Drawing from the comic book "Hjertekval og Cykelfeber" (heart-anguish and bike-fever) by Niels Roland & Per Vadmand.
The book, which was no. 9 in a series, was released in 1997.

From left, the square shaped speech bubble says:
"This may sound like a chronicle of the 1950s, but the fact is that this story takes its beginning in 1997,
some time after Gunnar has returned from Saint Petersburg in Russia...."

The star-shaped speech bubble in the middle says: "We're in the mood and we're high."
This is the first line of a well-known Danish 6D song: "Seksdagesvalsen" - The SixDays Waltz.

The third speech bubble to the right says: "Oh yeah, we're really in the mood tonight here at the Forum,
and much to our delight, team number 7 (the Danish favourites) has just broken out and left the peloton behind."


Do you remember.... Willy Falck Hansen ("Spejderen" - the scout)       Par nr. 7 (team no. 7)       Kay Werner (Denmark)       Evan Klamer (Denmark)       Hans E. Andresen ("Hønseavleren" - the chicken breeder)       Palle Lykke (Denmark)       Freddie Eugen (Denmark)       Niels Fredborg (Denmark)       Kim G. Svendsen (Denmark)       Ole Ritter (Denmark)       Gert Frank (Denmark)       Hans-Henrik Ørsted (Denmark)       Jens Veggerby (Denmark)       Jimmi Madsen (Denmark)       Jakob Piil (Denmark)       Tayeb Braikia (Denmark)       Michael Sandstød (Denmark)       Michael Mørkøv (Denmark)       Alex Rasmussen (Denmark)       Marc Hester (Denmark)       Lasse Norman (Denmark)       Danny Clark (Australia)       Reginald Arnold (Australia)       The flying Dutchmen       René Pijnen (Holland)       Peter Post ("Der Kaiser") (Holland)       Gerrit Schulte ("The Iron Man") (Holland)       Leo Duyndam (Holland)       Robert Slippens (Holland)       Danny Stam (Holland)       Peter Schep (Holland)       Achille Bruneel (Belgium)       Rik van Steenbergen (Belgium)       Emile Severeyns (Belgium)       Patrick Sercu (Belgium)       Etienne Dewilde (Belgium)       Iljo Keisse (Belgium)       Lucien Gillen (Luxembourg)       Victor Rausch (Germany)       Klaus Bugdahl (Germany)       Kilian & Vopel ("World's Best Team") (Germany)       Gustav Kilian (Germany)       Heinz Vopel (Germany)       Robert Bartko (Germany)       Marcel Kalz (Germany)       Leif Lampater (Germany)       Alpeekspressen (Switzerland)       Jean Roth ("The Jet Fighter") (Switzerland)       Fritz "Pfänni" Pfenninger (Switzerland)       Urs Freuler (Switzerland)       Oscar Plattner ("The Professor") (Switzerland)       Bruno Risi (Switzerland)       Kurt Betschart (Switzerland)       Franco Marvulli (Switzerland)       Emile "Milo" Carrara (France)       Dominique Forlini (France)       Georges Senfftleben (France)       Severino Rigoni (Italy)       Ferdinando Terruzzi (Italy)       Silvio Martinello (Italy)       Marco Villa (Italy)       Giovanni Lombardi (Italy)       And many more!


Six-days racing is big fun for all ages, you don't have to know a lot, just come on in, enjoy the race, enjoy yourself!

6D also provides the opportunity to follow top riders through an entire race - this would be impossible in e.g. road racing.

For me personally, it all started in 1958, where I attended my first 6D at the Forum Copenhagen - the track that made it crack!

Kurt Starlit
aka CykelKurt


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6D Facts

History of 6D

Track riding in five minutes

What is a 6-day Track Race?


Worth knowing

Length of a race

Guide for track commisioners

UCI, old regulations

UCI new regulations

UIV Cup & 6D Talents Cup


Highest number of Victories

Danish records & championships

Wrenching at the Sixes


Team no. 7

Kay Werner

Evan Klamer

Evan Martin Klamer




6D Forum 1991
6D Forum 1992
6D Forum 1993
6D Forum 1994
6D Forum 1995
6D Forum 1996
6D Forum 1997

6D Brondby (Copenhagen suburb) 1998

6D Forum 1999

6D Siemens Arena (Ballerup, Copenhagen suburb) 2002

6D Ballerup Super Arena 2005
6D Ballerup Super Arena 2006
6D Ballerup Super Arena 2007
6D Ballerup Super Arena 2008

6D 2009: Cancelled!

