whitman.


The Jubilee Show No. 171
AFRS program announcer: Hugh Brundage
Master of Ceremonies: Ernest "Bubbles" Whitman
Studios: NBC, Hollywood
Pre?recording dates: January 1946 or later

12 Introduction & One O'Clock Jump (d) (1:09)
13 Queer Street (d) (143)
14 Erroll's Bounce (e) (2:41)
15 Harp Medley: Honeysuckle Rose ? I Surrender Dear ? Cow Cow Boogie (f) (4:04)
16 Come To Baby, Do ? v. KC (g) (320)
17 The Man I Love ? v. 4 (f) (4:51)
18 Yeproc Haresy ? v. SG3 (h) (4:48)
19 Those Wonderful Words (= Jimmy's Idea) (d) (3:43)
20 Sign off & One O'Clock Jump (d) (1:14)

Mannie Klein, McClure "Red Mack" Morris, Raven Mandell, Teddy Buckner, trumpets, George Washington, Carl Loeffler, Juan Tizol, trombones; Willie Smith, Les Robinson, alto sax; Corky Corcoran, Jack MeVea, tenor sax; Floyd Turnham, baritone sax; Milt Raskin, piano; Allan Reuss, guitar; Frank Clarke, string bass, Ray Hagen, drums; Jimmy Mundy, arranger.

(e) ERROLL GARNER Erroll Garner, piano solo.

Probably Robert Maxwell, harp; piano, string bass, drums, ensemble vocal.
NOTE: Some sources claim this to be the Milton Delaney Jazz Quartet or the Saldu Jazz Quartet.

Nat King Cole, piano & vocal; Oscar Moore. guitar; Johnny Miller, string bass.

Slim Gaillard, piano & vocal; Bam Brown, string bass & vocal; Leo Watson, drums & vocal.


JUBILEE was a unique series of radio entertainment designed for the guys and gals in the American Armed Forces during World War II. None of the broadcasts were heard over the regular networks in the USA.
JUBILEE was produced in Hollywood by the Armed Forces Radio Service (AFRS) and the programs were transcribed on 16" Vinylite discs which were distributed to various radio stations all over the world. Our transfers come right off these original transcriptions.

The first JUBILEE show was recorded on October 9, 1942 and the last show in the original series was assembled on February 18, 1950. The shows were broadcasted on a weekly basis, usually on Friday nights. The early JUBILEE shows heavily featured Afro?American artists; usually presided over by a fat, cherubic m.c. named Ernie "Bubbles" Whitman, wellknown to latterday audiences as band leader Jim Europe in the 1943 all?sepia feature film "Stormy Weather".

Later shows in the series were re?broadcasts of jazz concerts or regular network broadcasts and many times the announcer was a young jazz aficionado named Gene Norman. Collecting these CDs with complete JUBILEE shows is an inexpensive and handy way to return to Yesterday when radio was the King of Entertainment. They also provide an insight to an important part of American musical history during World War II and the early post?war years.

Jeg anskaffede denne plade, fordi Erroll Garner optræder solo på et enkelt nummer (Erroll's Bounce), men hele atmosfæren ved disse shows er fantastisk - det er som at blive bragt tilbage til dengang radiounderholdning var ugens højdepunkt. Alle yder deres bedste, alt er live nu og her, Nat King Cole og Count Basie mens de begge er unge og dynamiske. En skøn stemning, en skøn plade.


ELAP Music, ELAP 4651CD

Apache (Lordan)
Pepe (Wittsatt)
Drina March (Binicki)
Dolannes Melodi (De Senneville / Toussaint)
Temaet fra "Olsen Banden" (Fabricius-Bjerre)
Wheels (Petty)
Bonanza (Livingstone)
Violetta (Kolose / Lukesh)
Blå Ballon (Mure / Mynte)
Zorba (Theodorakis)
Camilla (temaet fra "Støvsugerbanden") (Fabricius-Bjerre)
La Mer (Trenet)
Amorada (De Azevedo)
Echo Boogie (Ingmann)
High Noon (Dimitri Thomkin)
Den gamle Guitar (Potger / Macaulay / Fini) (vokal: Lecia & Lucienne)


4CD - JØRGEN INGMANN - "Danish Guitar Ace" (The Metronome Years 1953-1976)

Så ankom endelig 4CD'en med Jørgen Ingman - og hvilken samling!
Jeg har løseligt lyttet numrene igennem, genkender selvfølgelig de fleste, men er alligevel imponeret over Jørgen Ingmann's store kunnen og repertoiremæssige spredning. Generelt er der en elegance og lethed i Ingmann's spil, som alene af den grund placerer ham i en klasse for sig selv. Men det er nu diverse soli - ikke mindst i samspil med andre jazzmusikere på bonus CD'en - som har gjort et særligt indtryk.
I guder, sikke en samling guitarguf - gåsehuden har ikke lagt sig endnu!

Tal i parantes er pladenummeret, samt førsteåret for pladens udgivelse.
B = single plade, et nummer pr. side
MEP = EP (Extended Play) plade (to eller flere numre pr. side)
MLP = LP (Long Playing) plade
rpm = rotations per minute (omdrejninger pr. minut)

Nogle af udgivelsesårene stemmer ikke overens med oplysningerne andetsteds i denne artikel. Det skyldes ikke sløsethed fra min side, men at forskellige kilder sommetider angiver forskellige årstal. Jeg har valgt at lade usikkerheden komme kilderne til gode.

