You can keep a fish in its aquarium,
and you can keep a dog in a leash,
but the wild birds should be experienced in a free and unrestrained nature.
We are litteraly moving out to observe
these flying creatures in their own habitat.

Danish name, English name, Latin name, location for first observation
DK-name, UK-name, Latin name, First observation

"Raven" by Malene Burmeister
Acrylic on canvas, 74 x 52 cm


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The following pages are UNDER CONSTRUCTiON.
This means that, so far, only a minor number of pages are translated into English.
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Bird Observations by CykelKurt (not yet translated).

Bird Observations on the Faroes (not yet translated).

A letter for Danish Ornithologist Union
          After the 2001 Faroe trip, CykelKurt was still wondering (not yet translated).

Game Legislation for Faroe Islands (not yet translated)

Faroese Bird Names (not yet translated)

Pied Faroe Raven

Beek Duty, a devlish habit (not yet translated).

The Raven, a general description.

Bird with an Imagination
          The intelligence of the raven is demonstrated (not yet translated).

Bird of the Gods,
          translation into Danish of a Swedish film on the Raven (not yet translated).

Ravens staying for the Night, a report (not yet translated).

Dear Knud!, letters to and from a crow-specialist (not yet translated).

Re-immigration of the Raven by S.U. Thomsen (not yet translated).

Defending Moesgaard, our greatest notability on the Raven (not yet translated).

Behrends, yet another Raven expert (not yet translated).

The Zoo Raven, a letter concerning this bird (not yet translated).

Clever Crows knows what to do (not yet translated).

Crows of the World

The Heron Man, 1 and The Heron Man, 2, a character with a gift (not yet translated).

Happy murderers, defended by Danish author Klaus Rifbjerg (not yet translated).

Bird Song 1 and Bird Song 2, recordings (not yet translated).

Raven Photos by CykelKurt.


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