Date: 2015.March.29
From: Marc Stager
To: CykelKurt
Subject: Ingmann article

To whom this concerns:

I was wondering if your article about Jorgen Ingmann is available in a good English translation - Google's is not very good.

I enjoy his music very much, have found most of his albums here in NYC.

Thank you very much and best regards,

Marc Stager
Stager Sound Systems,
New York City




Hi Marc,
thanks for asking about Jorgen Ingmann, I guess you have heard the sad news that a few days ago he passed away, just one month before turning 90.

He was a shy person, very difficult to get an interview with, I certainly would love to ask him about the recordings he made way back in the 1950s (five track recording that is, previous to most other guitarists, except maybe Les Paul). In those days he was playing all the instruments by himself on all tracks.

Back to your question, I recently made a swift but hopefully reasonable translation of the Jorgen Ingmann webpage. Enjoy!

Best regards

Kurt Starlit
aka CykelKurt


So you live in this marvellous city, for your info we made a trip over there in 2004.




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