CD 1:
1. Undecided (METRONOME B 1069, 1953) (78 rpm)
2. Dengozo (METRONOME B 1069, 1953) (78 rpm)
3. Angelina (METRONOME B 1068, 1953) (78 rpm)
4. You, You, You (METRONOME B 1068, 1953) (78 rpm)
5. Oh! (METRONOME B 1075, 1954) (78 rpm)
6. Alexander's Ragtime Band (METRONOME B 1099, 1954) (78 rpm)
7. That's A Plenty (METRONOME B 1099, 1954) (78 rpm)
8. Royal Garden Blues (METRONOME B 1100, 1954) (78 rpm)
9. Muskrat Ramble (METRONOME B 1100, 1954) (78 rpm)
10. Moonlight Cocktail (METRONOME MEP 1020, 1955)
11. Twilight Time (METRONOME MEP 1020, 1955)
12. Blue Moon (METRONOME MEP 1020, 1955)
13. Old Moon (Du Gamle Måne) (METRONOME MEP 1020, 1955)*
14. Jorgen's Boogie (METRONOME MEP 139, 1959)
15. Mean To Me (METRONOME MEP 139, 1959)
16. Blue Room (METRONOME MEP 139, 1959)
17. Pardon Me, Pretty Baby (METRONOME MEP 139, 1959)
18. Hello Joe (METRONOME MEP 1082, 1956)
19. Bye Bye Blues (METRONOME MEP 1082, 1956)
20. Some Of These Days (METRONOME MEP 1082, 1956)
21. Darktown Strutters Ball (METRONOME MEP 1082, 1956)
22. Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps (Quizas, Quizas, Quizas) (METRONOME MEP 1163, 1958)
23. Camodongo (METRONOME MEP 1163, 1958)
24. Frenezi (METRONOME MEP 1163, 1958)
25. Gigando (METRONOME MEP 1163, 1958)
26. Margie (METRONOME MEP 1162, 1959)
27. Jeepers Creepers (METRONOME MEP 1162, 1959)

Specielt for CD-1 vil jeg fremhæve "Jorgen's Boogie" (1959) som en opvisning i boogiens muligheder. Nummeret lyder på mange måder som en (og det skal absolut fortås i den positive betydning af ordet) stiløvelse i boogie - et forstudie til det senere mesterstykke "Echo Boogie" (1960).

CD 2:
1. I Can't Believe... (METRONOME MEP 1162, 1958)
2. I May Be Wrong (METRONOME MEP 1162, 1958)
3. Little Ol' Lady (METRONOME MEP 1164, 1958)
4. Stardust (METRONOME MEP 1164, 1958)
5. Two Sleepy People (METRONOME MEP 1164, 1958)
6. Rockin' Chair (METRONOME MEP 1164, 1958)
7. Trudie (METRONOME B 1315, 1959)
8. Angelina (Dalla Strada Alle Stelle) (METRONOME B 1343, 1959)
9. Side Saddle (METRONOME B 1343, 1959)
10. Cherokee (METRONOME MEP 1791, 1961)
11. Pinetop's Boogie-Woogie (METRONOME MEP 1791, 1961)
12. Anna (El Negro Zumbon) (METRONOME MEP 1791, 1961)
13. Sweet Talk (METRONOME B 1489, 1961)
14. Oceans Of Love (METRONOME B 1477, 1961)
15. Johnny's Tune (METRONOME MEP 1804, 1962)
16. Marie (METRONOME MLP 15168, 1965)
17. Alone (METRONOME MLP 15168, 1965)
18. Sleepy Time Gal (METRONOME MLP 15168, 1965)
19. Serpentina (METRONOME MLP 15168, 1965)
20. Misty (METRONOME MLP 15168, 1965)
21. Sunrise Serenade (METRONOME MLP 15168, 1965)
22. In The Shadows (METRONOME MLP 15168, 1965)
23. Little Man, You've Had A Busy Day (METRONOME MLP 15168, 1965)
24. Beyond The Sea (La Mer) (METRONOME B 1613, 1964...&...MLP 15168, 1965)
25. Jazz Me Blues (METRONOME MLP 15168, 1965)
26. Blue Sky (Blauer Himmel) (METRONOME MLP 15168, 1965)
27. Tovarisch (METRONOME B 1592, 1964...&...MLP 15168, 1965)

Favoritten på CD 2 er "Angelina" med sin italienske stemning og fine guitartekniske effekter, der for fleres vedkommende er tiår foran sin tid (men altså og i øvrigt: der er så mange perler på denne CD, at det er til at tude over).

CD 3:
1. Apache (METRONOME B 1445, 1960)
2. Echo Boogie (METRONOME B 1445, 1960)
3. Pepe (METRONOME B 1458, 1961)
4. Amorade (Brasileirinh) (METRONOME B 1458, 1961)
5. Bonanza (METRONOME MEP 1799, 1961)
6. Toy Balloons (METRONOME MEP 8804, 1962)
7. High Noon (METRONOME B 1484, 1961)
8. Camilla (METRONOME B 1545, 1963)
9. Batucada (METRONOME B 1545, 1963)
10. Drina-march (METRONOME B 1575, 1963)
11. The Missing Link (Ukraine) (METRONOME B 1575, 1963)
12. Desert March (La Longue Marche) (METRONOME B 1592, 1964)
13. The Bandit (El Bandito) (METRONOME B 1614, 1964)
14. Sahara (METRONOME B 1614, 1964)
15. Corfu (Korfu) (METRONOME B 1638, 1966)
16. Seven Roses (METRONOME B 1638, 1966)
17. Zorba (METRONOME B 1626, 1965)
18. This Is My Song (METRONOME B 1684, 1967)
19. Django (komponist:Enriques) (METRONOME B 1684, 1967)
     (ikke at forveksle med Mogens "Django" Petersen's melodi af samme navn)
20. This Guy's In Love With You (METRONOME B 1703, 1968)
21. Wishin' And Hopin' (METRONOME MLP 15345, 1969)
22. The Sea Is My Soil (METRONOME MLP 15345, 1969)
23. Summerwind (METRONOME MLP 15345, 1969)
24. Fresh Air (METRONOME B 4122, 1975)
25. Trumpet Polka (METRONOME MLP 15605, 1976)

