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Trade unions, isn't that something belonging to an obscure past?

Well, if you only knew trade unions from paper headlines, it certainly could look like that. Fortunately, a lot more is happening. For example, you'll find a shop steward in most Danish companies negotiating wages and working conditions for the staff employed.

At the same time membership of a union works like a personal relation between colleges. Together we're strong, divided we're an easy target - that's understood. For this reason the trade union movement also - apart from the economic aspect - has got a value for each individual and his self-esteem.

There's a political side of the coin as well: The ultimate goal of trade unions is a society with room for everyone. Let's hope (at least I do) that they live long enough to see this come true!



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DEMKO, the story of the old "brickyard" (not yet translated).

DEMKO Club, Technician's Club (not yet translated)

DFF Congress 1997 (not yet translated)

Italian Strike (not yet translated)

The New Zealand Experiment, an experiment,
          which was also considered in Denmark (not yet translated).

          Alternate ("yellow") unions never turned out to be what they pretended to be (not yet translated).

Blocade Ban,
          Danish right-wing parties were considering a ban on blocades (not yet translated).

Demonstration at the Christiansborg Castle,
          as demanded by the unions (not yet translated).

The Right to Strike,
          Does the agreement on local agreement really work? (not yet translated)

The Necessary Discussion, interviewing Kurt Hansen,
          former left-wing politician and activist (not yet translated).

Photographic Fragments, interviewing Finn Svensson,
          photographer at communist newspaper, "Land & Folk" (country & people) (not yet translated).



Trade Union Movement in Danish

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