Date: 2020.May.13
From: Kevin Parrott
To: CykelKurt
Subject: Musikhuset Aage Jensen

I was the guitar player in Denmark with Nalle & The Big Sound during 1966/1967.

I enjoyed reading the story about Aage Jensen as I often visited the store at Glostrup to buy my strings and cables. I also bought a Fender Telecaster guitar.

The manager at that shop was called Harry Jensen (no relation), and I was also friendly with Aage's daughter Annemette Jensen. It was nice to read her story about Aage and the company.

If you are in touch with her, please could you pass on my best wishes.

Kevin Parrott
Glossop, England


Aage Jensen kvittering (receipt)

Kevin Parrott & Fender Jaguar




Hi Kevin,
thanks for writing, I'm glad you liked the Aage Jensen article.

It is an attempt to tell the story of a man and his company. It is still changing, as I receive ongoing information from various people, so check in once in a while.

About Nalle & The Big Sound, I heard them in a Copenhagen youth club on a winter's day in 1966. It was easy to tell the inspiration was American soul, as Nalle and his crew played all the famous songs like "In The Midnight Hour", "Mr. Pitiful", "I Can't Turn You Loose" and many more. It gave me the impression that he liked soul much more than rock. This was not the usual thing in those days (maybe not later either).

Concerning Annemette Jensen, I am still in contact with her, a lot of the info on Aage's web page is thanks to her. I shall let her know you sent your greetings.

Again, thank you very much for writing, I'm only happy to let people know that someone like Aage Jensen was around.

Kurt Starlit
aka CykelKurt




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