Favoritten på CD 3 er ganske afgjort "Echo Boogie", som nærmest burde have status af boogiens elektriske mesterstykke. Men ellers indeholder CD'en numre af nyere dato.

1. How'm I Doin', Hey - Hey (TONO SP 4367, 1944)
2. Delicado (METRONOME MEP 36, 1953)
3. Samba For Sale (METRONOME MEP 12, 1952)
4. Amorada (Brasileirinho) (METRONOME MEP 11, 1952)
5. Cavaquinho (Svend Asmussen's Orkester i Herning, 1958)
6. Lullaby Of Birdland (indspillet ca. 1955, ikke tidligere udgivet)
7. Jazz Me Blues (indspillet ca. 1955, ikke tidligere udgivet)
8. Pardon Me, Pretty Baby (indspillet ca. 1955, ikke tidligere udgivet)
9. Avant De Fonnues (indspillet ca. 1955, ikke tidligere udgivet)
10. Roses Of Picardy (indspillet ca. 1955, ikke tidligere udgivet)
11. Undecided (indspillet ca. 1955, ikke tidligere udgivet)
12. I Can't Believe... (indspillet 1957, ikke tidligere udgivet)
13. Two Sleepy People (indspillet 1957, ikke tidligere udgivet)
14. Champion Cha Cha Cha (1960)
15. Muskrat Ramble (1960)
16. Milkshake Twist (1962)
17. Tarzan (Tarzan The Ape Man) (GAMMA GX 01-101, udgivet på LP i Mexico)
18. Gorilla (ATCO 45-6370, 1965, udgivet som single i USA)
19. Opus 5 (indspillet 1968, ikke tidligere udgivet)
20. Baby Elephant Walk (1968) (indspillet 1968, ikke tidligere udgivet)
21. Echo Boogie 1972 (METRONOME M 25 474, udgivet som single i Tyskland)
22. I Loved You (Dansevise) (STARBOX LX 60030, 1981)

Bonus CD'ens favorit må absolut være live-indspilningen af "Cavaquinho", hvor Jørgen Ingmann i selskab med Svend Asmussen's Kvintet giver en tour de force opvisning i guitarspil. I det hele taget indeholder bonus CD'en en række optagelser fra jazz sammenhænge, hvor Ingmann's status som jazz guitarist dokumenteres til fulde. Meget imponerende.
"Echo Boogie 1972" fortjener et ord med på vejen. Det er den originale indspilning fra 1960 med tilføjet bas og trommer. Det har givet nummeret et punch som virkelig klæder.

Kort beskrivelse

Jørgen Ingmann: Jeg er lykkelig

Jørgen Ingmann - dansk guitarist i verdensklasse      (JEG ER..........LYKKELIG).

Jørgen Ingmann - guitarist i verdensklasse

Og er der sang i dit hjerte...


CD ELVIS PRESLEY - "Elvis Presley"
ND 89046

Blue Moon CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
Blue suede shoes CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
I got a woman CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
I love you because CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
I'll never let you go CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
I'm counting on you CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
I'm gonna sit right down and cry CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
Just because CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
Money Honey CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
One-sided love affair CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
Tryin' to get to you CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)
Tutti Frutti CD "Elvis Presley" (ND 89046)


CD - ELVIS PRESLEY - "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"

A big hunk o' love CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Also sprach Zarathrustra CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
American trilogy CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Blue suede shoes CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Burning love CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Can't help falling in love CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Fever CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Hound dog CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
I can't stop loving you CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
I'll remember you CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
I'm so lonesome I could cry CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
It's over CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Johnny B. Goode CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Long Tall Sally CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Love me CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
My way CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
See see rider CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Something CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Steamroller blues CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Suspicious minds CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Welcome to my world CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
What now my love CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
Whole lotta shaking going on CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"
You gave me a mountain CD "Elvis Aloha from Hawaii via Satellite"


CD - ELVIS PRESLEY - "Always on my mind" ELVIS

The ultimate love songs collection

A fool such as I CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Always on my mind CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
And I love you so CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Are you lonesome tonigt CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Bridge over troubled water CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Can't help falling in love CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Fever CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Gentle on my mind CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Help me make it through the night CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
I just can't help believin' CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
It's now or never CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
It's only love CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Kentucky Rain CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Let it be me CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Love letters CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Love me CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Love me tender CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Loving you
She's not you CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Spanish Eyes CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Surrender CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Suspicion CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
Suspicious minds CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
The girl of my best friend CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
The wonder of you CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley
You don't have to say you love me CD "Always on my mind" Elvis Presley