6D Ballerup Super Arena 2011
6D Ballerup Super Arena 2012
6D Ballerup Super Arena 2013
6D Ballerup Super Arena 2014
6D Ballerup Super Arena 2015


Ballerup Super Arena

Siemens Arena

Arena sagen

Ballerup Super Arena (Facebook)





"The six-day race", Danish movie, 1958

Excerpts from a cycle-film, dated 1944:
          Part 1, The Ordrup Track
          Part 2, Copenhagen Forum

American movie, 1934, "6-Day Bike Rider".

"6-Day Bike Rider", Part 1

"6-Day Bike Rider", Part 2

"6-Day Bike Rider", Part 3

"6-Day Bike Rider", Part 4

"6-Day Bike Rider", Part 5

"6-Day Bike Rider", Part 6

"6-Day Bike Rider", Part 7

Video: "En sprinter" (a sprinter)
(Peter Tranberg, Aarhus Cycle Track)

Video: "Det meste af tiden" (most of the time)
(Steffen Brandt, Aarhus Cycle Track)

6D photos

6D pics

Signed photos

6D Music

Video: The 6D Waltz





Andersen, Mads Bugge ("Buster")

Andresen, Hans E. ("the chicken breeder")

Arnold, Reginald

Bartko, Robert

Betschart, Kurt

Braikia, Tayeb

Bruneel, Achille

Bugdahl, Klaus

Carrara, Emile "Milo"

Clark, Danny

Dewilde, Etienne

Duyndam, Leo

Ellegaard, Thorvald

Ellegaard - our first great Danish track rider.


Eugen, Freddie

Falck, Willy ("Spejderen" - the scout)

Forlini, Dominique

Frank, Gert

Video: Gert Frank & Pijnen
            (Forum 1979)

Fredborg, Niels

Video: Niels Fredborg

Fritz, Albert

Freuler, Urs

Gillen, Lucien

Hester, Marc

Kalz, Marcel

Keisse, Iljo

Kilian & Vopel

Kilian, Gustav

Klamer, Evan

Lampater, Leif

Lombardi, Giovanni

Lykke, Palle

Madsen, Jimmi

Jimmi Madsen

Martinello, Silvio

Martinello, Silvio

Det sidste sving

Ciclismo e Giornalismo

Poi video provincia

Marvulli, Franco

Marvulli, Franco

Mørkøv, Michael

Norman, Lasse

Olsen, Lars Otto

Petersen, Jan Bo

Pfenniger, Fritz

Piil, Jakob

Pijnen, René

Plattner, Oscar

Post, Peter

Rasmussen, Alex

Rausch, Victor

Rigoni, Severino

Risi, Bruno Risi

Risi & Bethschart

Risi & Bethschart, 1993

Ritter, Ole

Video: Ole Ritter

Roth, Jean ("Jetjageren" - the jet fighter)

Sandstød, Michael

Senfftleben, Georges

Sercu, Patrick

Sercu i Forum 1981

Schep, Peter

Schulte, Gerrit ("Jernmanden" - the iron man)

Severeyns, Emile

Slippens, Robert

Stam, Danny

Steenbergen, Rik van

Rik van Steenbergen

Video: Paris - Rubaix 1952

Svendsen, Kim G.

Terruzzi, Ferdinando

Terruzzi, Ferdinando

Goodbye, Nando Terruzzi

Veggerby, Jens

Villa, Marco

Vopel, Heinz

Werner, Kay

Video: Kay Werner & Gillen
            (Forum 1952)

Wolf, Carsten

Ørsted, Hans- Henrik





6D on Labours Museum

6D parlour game

6D News (TV2 Sport) (Sandstod & Madsen)

Le Mans (Madsen & Sandstod)



The Track Lunatic of Ballerup

The Cycle Professor turns 60


Fat Nick

The Cycle Magazine

Cycling News

Cycling World

DBC (Danish Bicycle Club)

DCU (Danish Cycle Union)

Ekstra Bladet CYCLiNG

EuroSport Cycling

Use the search option,
type "seksdagesløb".

