Why write about yourself?
Because long periods of my past is a mess - much has happened in a short time. Therefore I decided to find out when, why and why not....sort of mental massage, you could say.

If my story after reading still appears a bit confusing - maybe even selfcontradictionary - it is not done intentionally, neither is it attempted to avoid. This is simply how I remember those days.



Please note:
The following pages (sites) in English are UNDER CONSTRUCTiON.
This means that, so far, only a minor number of pages (sites) are translated.
In the meantime, try Google Translate.



The Story of Kurt, 1947-2007

School & Neighbourhood 1955-75 (not yet translated)

The history of Hellebækgård, count's estate & boardingschool (not yet translated)


Historical Index in Danish