CD - ELVIS PRESLEY - "ELVIS" Elvis Presley
(udgivet af dagbladet BT)

All shook up (Blackwell/Presley)
Blue Suede Shoes (Carl Perkins)
Don't be cruel (Blackwell/Presley)
Hound Dog (Leiber/Stoller)
Jailhouse Rock (Leiber/Stoller)
Lawdy Miss Clawdy (Lloyd Price)
Return to sender (Blackwell/Scott)
That's all right (A. Crudup)


CD - SØREN SEBBER LARSEN - "Somewhere down the line"
- SSL 00004

1. So much love 3:14
2. Lush and Mellow 0:32
3. Mexican Eyes 3:52
4. Jennie 4:38
5. Jeg vil aldrig glemme 4:52
6. Sadness 3:10
7. Skat det er længe siden 1:55
8. 76 Theme 0:38
9. Camilla 3:08
10. Times 3:31
11. Somewhere down the line 2:00

Tekst & Musik af Søren Sebber Larsen

Kort Nyt 2003.Sept.25
Vi hepper på Sebber!
Overskriften hentyder til komponist og musiker Søren Sebber Larsen's forkærlighed for rappe slogans.
Men ellers er Sebber et gammelt bekendtskab fra musikkens verden, og derfor er det også kun rimeligt med en kort anmeldelse af hans to seneste udgivelser.

Den ene er CD'en "Somewhere down the Line", som hører til i den afdeling, hvor man roligt kan læne sig tilbage og kigge op i loftet eller for den sags skyld lukke øjnene - der bliver tid til det hele. Det er sange i moderat eller langsomt tempo, og Sebber - der synger alle stemmer og spiller de fleste instrumenter - formår at lægge nogle høreværdige arrangementer frem, hvor også sjælen er med.
En del af numrene er med engelsk tekst og en del er med dansk, men alle er de selvskrevne - og velskrevne.
Personlig foretrækker jeg så afgjort de danske, fordi numrene derved bliver mere nærværende, f.eks. "Camilla" - den pige som pladen er dedikeret til.
"Mexican Eyes" er en ørehænger som diverse radioer har lukket ind i varmen, mens et nummer som "Times" glider ubemærket ned i baggrunden.
"Lush and Mellow" er tredive sekunders a capella med Beach Boys inspireret sang.
"Jennie" er sangen om den første kærlighed, hvor Robby Turner hjælper ikke så lidt til på steel guitar.
En del af numrene har en lidt blå stemning som - tilsigtet eller ej - kan sætte sit præg på hele produktionen. Derfor vil jeg foreslå at fremtidige projekter indeholder et up-tempo nummer, f.eks. en dunkende dansk ørehænger til at trække farven over mod rød.
Ellers er det en vel arrangeret og vel spillet produktion, som lover godt for kommende projekter.
Det ser vi frem til!
CD - "Somewhere down the Line" Søren Sebber Larsen, SSL 00004
Hvad blev der af Charlie?


CD - MONIQUE & SØREN - "Feel like making love"

1. Feel like making love
2. You are everything
3. On the radio
4. Emotions
5. Natural Woman
6. Ain't no Sunshine
7. Will you still love me tomorrow
8. Something to talk about
9. I can't make you love me
10. You've got a friend
11. Get here

Monique Spartalis - lead vocal & kor
SSL - guitarer, flygel, Fender Rhodes & vocal
Indspillet i Mox Studios, Vanløse, marts 2001

Kort Nyt 2003.Sept.25
Den anden CD er lavet sammen med sangerinden Monique:
I forbindelse med en TV-produktion i 1998 opstår denne duo ret tilfældigt, da Monique og Søren omkring et flygel finder ud af, at de faktisk holder af de samme sange fra deres - nå ja - ungdomsår. Søren forslår om de dog ikke skal berige de små cafeer og lignende med et repertoire bestående af romantiske velskrevne sange.

Og det gør de så.
Det drejer sig om sange som "On the Radio", "You've got a Friend" og "Will you still love me Tomorrow", alle i arrangementer med ganske få instrumenter (spillet af Sebber), der giver plads til det vokale. Der er med andre ord indlagt en vis afstand til originaludgaverne.
Samtlige numre viser Monique som en overmåde dygtig sangerinde med vel polerede og vel kontrollerede fraseringer, f.eks. "Natural Woman", hvor hun akkompagneret af et klaver synger så stjernerne blegner.
Musik- og sangteknisk er der klasse over foretagendet, og når Monique udover sit ubestridelige sangtalent tillige fremtræder som en smuk og attraktiv kvinde, burde alle døre stå åbne. Hvis man derfor betragter projektet ud fra, hvad det giver sig ud for - et repertoire bestående af romantiske velskrevne sange - må man sige at forventningerne er opfyldt.
Godt og vel endda.
CD - "Feel like making Love" Monique & Søren, M&S00001
Monique & Søren