Feltet (the peloton)

Feltet Webshop

Politiken CYKLING

Track Cycling News

UCI (Union Cycliste Internationale)


UIV (Union Internationale des Vélodromes)



Aarhus Cycle Track

Aarhus Cycle Track

Aarhus Cycle Track (Facebook)

"The cycle track was my first trip"

Video: "A sprinter" (Peter Tranberg)

Video: "Most of the time" (Steffen Brandt)



Amsterdam 6D

Amsterdam Six-Days

Amsterdam 6 Daagse




Berlin 6D

Berlin Velodrome

Berlin 6D (Facebook)

Winners in Berlin

Berlin cycle tracks

Berlin 2001 (UCI-rapport)

Berlin 2006 ("Impressions from Berlin")

Berlin 2008

Berlin 2010 (CykelKurt & wife in Berlin)

Berlin 2011

Berlin 2012 (6'th day, final sprint)

Berlin 2012 (6'th day, final chase)



Bremen 6D

Bremen 6D (YouTube)

Bremen 6D (Facebook)



Dortmund 6D

Dortmund 2007 (Derny)

Dortmund 2007 (Stayer)

Dortmund 2007 (Auβcheidungsfahren)

Dortmund 2007 (Balustradensprint)

Dortmund 2007 (Mannschaftsrennen)

Dortmund 2008 (Teams 1/2)

Dortmund 2008 (Teams 2/2)

Dortmund 2008 (Auβcheidungsfahren)

Westfalenhallen (6D kørt her indtil 2009)



Fiorenzuola 6D

Fiorenzuola 1999

Fiorenzuola 2000

Fiorenzuola 2001

Fiorenzuola 2006

Fiorenzuola 2007

Fiorenzuola 2009

Fiorenzuola 2010

Fiorenzuola 2012

Fiorenzuola 2013

Fiorenzuola 2013 (Omnium men)

Fiorenzuola 2013 (Omnium women)




Facts on Forum

Johs. V. in Forum

The Copenhagen 6D

Forum 1952

Forum 1953

The 6D Kings



Ghent 6D

Ghent 2008

Ghent 2009

Ghent 2011

Ghent 2012

Ghent 2013



Grenoble 6D

Grenoble 2007

Grenoble 2009

Grenoble 2011

6 Jours de Grenoble (le film)



Madison Square Garden

MSG 2004

MSG in the 1920s

6D tracks in the 1920s

MSG, about 1924

MSG, 1934

MSG, 1936

MSG, 1937

MSG Transformation



München 6D

München 6 Tage Rennen

München 6D




Odense Cycle Track (official webpage)

Odense Cycle Track

Team Odense Energy

Cycling Odense

Odense cycle-track is now a reality

New Funen Cycle Track

Odense will have a new cycle track

Odense Cycle Track (2014.Febr.28)

Odense Cycle Track (Facebook)

The new cycle track in Odense, Funen, Denmark (2014)



The Ordrup Track

The Ordrup Track

Last day at the Ordrup Track

Video: The Ordrup Track



Red Bull Mini Drome

World's smallest Velodrome



Rotterdam 6D

Rotterdam Zesdaagse

Rotterdam 2014 (Day 1)

Rotterdam 2014 (Day 6)



Stuttgart 6D

Stuttgart 1995

Stuttgart 1998

Stuttgart 2005



The wooden Track (Central Copenhagen, 1893-1904)

Zürich 6D

Zürich 1991

Zürich 1995

Zürich 1999

Zürich 2013
(6D track assembled and disassembled)







John Harmann

Henrik "Rico" Elmgreen

Helle Knaks

Christina Nielsen

Lene Bendixen

Daniel Nørgaard Bachmann

Simon Knudstrup

Willie Charlie Sommer





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Erik Hagens: "Københavns Vinterbane" (the Copenhagen winter track), painted 1977-80.
Forum was the venue of the annual bicycle track-racing in January,
though it seems like the artist has payed more attention to whatever goes on behind the track,
among spectators, at the wheels of fortune, roulettes and slot machines.

large pic


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Ballerup Super Arena - a track to crack!