To travel is to live, H.C. Andersen wrote, and certainly he has got a point. Although I love Denmark most of all (countries), it always gave me a special feeling to experience an often strange world outside my own country.

A lot of people has been writing on travelling, therefore I cannot contribute with anything new in this respect, except maybe that these experiences are mine personally. They may be right, they may be wrong, but they are mine. Enjoy!


            H.C. Andersen outside Copenhagen at the age of 14
            Drawing by Claus Seidel


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Florida 1992

Wallonia 1995 (not yet translated)

Paris 1997 (not yet translated)

Prague 2002 (not yet translated)

New York, New York 2004

Rome 2006 (not yet translated)

London 2007 (not yet translated)

Madeira 2008 (not yet translated)

Berlin 2010

Barcelona 2010 (not yet translated)

Hamburg 2012 (not yet translated)

Copenhagen 2012


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