CD "Most wanted Julehits" Vol.II 1996

3 CD med julesange (div. kunstnere) udgivet af ugebladet "Se & Hør"

Tuborg-Jingle Se&Hør CD 1.1
Last Christmas (Wham) Se&Hør CD 1.2
White Christmas (I'm dreaming of a) (Bing Crosby) Se&Hør CD 1.3
Den himmelbå (Shu-bi-dua) Se&Hør CD 1.4
O come all ye faithful (Art Garfunkel) Se&Hør CD 1.5
Christmas time again (Big Fat Snake) Se&Hør CD 1.6
Jul igen (Dan Turell & Halfdan E.) Se&Hør CD 1.7
Dejlig er jorden (Gasolin) Se&Hør CD 1.8
Merry Christmas baby (Chuck Berry) Se&Hør CD 1.9
When a child is born (Gladys Knight & Johnny Mathis) Se&Hør CD 1.10
Christmas in New Orleans (Louis Armstrong) Se&Hør CD 1.11
A Christmas lovesong (Manhattan Transfer) Se&Hør CD 1.12
Jul på Vimmersvej (Bamse) Se&Hør CD 1.13
Winter wonderland (Pat Boone) Se&Hør CD 1.14
The Christmas song (Mel Torme) Se&Hør CD 1.15
Give love on a Christmas day (New Edition) Se&Hør CD 1.16
Let there be peace on Earth (Vince Gill) Se&Hør CD 1.17

Happy Christmas (war is over) (Kick Allstars) Se&Hør CD 2.1
Rocking around the Christmas tree (Brenda Lee) Se&Hør CD 2.2
Mary's boychild (Smokie) Se&Hør CD 2.3
Jul det' cool (Mc Einar) Se&Hør CD 2.4
Jingle Bell Rock (Bobby Helms) Se&Hør CD 2.5
Silent Night, Holy Night (Mahalia Jackson) Se&Hør CD 2.6
Santa in the backseat (Backseat Boys) Se&Hør CD 2.7
Have yourself a merry little Christmas (Shawn Colvin) Se&Hør CD 2.8
For you to remember (Sound of seduction) Se&Hør CD 2.9
Santa Claus is coming to town (Andrew Sisters & Bing Crosby) Se&Hør CD 2.10
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow (Doris Day) Se&Hør CD 2.11
O holy night (Patti Labelle) Se&Hør CD 2.12
Feliz Navidad (The Beatmas) Se&Hør CD 2.13
We wish you a Merry Christmas (The Weavers) Se&Hør CD 2.14
It may be winter outside (Christmas mix) (S-Connection Feat. Anabelle) Se&Hør CD 2.15
Nu tændes tusind julelys (Kurt Ravn) Se&Hør CD 2.16

Søren Banjomus (Otto Brandenburg) Se&Hør CD 3.1
På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød (John Mogensen) Se&Hør CD 3.2
Jeg så julemanden kysse mor (Bjarne Liller) Se&Hør CD 3.3
Nissernes vagtparade (Poul Reichardt) Se&Hør CD 3.4
Højt fra træets grønne top (Oswald Helmuth) Se&Hør CD 3.5
Nu har vi altså jul igen (Erik Paaske) Se&Hør CD 3.6
Sikken voldsom trængsel og alarm (Gustav Winkler) Se&Hør CD 3.7
Der er noget i luften (Daimi) Se&Hør CD 3.8
Det kimer nu til julefest (Lecia & Lucienne) Se&Hør CD 3.9
Jeg så julemanden kysse mor (Grete Ingmann) Se&Hør CD 3.10
Skal vi klippe vore julehjerter sammen (Dorthe Kollo & Eugen Tajmer) Se&Hør CD 3.11
Julen har bragt velsignet bud (Allan Mortensen) Se&Hør CD 3.12
På loftet sidder nissen med sin julegrød (Jørgen Ingmann) Se&Hør CD 3.13
Juletræet med sin pynt (Det Danske Drengekor) Se&Hør CD 3.14


CD "Hej Frede!" (Junior's CD)

Fredes sang CD "Hej Frede"" 1
Avia Tahavia CD "Hej Frede!" 2
I en skov en hytte lå CD "Hej Frede!" 3
Misse var slank CD "Hej Frede" 4
Dyrene i Afrika CD "Hej Frede" 5
En pige gik i enge CD "Hej Frede!" 6
ABC CD "Hej Frede!" 7
Kejseren af Kinesiens land CD "Hej Frede!" 8
Der var en gammel gubbe CD "Hej Frede!" 9
Kasper og Jesper og Jonathan (Røvervisen) CD "Hej Frede!" 10
Røvervisen (Kasper og Jesper og Jonathan) CD "Hej Frede!" 10
I banken ligger tyve millioner CD "Hej Frede!" 11
Nikki Snakki Mussi Mussi CD "Hej Frede!" 12
En lille frø i mosen sad CD "Hej Frede!" 13
Ost er musens allerbedste mad CD "Hej Frede!" 14
Snemand Frost og Frøken Tø CD "Hej Frede!" 15
Tinge-linge-later CD "Hej Frede!" 16
En lille nisse rejste CD "Hej Frede!" 17
Mæh, si'r det lille lam CD "Hej Frede!" 18
Altid frejdig når du går CD "Hej Frede!" 19


CD "Åh Abe" (Junior's CD)

Aben (Åh abe) CD "Åh Abe" 1
Elefantens vuggevise (Sov sødt, lille Jumbo) CD "Åh Abe" 2
Sur, sur, sur CD "Åh Abe" 3
Højt på en gren en krage CD "Åh Abe" 4
Lille føl, ved du hvad? CD "Åh Abe" 5
Posemandens bil CD "Åh Abe" 6
Mester Jakob CD "Åh Abe" 7
Jeg har fanget mig en myg / Lille Peter Edderkop CD "Åh Abe" 8
Se min kjole CD "Åh Abe" 9
Solen er så rød, mor CD "Åh Abe" 10
Pippi Langstrømpe CD "Åh Abe" 11
Bro, Bro, Brille CD "Åh Abe" 12
Hør den lille stær CD "Åh Abe" 13
Den lille frække Frederik CD "Åh abe" 14
Bjerget i skoven CD "Åh Abe" 15
Verden er så stor, så stor CD "Åh Abe" 16
Jens Hansens bondegård CD "Åh Abe" 17


CD - "Tangokat"

Min kat den danser tango CD "Tangokat" 1
Bjørnen sover CD "Tangokat" 2
Jeg er en glad lille cowboy CD "Tangokat" 3
Bim Bam Busse CD "Tangokat" 4
Røverne fra Rold CD "Tangokat" 5
Heksemutter CD "Tangokat" 6
Hvem vil ikke gerne være kat CD "Tangokat" 7
Jamaica CD "Tangokat" 8
Pjerrot og månen CD "Tangokat" 9
Mallebrok er død i krigen CD "Tangokat" 10
Oppe i Norge / Fastelavn er mit navn CD "Tangokat" 11
Jeg en gård mig bygge vil CD "Tangokat" 12
Tordenskjold CD "Tangokat" 13
Rapanden Rasmus CD "Tangokat" 14
Alabadoster CD "Tangokat" 15
Go'måren, go'måren (Godmorgen God morgen) CD "Tangokat" 16
Du må få min sofacykel CD "Tangokat" 17
Åh, Karl-Åge (Oh Susanna) CD "Tangokat" 18
Tyggegummikongen Bobbel CD "Tangokat" 19
Tre små soldater CD "Tangokat" 20
Enebærbusken CD "Tangokat" 21
Butiksleg CD "Tangokat" 22
Nu er jord og himmel stille (= "Fjäriln vingad syns på Haga") CD "Tangokat" 23


CD - Jazz at The Pawnshop

Everything happpens to me
High life
I'm confessin'
Jeeps blues
Lady be good
Limehouse blues
Take five

Arne Domnerus - altsaxofon og klarinet
Bengt Hallberg - piano
Lars Estrand - vibrafon og marimba
Georg Riedel - kontrabas
Egil Johansen - trommer

Optaget 6-7 dec. 1976 på Stampen Jazzhus i Stockholm
Tekniker - Gert Palmcrantz
Producer - Jacob Boëthius
Jazz at The Pawnshop


CD - DUKE ELLINGTON & His Orchestra - "Satin Doll"

1. Jeep's Blues (recorded Sweden Sept. '59)
2. Pyramid (recorded Sweden Febr. '63)
3. La Plus Belle Africaine (recorded Copenhagen Febr. '66)
4. Perdido (recorded live in Gothenburg Sweden, November 6, 1958)
5. Black Butterfly (Stockholm Nov. '69)
6. Medley (recorded live in Gothenburg Sweden, November 6, 1958):
-------------- In a sentimental mood
-------------- Mood Indigo
-------------- I'm beginning to see the light
-------------- I got it bad and that ain't good
-------------- Just squeeze me
-------------- It don't mean a thing
-------------- Solitude
7. Satin Doll (recorded live in Gothenburg Sweden, November 6, 1958)
8. Isfahan (recorded Stockholm, November 4, 1969)
9. Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue
-------------- (recorded live in Gothenburg Sweden, November 6, 1958)

Besætning står angivet på CD omslag, se dette


CD "My Fair Lady"
(originalopt. fra 1960 med bl.a. Mogens Wieth og Gerda Gilboe)

1. Ouverture
2. Hvorfor kan folk dog ikke tale sproget rent?
3. Det var vel vidunderligt! (Wouldn't it be loverly)
4. Med lidt lykke og lidt held (With a little bit of luck)
5. Jeg er en ganske enkel mand
6. Bare vent, Henry Higgins!
7. En snegl på vej'n (The rain in Spain)
8. Jeg kunne danse nu (I could have danced all night)
9. Ascot Gavotte
10. På den vej hvor du bor (On the street where you live)
11. De gjorde det!
12. Vis det!
13. Tag og følg mig lidt på vej (Get me to the church in time)
14. Hymne til ham (Hvorfor er kvinder ikke som mænd)
15. Uden Dem!
16. Jeg havde vænnet mig til alt (I've grown accustomed to her face)
17. Finale

PINAFORE (uddrag) (originalopt. fra 1958 med bl.a. Lise Ringheim og Kirsten Rolffes)
18. Pinafore

Jubilæumsspillet 1999

My Fair Lady



Coconut Drive CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Darling be home soon CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Did you ever have to make up your mind CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Didn't want to have to do it CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Do you believe in magic CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Nashville Cats CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Night Owl Blues CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Rain on the roof CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Six o'clock CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Summer in the city CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Tug band music CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
You didn't have to be so nice CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"
Younger girl CD "LOVIN' SPOONFUL"


CD "Pa- Papegøje"

Jeg er en papegøje fra Amerika CD "Pa-Papegøje" 1
Spørge-Jørgen CD "Pa-Papegøje" 2
Der sad to katte på et bord CD "Pa-Papegøje" 3
I skovens dybe, stille ro CD "Pa-Papegøje" 4
Jeg gik mig over sø og land CD "Pa-Papegøje" 5
I en kælder sort som kul CD "Pa-Papegøje" 6
Tre små kinesere CD "Pa-Papegøje" 7
Ti små cyklister CD "Pa-Papegøje" 8
Hønsefødder og gulerødder CD "Pa-Papegøje" 9
Mariehønen Evigglad CD "Pa-Papegøje" 10
Op lille Hans CD "Pa-Papegøje" 11
Oles nye autobil CD "Pa-Papegøje" 12
I østen stiger solen op CD "Pa-Papegøje" 13
Lille sky gik morgentur CD "Pa-Papegøje" 14
Fra Engeland til Skotland CD "Pa-Papegøje" 15
Hundred' mus med haler på CD "Pa-Papegøje" 16
Hist, hvor vejen slår en bugt CD "Pa-Papegøje" 17
Tre små fisk CD "Pa-Papegøje" 18
Se dig for / På en grøn bakketop CD "Pa-Papegøje" 19
Se den lille kattekilling CD "Pa-Papegøje" 20


CD "Stedsegrønne Melodier"
m. syngepigerne Tove, Kirsten & Ulla & Arne Ravn's Kvartet

1. Send en hilsen (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
2. Kærlighed med "K" (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
3. Den dag da Dorthe drak dus (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
4. Vis mig en vej (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
5. Det pusler allevegne (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
6. Mænd er pigers bedste legetøj (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
7. Rosa Rosa Nina (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
8. Der var engang (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
9. Han kommer og banker (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
10. En lille hvid sky der græd (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
11. Visen om atten svaner (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
12. København (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
13. I min lille blomsterverden (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
14. Kallemand (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
15. Bare for at få et glimt af dig (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)

Arne Ravn's Kvartet: Arne Ravn - kapelmester & Pianist
---------------------------- Lars Blach - guitarist
---------------------------- Elo "Luffe" Lindhardsen - bassist
---------------------------- Jan Jerichau - janitshar.
Alle numre arrangeret af Arne Ravn.

trommeslager ved Grete's føds. 1998.08.08: Henning Welleius (udt. Vi-lej-us);
(jeg er ikke sikker på stavningen af hans efternavn).
Spillede på et lille ASBA sæt, som lød fantastisk godt.


CD "Det ville glæde os at høre..."
med syngepigerne Tove, Kirsten & Ulla & pianisten Arne Ravn

1. Rødkælkens sang (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
2. Husaren - jeg er ligeglad (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
3. Det er så synd for farmand (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
4. Jeg er zigeuner (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
5. Han ska' altid ha' hele familien med (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
6. Åh hjælp mig Madonna (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
7. Halvfemserne (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
8. Den danske sommer (sunget af Tove Pedersen m. Arne Ravn's Kvartet)
9. Rue de la Sax (sunget af Ulla Larsen) (= La Seine / Sangen om Paris)
10. Et lille kys eller to (sunget af Tove Pedersen) (= Åh hvor jeg, ih hvor jeg)
11. Det svage køn (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
12. Kære Kaj (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
13. En dejlig dag (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
14. Den der opfandt manden (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
15. Tante Agathe (sunget af Ulla Larsen m. Arne Ravn's Kvartet)
16. Den arbejdsløses sang (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
17. Syngepigernes slagsang (sang: syngepigerne) (tekst Ulla Larsen, musik Arne Ravn)

Tove, Ulla & Yvonne


CD - med Syngepigerne Tove, Kirsten & Ulla & pianisten Arne Ravn
"Musik og sang med Bakkeklang"

1. Vil du med os en tur på Bakken (Bakkevalsen) (sang: Tove, Kirsten og Ulla)
2. På min lysegrønne ø (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
3. Bag de gamle røde porte (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
4. Lige midt imellem (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
5. I den gamle pavillon (sunget af Tove, Kirsten og Ulla)
6. Det er Bakken det drejer sig om (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
7. De sidste tredive år (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
8. Den ligger derhjemme (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
9. Her er vi igen (sunget af Tove, Kirsten og Ulla)
10. Lillemor på Lyngbyvej (sunget af Ulla Larsen)
11. Så kender jeg mit Klampenborg (sunget af Tove Pedersen)
12. Køb blomster, køb blomster (sunget af Tove, Kirsten og Ulla)
13. Den er hjemmelavet (sunget af Kirsten de Neergaard)
14. Pjerrot, Pjerrot (sunget af Tove Pedersen) (tekst Tove Pedersen, musik Arne Ravn)
15. Op at stå (sunget af Tove, Kirsten og Ulla)

Tove og Ulla


CD - Arne Ravn - "49 minutter" - ARCD 2002

I foråret 2004 kom Arne Ravn's solo CD 49 minutter, som han selv kalder et musikalsk visitkort - og et bedre visitkort kan man dårligt tænke sig. Pladen er solo klaver hele vejen igennem, men dette til trods er der masser af variation og dynamik i numrene. De strækker sig fra musicals over standardmelodier og swingende evergreens til vild honky tonk på forstemt klaver. Frem for alt er der stil over foretagendet.
Ravnen flyver stadig!

1. Memory (fra "Cats") (2:53)
2. West Side Story potpourri (5:07):
     I feel pretty
3. Puttin' on the Ritz / When I'm sixty-four (2:50)
4. The Sentinel (2:40)
5. Honky Tonk potpourri (5:12):
     Music music music
     Alexanders Ragtime Band
     If you knew Suzie
     Don't fence me in
6. In the Mood (2:08)
7. Avanti (2:55)
8. En aften i Tivoli / Når kastanjen står i blomst på Rådhuspladsen (3:18)
9. It's been a long long time / Dream a little dream of me / A kiss to build a dream on (5:34)
10. Københavner-potpourri (7:37):
     Smil Københavner
     Nyboders pris
     Nyhavn Nyhavn
     Det er her på Nørrebro det foregår
     Erindrer De, det var i Kongens Have
     Islands Brygge
     København København
     Er København den samme
11. Ragtime (2:36)
12. Alley Cat / Blå time (3:14)
13. En enkel melodi til dig (3:00)

Arne Ravn & Syngepigerne


CD - THE ANIMALS "Live at the Club a Gogo"
(Eric Burdon (vocals),
Bryan "Chas" Chandler (bass guitar),
Alan Price (keyboards),
Hilton Valentine (guitar),
John Steel (drums).

1. Let it rock (Berry)
2. Gotta find my baby (Frazier)
3. Bo Diddley (McDaniel)
4. Almost grown (Berry)
5. Dimples (Hooker)
6. Boom Boom
7. C. Jam Blues (D. Ellington)


CD - THE ANIMALS - "The singles plus"
(Eric Burdon (vocals),
Bryan "Chas" Chandler (bass guitar),
Alan Price (keyboards),
Hilton Valentine (guitar),
John Steel (drums).

1. Baby let me take you home (Russell/Farrell)
2. Gonna send you back to Walker (Matthews/Hammond Jr.)
3. House of the rising sun (trad. arr. Price)
4. Talkin' 'bout you (Charles)
5. I'm crying (Price/Burdon)
6. Take it easy (Price/Burdon)
7. Don't let me be misunderstood (Benjamin/Marcus/Caldwell)
8. Club a GoGo (Burdon/Price)
9. Bring it on home to me (Cooke)
10. For Miss Caulker (Burdon)
11. We've gotta get out of this place (Mann/Weil)
12. I can't believe it (Burdon)
13. It's my life (Atkins/D'Errico)
14. I'm going to change the world (Burdon)
15. Bury my body (arr. Price)
16. Dimples (Hooker)
17. She said yeah (Jackson/Christy)
18. The right time (Herman)
19. Bright lights, big city (Reed)
20. Let the good times roll (Lee)


CD - CHRIS FARLOWE "Dig the Buzz"

Numrene fra Dig the Buzz CD'en er alle indspillet i perioden 1962-65, og inkluderer dermed Chris Farlowe's første LP, hvor han bliver bakket op af de fabelagtige Thunderbirds. Jeg var så heldig at opleve både ham og gruppen i Le Carrousel i 1967, hvor de gjorde et stærkt indtryk. Stormy Monday Blues med Farlowe og hans kompetente musikere glemmer man ikke lige med det samme. For selvom han bestemt ikke har verdens største stemme, er MÅDEN han bruger den, kombineret med den ydmyge - næsten generte - fremtoning af en kvalitet som ikke er hverdagskost i musikbranchen.

Problemet med Farlowe er måske, at han står med et ben i hver lejr. Han er ikke nogen rigtig bluesdreng - dertil er han for pæn. Og han er ikke nogen rigtig poppedreng - dertil er han for grim. Derfor har pladeselskaber og managers igennem årene skiftevis stoppet ham ned i den ene kategori og skiftevis i den anden. I kraft af vedholdenhed og et ubestrideligt talent har han holdt ved, kun afbrudt af perioder med pleje af den antikvitetsforretning, som i alle årene har været mødested for samlere af medaljer, gamle pistoler og andet militært isenkram.

Jeg anskaffede Buzz-pladen for en måned siden, og kan kun sige at den står distancen. Musikerne gør stadig indtryk, og bluesfornemmelsen er ægte og gedigen. Og så er der jo desuden alle rhythm 'n' blues numrene, hvor musikerne gi'r den en på frakken - for slet ikke at tale om de regulære popnumre, som kalder minderne frem.
At høre pladen er som at være tilbage i Karrusellen dengang det hele var på toppen.
Chris Farlowe inklusive.
Kurt Starlit, nov. 2004

Chris Farlowe & The Thunderbirds
Dig the Buzz: Complete recordings 1962-65

Track Listings
1. Air Travel
2. I Remember
3. Push Push
4. Blue Beat - The Beazers
5. I Wanna Shout - The Beazers
6. Girl Trouble
7. Itty Bitty Pieces
8. Just a Dream
9. What You Gonna Do
10. Hey Hey Hey Hey
11. Hound Dog
12. Reelin' and Rockin'
13. Voodoo
14. Buzz With the Fuzz
15. You're the One
16. Stormy Monday Blues, Pt. 1
17. Stormy Monday Blues, Pt. 2
18. She's Alright
Chris Farlowe UK

The Original CF Fanpage

Dig the Buzz


Samlingen udvides mere eller mindre systematisk.
Et par af de plader, som endnu mangler at blive indtastet:

Chicago Blues Reunion (DVD & CD), "Buried alive in the blues" (Harvey Mandel, Barry Goldberg m.fl.)
Yul Andersen, Tivoli Concert (klavermanden fra Købmagergade)
Toots Thielemans, "Jazz in Paris"
John McLaughlin Trio, "Live at The Royal Festival Hall"
Thomas Koppel, "Improvisations"
Monday Night Big Band, "Live from Paradise"
Al Kooper, "Black Coffee"
Cliff Richard & The Drifters (1959), "Cliff"
Rosenberg Trio, "Tribute to Django" (hollandsk guitar-trio; har ingen relation til Asger Rosenberg)
plus (alt for) mange flere....



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